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  1. I plan on rocking up around midday and attaching myself to any other eager fans I find. I'm not decided on stalking yet
  2. I’m doing the same!! Hopefully I’ll see you there! I was so upset when I missed out on tickets for the 6th. So tempted to go on the first night (single seats are still available, because I am THAT obsessed.
  3. I barely study mainly due to not feeling the need to because I take in all the knowledge at school and there's no need for me to look at some study guide if I already get good enough grades not looking at a study guide ;)

    Besides.. I have to spend all my time on the forum, right? :chuckle:

  4. I agree.


    I have an exam tomorrow and I've barely studied. i blame tumblr tho :p

  5. I just hate presentations overall, I think. They're the worst part to school and what not :noey:

  6. LOL me too! And words end up in the wrong places. It's not nice :p

  7. And when I'm reading off of something, I choke up and swallow a lot during mid-sentence! :eek:

    It's not fair :noey:

  8. Ugh I hate that! It always happens, no matter how many times I go over what I'm saying. I've like a verbal klutz!

  9. And actually, the presentation wasn't that bad, although I had trouble trying to think of the right words to say.. just hopefully she gives me a good grade.. or I'll blow up ;)

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