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  1. Maybe this will make you change your mind? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BScbNsNjHL8
  2. All the Showbiz songs that have been played lived and been revived in the past few years all sound soooo much worse than they did when Muse originally played the songs live. I don't think Muse should play anymore songs of that album anymore after seeing them play these onese. Falling Down and Cave both sound so dull on piano as opposed to guitar. Muscle Museum and Uno sound okay but they are still less passionate and have less energy/spontaneity than the older live versions did.
  3. Wow, that's so rude... I bet a majority of the audience won't care if there are only 2 "rare" songs in the setlist. I would be really happy to be at that gig myself and it just shocks me how many fans on this board would say that it's a shitty setlist when I really don't think it is.
  4. So far in my opinion Dead Inside>Mercy>Reapers>Pyscho Dead Inside is really great Mercy is a good track but nothing special. Reapers is pretty bad though it does have a cool outro Pyscho is utterly horrible and there are no redeeming factors to me. (Full discloser before people yell at me that is my *opinion* and not me stating facts)
  5. You can hear Chris' backing vocals a lot more clearly here in the live performance of it than you can in the studio recording and it's a really cool aspect to that part of the song!
  6. wouldn't it be awesome if one of the tracks on the new album went full on NIN inspired rather than just a tinge? Or a Marilyn Manson inspired track would be pretty cool to see Muse do too!
  7. Yeah I guess I do see what you're saying and that's a good point. I just feel like "a song that builds up" could be used to describe the structure of lots of Muse songs. I do see the similarity and I totally get what you're saying but I just think it's weird how Madness is the first thing that is coming to so many people's minds rather than UD or MOTP
  8. - Undisclosed Desires and Dead Inside are both in C minor. Madness is in B flat major. - They both have a Depeche Mode vibe to them - They both have much more prominent multi-track/vocoder vocals than Madness does. - They both feature bass lines with a lot more space in between the notes than Madness' bass line has
  9. Could someone explain to me why so many people keep comparing it to Madness and not Undisclosed Desires? It has WAY more in common with UD than Madness.
  10. I definitely agree with you! I really think it's the strongest of the three new songs we've heard so far. Though I wouldn't call it 80s glam pop. It reminds me more of 80s new wave/synth-pop music. They have more of a talent for emulating (while still putting their own flair on it) this style of music than some of the other styles of music they try to emulate. I don't understand why so many people seem to not like this song. To me it seems like it fits in really well stylistically with Map of the Problematique and Undisclosed Desires, and even to some extent, Sign o' the Times.
  11. Really makes me think Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode or Tainted Love by Soft Cell though with a bit more of a rock and guitar vibe than either of them. I really love how it does feel like a pop song but has a sinister and dark edge to it at the same time. It also feels a lot more cohesive as a single song than Reaper or Psycho do, maybe because it's a few minutes shorter than both of them. I'm really digging this track!
  12. hahaha that's really funny. That sounds like a really fun and creative idea and if it wasn't done to be annoying I probably would have smiled and laughed at that. You agree that there is a time and place for it though, right? Would you have sang through your kazoo as loud as you could if Muse played a beautiful quiet song like Exogenesis Part 3 or Blackout?
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