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    in the front row, Finland
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    Music, sport
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    MUSE, Biffy Clyro, Billy Talent, Coldplay, Disco Ensemble, Mew, P e n d u l u m, Rammstein, System of a Down etc. Check terzzii on last.fm
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    THE WALKING DEAD, American Horror Story, Prison Break, Skins
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    Origin Of Symmetry
    Black Holes And Revelations
    The Resistance
    The 2nd Law

    Hullabaloo DVD
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    Muse @ Hartwall Arena, Helsinki 22/10/2009

    Muse @ Kaisaniemi Park,

    Muse @ Hartwall Arena,

    Muse @ Saku Arena, Tallinn, Estonia 11/12/2012
    Muse @ Olympiastadion, Helsinki, Finland - 27/07/2013
  1. ohhhhh hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you, dear friend :p

  2. yeah I understand. here it's not as cold as in finland, but now I'm freezing the same :p

  3. Summers here are warm and hot ofc, but winter.. It's start of Autumn now, a bit colder but not as cold as in winter :p

  4. oh I forgot that finland is a cold country...I think it's better if I still stay here in Italy :LOL: here now the weather is cold, too cold. brrrrrr I'm freezing, what about finland?

  5. Fine too! Oh really, this cold country? Well, we're cool ;)

  6. fine thanks ;) what about you?? I LOVE FINLAND!!!!!!!!!

  7. Heyy... Nice to meet you too, how are you? :p

  8. hiii!!!!!!! nice to meet you...:)

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