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  1. usernameDOA thanks for sharing you videos! At first I was more to the right but the girl in front of me got a bit too crazy during Supremacy and nearly broke my nose so after that I moved near a friend who was more in the middle of the second stage. Really good spot Sorry to hear about your daughter, glad she recovered and you all were able to enjoy the gig
  2. Thanks! Sorry to not say hi to any of you, I think I didn't recognise anyone from the boards and the queue was a nightmare
  3. Loved it! Amazing gig! had a lot of fun and the crowd was great at my area Here are some of my pics
  4. Nah, that's typical Live Nation, at least here in Spain… they don't put all the tickets on sale at the same time.
  5. Follow Me could appear at the beginning of the film, when everyone is still happy and no one wants to eat other people just yet, right?… Isolated System is a good choice, tho
  6. I saw GL three times, I didn't mind it tbh it was a nice rest, but I don't understand why they would want to bring it back, it wasn't good or interesting live
  7. It's not like Spanish RS is the most reliable source but they knew beforehand that they would have a pyramid stage last stadium tour....
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