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  1. Is anyone planning any friendly stalking after the show tonight? If so where is best to see them ?
  2. Hello! 20 sleeps to go until we see Muse again!!!!!! I am so damn excited, seriously The set up looks awesome, I can't wait, I think our minds are going to be blown. Not looking forward to our 16 hour flight to get there from Australia, but seeing them again will make it all worthwhile. Also looking forward to some cooler weather given it's so damn hot here at the moment. Bring it on!
  3. That was the most stressful ticket buying experience of my life, especially as I woke up at 3am (Aussie time) to buy them. AXS is a joke, thankfully we don't have to deal with them over here. I got my tickets through stub hub only because I wasn't willing to miss out, and probably paid whoever owned them 4 times what they're worth. Does anyone think they'll face one way more than the other? I just got the first tickets I could just to secure something, but now wonder if they will face one direction more? I cant quite comprehend how the stage will work. Will the middle bit rotate? Either way I don't care, just to be in the same room as Mr Bellamy is amazing I don't care what view I've got!!!!!!:D
  4. Seeing as this is a speculation thread.... what are the chances of another LA show being announced for 19th Dec? Wish they would hurry up and announce Australian tour dates, but like usual , we get left til last
  5. Not long now, can't wait! Is anyone,planning on a little friendly stalking and if so, where are you going?
  6. 82 sleeps til I see this awesome band again. YAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Still have to book my flights to Melbourne for the concerts. So excited though, keep dreaming about meeting them somewhere in Melbourne. That is all
  7. I'll be dancing, just hope I don't piss off people sitting around me! Does anyone know where band members exit the stadium? Will need to find this out as I'll be hanging around after the concert to get a sneak peak. We missed them by seconds when they exited Madison Square Garden, I was gutted
  8. I've never been to a concert at Rod Laver either (I'm a Queenslander) so tell me, do you people actually get up and dance or just sit there? Last concert in Brisbane was really disappointing as the crowd were boring and sucked, which is why we're flying to Melbourne this time (plus Melbourne is much nicer than Brisvegas)
  9. This would be cool, we have seats though so probably couldn't be involved?
  10. I'm totally up for friendly airport stalking / after concert stalking. If anyone finds out details let us know!
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