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Madness vs. Undisclosed Desires

Jedi of Cydonia

Is Madness or Undisclosed Desires Better?  

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  1. 1. Is Madness or Undisclosed Desires Better?

    • Madness
    • Undisclosed Desires

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I think that Nyse can be innovative every now and then.


And IMO, Unsustainable, Undisclosed Desires, Exogenesis and even I Belong To You are 100 times more innovative than Madness. And more exciting. Madness just lasts for too long and if they were gonna make it simple , they shouldn't have made it so boring.


IBTY, UD innovative? :LOL:


Unsustainable is innovative. But the fact that you don't like a song doesn't make that song less innovative.

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