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Madness vs. Undisclosed Desires

Jedi of Cydonia

Is Madness or Undisclosed Desires Better?  

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  1. 1. Is Madness or Undisclosed Desires Better?

    • Madness
    • Undisclosed Desires

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Didn't want to mention names, but scroll up a bit and there's someone who takes an earlier comment of mine as directed at them personally, and responds with a lot of "you" this, "you" that, "clearly" this, "what's your point?", etc etc etc.


Doesn't matter anyway.


It wasn't my intention to be aggressive, sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable/attacked with my choice of words. And I'm being genuine, not sarcastic. :)

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Madness is one of the Muse songs I'm not a fan of. Can listen to it, but not enthusiastic about it. I love Undisclosed Desires, though. It's also one of those songs where I have a scene created in my head in my imaginary universe which is fits to.

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