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Top 5 performances you want proshots of


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As the title says. And it's individual songs, not entire gigs.


For me:


1. Ruled By Secrecy, SECC Glasgow 2012

2. Assassin, College Park Cole Field House 2005

3. City Of Delusion, Denver 2006

4. Futurism, Zepp 2013

5. Fury, Zepp 2013


EDIT: Actually, fuck Fury. Gimme this

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A proper HT&ILY performance would be nice since the only existing was is so badly encoded it looks like a slide show.


DMG. There's only a few to choose from.


Glorious from Earl's Court. Fuck even just the audio would be fine.


Muscle Museum from Ipswich


And also seconding Fury from Zepp. I think it's my favorite performance now.

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Fury at Zepp

Fury at Zepp

I'd also love a pro shot of Supremacy at the E-Werk Köln in '12, thankfully there are at least decent videos! I think the moment they started playing it qualifies for one of the most exciting moments of my life.

Oh, did I mention Fury at Zepp?


Edit: I forgot to mention Panic Station at Zepp. I need to see this soon ooorrr... Boom.gif

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