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What the fuck, I was on literally the second it changed to 12:00, selected my tickets straight away, and it still says it isn't sold out but I can't get through. I can get tickets for Brisbane but not Melbourne... gah this better not happen for the second night sale

Pre-sale, yo.

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Yeah, people were still buying tickets from the muse presale 6 hours after they went on.


This is so strange, hopefully there'll be an .mu presale for the next one and I can manage then...


Oh nevermind that then, I swear if I can't get through this one...

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Hey all -- does anyone have two GA tickets for the 6th they need to or can swap for the 7th?


I have a bit of a dilemma. A friend was getting tickets for a group of us for the 6th. It obviously sold out so they grabbed tickets for the 7th instead, but me and my partner have tickets to something else on the 7th (which we did tell them about in advance but they forgot). So if anyone could do a swap I'll owe you my first born.


Ours are both GA tickets, so ideally we'd like to swap them for GA. If you have 2 GA tickets to sell for cost price (rather than swap) we're happy with that also.

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