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    Muse @ Hartwall Arena,

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    Muse @ Olympiastadion, Helsinki, Finland - 27/07/2013
  1. We're next! I hope they really continue with these heavier songs in Finland (ok chances with Dead Star... no:rolleyes:) but I think we'll get one "rarity" and it'd be Assassin And support of tomorrow night (The New Regime), it sounds awesome!! I recommend listen to it
  2. Yep that was the problem, just sold out.. There's a lot of more people trying to buy on Monday, so be really sharp! Or if there's some place where you can get tickets, go there on morning. Refresh the page although it'd look '"sold out". It's also possible they release later more tickets for sell. What's odds to 2nd night? Yeah!!
  3. Looks like (pre-sale) standing is sold out, Lippupalvelu claims so. I got the ticket but weird, fan club's tickets are probably very limited? Good luck to people for Monday..
  4. Returning to Finland! Muse are performing in Helsinki, Finland at Hartwall Arena on 14 June 2016. Details are here: http://muse.mu/tour-dates,hartwall-arena-helsinki-finland_1970.htm General sale starts next monday Sep 28 9am, members Sep 24. Thread for attendees. lol copy paste
  5. Hopefully we'll get Scandinavian dates too Not tomorrow but next week.
  6. How about suppourt acts? I think Royal Blood would be one..
  7. Any info about European hall-dates..? Does it start on December? From (lazy) nervous fan
  8. Yeah!! That was pretty nice for a festival set. It was amazing... I think Sweden will get something more special, although they'll have 30min shorter set than in Finland.. dunno Or they just play CE like here on fin
  9. Just dreaming CE + this on live.. Looking forward to see it!
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