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    Discovered Muse in early 2010 (Y U so late?!) and ever since my life is dedicated to them. I'm the leader of Project Muser - a scientific study about hardcore Musers, and I also have a Muse related blog, where you can follow the study and the concerts I'm attending :) Muse is my everything! <3
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    Muse, kitesurfing, collecting muse records and laughing :D
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    RATM, The Killers, 30STM, Placebo, Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian, Coldplay, Black Keys, The Police, The Beatles, Linkin Park, The Prodigy, RHCP, U2, Vicky Cryer, fiN, Chasing Melfina,
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    Too many to mention them all! I'm a musecollector, I have about 120 items
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    2010: Helsinki 19/7, Cracow 21/8,
    2011: Reading festival
    2012 Cologne 20/9, London 26-27/10, Strasbourg 19/12
    2013: London 25-26/5
    Manchester 1/6
    Nice 26/6
    Turin 28-29/6
    Rome: 6/7
    Helsinki 27/7
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  1. Feeling really lucky that I live so close to Copenhagen where it'll be screened in 4k! Hoping that I'll be able to spot myself on the big screen; I'm the very first person you see in the trailer XD
  2. Just filled out your questionnaire. Good stuff! James

  3. Yay, there's a great chance I'll be there, since I'm off from school that week and my dad lives in Dubai! really hope I can go!
  4. Hi Michelle,

    I hope everything is great with you and you are getting ready for Nice. Hopefully you get a setlist as good as the one from the 2nd Paris concert! (Pity that work commitments made impossible for me to attend that gig)

    One question, which area do you have in your ticket for the second Turin gig? Mine is "Prato Lado Nord".

    See you there. :-)


  5. Thanks to everyone who has participated so far - I have about 400 participants already in total! Already at this stage, the results are really interesting! However, I'm aiming for 1000, so please, if you can spread the word, share it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, your blog or whatever, I would appreciate that immensely! Don't forget that all participants have a chance to win free muse merch worth 50€ (or should we say Musos now?), so why not give it a go? Here's the link to the questionnaire! http://projectmuser.questionpro.com/ Cheers! Michelle
  6. I'm sorry you felt left out - that wasn't the purpose of the question! The purpose is to see how much merch people have, and if it turns out that many don't have anything, well perhaps Muse should rethink their prices (they should!). Not that I think Muse will look at the study but who knows, maybe if we're lucky. Not that I think that would make them change their merch prices
  7. Hi! Yes, I did get the spot I wanted to, but it wasn't as good as I thought it'd be - at least I know where to go for my next gig! ;)

    What do you think he got a hair transplant?! Did really notice that... :/ He looks okay I guess ;)

    I'm glad you're coming to turin as well, see you there!! :D


  8. Hi Michelle,

    Did you get the spot you were looking for at Manchester? I ended up exactly at the place I was aiming for. :-)

    What do you think of Chris hair transplant? Middle age crisis perhaps?

    By the way. See you in Turin on Saturday. I have just bought the ticket and planes.



  9. I think most of us have so much stuff that we always forget something it's okay though, it's really only about finding a rough estimate
  10. Yeah, most definitely, it's really up to you what you chose from the muse.mu shop!
  11. Musers! The questionnaire is now available online!!! It takes about five minutes to complete, and all participants have the chance to win one of three amazing prizes! Please click on the following link to get to the questionnaire! http://projectmuser.questionpro.com //Michelle
  12. I might be wandering around the place after the gig as well and if you don't spot me neither before or after then it'd be awesome if you did the online version instead. It's going to be up very soon, at 10am GMT today!
  13. Well, neither did we ; I wanted to do this for my Extended Essay in Psychology, but apparently you're not allowed to do your own research when doing it in that subject (whilst in the natural sciences you are ), but I basically showed the middle finger to the IB and decided that I will do this anyway, outside school (I will get CAS for it though ) just because I REALLY want to do it! I like Muse way too much to let the IB get in the way and tell me what I can do and what I can't. I'm very happy you want to participate! And that I'm not the only one who has chosen the IB
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