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  1. Yep, I'm looking for 1 GA ticket also. I knew the support act would end up being someone good, and now it's Nothing But Thieves and I'm kicking myself.
  2. Other venues don't allow bottles of water so I'd lean on the negatory side. Either that or they make you take the lid off/have clear bottles.
  3. Someone emailed them yesterday and they clarified that it was all bags. You could probably try contacting them and get them to be more specific, but I feel like I don't want to chance that lest I end up losing my bag/passport.
  4. PSA: The venue isn't allowing ANY bags or photography equipment in.
  5. Okay so I'm being 100% crazy and going to this gig, as the coincidence is too much to turn down. I'm from Melbourne but in London on holiday at that time, so my plan is to get the Eurostar on Tuesday morning, line up from about 11/11:30am, stay in a random hostel that night and go back to London at 8:30am the next day. Quite terrified about doing this, so helpful advice/friends would be great!
  6. They were saying that the stage will be lower than most productions so that people in GA can see them better, so the stage would hopefully be as low as the diamond push-out was in the last tour (so roughly the height of the barrier)
  7. Dom told the AU Review that they want to be here in the middle of 2016, but it didn't sound locked in yet. Depends when they do the US tour? (Personally hoping for a normally timed tour because I'll be in Europe then grr)
  8. Good news guysssss http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/musicnews/s4248630.htm Hadn't seen that quote from Chris about visiting in the middle of the year before though... but if Matt's bummed about BDO, that certainly means that we could be in for a winter visit! (of course next winter is the time when I'm going to Europe and was hoping to catch stadium shows, hmm...)
  9. Just thought I'd alert this to anyone from Melbourne on here.. that whole drones.muse.mu lever thing? The only lever throughout Australia/Asia is at Flinders Street Station... so you know, if anything ever happens in a good time zone for us, head over there
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