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  1. hey, is anyone here selling Muse cassettes - VHS, tapes, whatever? I would like to buy some (exception: Showbiz & OOS tapes) message me please, if you have one!
  2. does anybody EXACTLY know, how to get one? do I have to be a friend of someone from the Muse crew, or are there any other ways to get an AAA pass? recently seen many people selling used passes on eBay
  3. omg, there're still some tickets left! as far as I remember, in June, when sales for December's show had started, tickets were totally sold out in 3-4 minutes! is the stadium THAT big, or people just have to relax after the recent gig?
  4. well.. finally guys from crowdsurge have sent me an e-mail, which lets me get the duplicate, but the ticket office opens at 18:00, as it was written on the website... so I probably will stand in the queue, then go and get the tickets, and then come back somehow... if anyone attending the gig reads this: please, forgive me for pushing in the crowd at about 18:15, it was very stressful for me to get it, so, I think, I deserve being in the 1st row!
  5. what is worse: I'm not from Finland, so it is more stressful and expensive for me to get there... the last time I was at Muse's show on the 20th of May 2011, it was my first show on the dancefloor ever, so I was in the 3rd row. now I thought of finally being in the 1st row, but according to things that happen, I won't be able even to stand in the queue, that go away to get the ticket, and then to come back
  6. Is anyone selling a standing e-ticket? I have won a pre-sale lottery, but the tickets STILL haven't come!! CrowdSurge says, that they're working on this issue, but I'm so stressed that I won't be able to go to the gig D:
  7. ребят ребят ребят, кто до этого ездил в финку на концерт - расскажите, как там вообще это всё проходит? я знаток по части российских концертов, а вот с заграничными впервые сталкиваюсь, не знаю, что там, да как) так же люди с утра сидят и бегут напролом в первый ряд? или как-то это всё по-другому происходит?)
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