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I queued in Kaisaniemi 9-10 hours & front row! :LOL: Yea I know "why the hell so long??" etc., I just like chilling before gig with friends. Atmosphere rises when Muse gets nearer and nearer. :yesey: And I'm really "queuing-person". Some likes it, some hates it. All do it with own styles. My mate queued like 2 hours and he was in 3rd-4th row.


Sunbath is always good choice. ;)


I don't think that it's too light by 27th June. It's should be pretty dark already by them. Well it usually is in Tallinn :D Haven't been in South-Finland during that period


I saw RHCP in August 1st this year and actually it's got a bit darker like 10.30-11PM. But it's too late.. Well, we are then in Helsinki. There's no permits to play so long(?), so probably Muse starts (again) 8PM. :)

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Well it was awesome to queue in Kaisaniemi because it was warm and nice, but in Hartwall it was pure madness!

I got to 4th-5th row and I went there when doors were opened.


You had more better luck! I went there 2h before doors and 2nd row but still. :)


Hi. Currently thinking of maybe attending this gig. Does anyone know how much the Tallinn-Helsinki ferry costs? Or maybe can drop a link on some companies that give this service. :)


I'm not so sure for these links but looks like there's some info!




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Btw, are standing tickets really sold out? Does anyone know how much they sold tickets to field?


They aren't. Tiketti has sold all their tickets but Lippupalvelu still has standing tickets for sale.


E: And apparently they sold 15-17 000 standing tickets for Bruce Springsteen's gig last year, so probably something like that or less.

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omg, there're still some tickets left! as far as I remember, in June, when sales for December's show had started, tickets were totally sold out in 3-4 minutes!

is the stadium THAT big, or people just have to relax after the recent gig? :D

Hartwall is 12 000-15 000.

Olympic Stadium's capacity is around 40 000, so there's a couple a places more:p.

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My tickets arrived last week, so happy! I am going with a friend whose is Finnish, it's gonna be awesome! My first muse gig was in Helsinki 2010, so I'm looking forward to return! Gonna queue early as well, in some way I love queuing actually, because you devote the whole day just to Muse, you spend a lot of time with awesome musers and the atmosphere is cool! :D see u there musers!

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