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  1. The set was amazing Never seen Matt so involved with the crowd before Explorers was an absolute mood killer. But the people who left to get drinks and stuff during it missed part of Citizen so. CITIZEN FUCKING ERASED Was great hearing Resistance again As mentioned before, Starlight was slightly odd to dedicate to Nelson Mandela Overall, fantastic night
  2. You ever seen Matt jump in the crowd like that before? Thought it was very unlike the Matt Bellamy of old. He did all the talking all night, not Dom!
  3. Also somewhat confused at dedicating Starlight to Nelson Mandela. Would've thought Uprising would've made more sense...
  4. I did last time and took heaps of pictures. Got some great shots out of it. People want to enjoy a gig the way they want to. Just because you may like it one way doesn't mean everyone else has to as well.
  5. Nah sorry mate, one of my mates snapped it up. Will let you know if that situation changes.
  6. 1. Citizen 2. Showbiz 3. Butterflies and Hurricanes 4. Uprising 5. Knights of Cydonia 6. Unsustainable 1 song per album. This disqualified Bliss, and Hyper Chondriac Music (counted it as part of OoS).
  7. Hey mate, do you still have your seated ticket available for second Melbourne show?

  8. Dead Star has suddenly become a thing over the last year or so. I must've missed something. It wouldn't be on the top 30 songs I'd wanna hear.
  9. Ended up buying a seat and a floor ticket in the excitement. Whoops. Anyone want a (fairly good) seat? Section 8. Row G. The end of the row closer to the stage. Face value. Edit: I've got it coming Registered Post so it won't be here till October so we can work everything out then.
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