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715ad38b-41c4-45f0-97bb-04ef4280affc.jpgIf you could pick anywhere for a Muse show, where would it be and why?


Matt has said that he wants to play in space, can you think of anywhere better? Sadly we can’t promise that you will be able to see Muse in your Fantasy Venue but whoever comes up with the best suggestion will win a pair of tickets to see the band live at either Reading or Leeds Festival. And the 5 runners up will receive a goodie bag of Muse merchandise.


The winner will be decided by a poll. All you need to do is click on the link below and post your suggestion on the Muse messageboard and then people can vote for their favourite. The poll will close on Sunday 21 August and whichever entry has received the most votes wins.






Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/767/fantasy-venue-competition/

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