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Acoustic Album????


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And why exactly?


let's take two mediocre, boring songs: one 'simple', and one 'technical', from two of my (otherwise favorite) bands: GL by Muse and The Enemy Inside by DT. even though they're both pretty poor, the 'technical' one (TEI) at least has impressive guitar work, that makes it a tad more interesting than GL, even though it's still quite dull and unimaginative.

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What about a mix? Stuff like the acoustic songs from Hullabaloo.


That's what I was thinking.


Um... All of this post is bollocks.


Course it is. I personally don't think Muse should do an entirely acoustic album, but there are plenty of ways they could work them (back) into their sound.


So why does it matter if the music is 'technical' or not?


Speaking for myself, I'd like to see Muse push themselves a little more. Not on a "Dom should play like Tomas Haake" level, but I'd like some longer and twistier songs along with the poppier stuff. I think they could pull off an album of mixed structures pretty damn well.

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