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  1. Sometimes we two are the only active members 🙈 thx for coming back 👍 you‘re doing a great job!
  2. Just a thought ... but have you ever considered this? Maybe more people would use it !
  3. Hi! I watched it today, again but now ... I wanna go to a gig so badly
  4. Ah! Finally it is no mystery anymore ( and no unknown song by Jethro Tull 🤣) Maybe somebody from the board put it there just to confuse everyone even more?? thanks for the story, I wish I were here at that time, sounds like a lot of fun! 😁👍
  5. Starting soon, over on Twitter 😎🥳
  6. Just found this it seems they played some early versions of songs from Absolution before its release 🤔
  7. So strange to start a song with wheelchair! It has no reference to the rest of the lyrics. I think somebody misunderstood the lyrics and just wrote down what he/she heard.
  8. One of them is a hoax ... strange I can‘t find this Jethro Tull song anywhere 🧐 I don‘t have Amazon to listen to, as it suggests on this lyrics-site.
  9. Haha, I just found this..... https://www.lyricsbox.com/jethro-tull-dead-end-street-lyrics-gmrs1j7.html but I can‘t find it to listen to!
  10. Maybe you‘d like to join in?
  11. Hm I never heard of it.. I just checked Musewiki but got no results .. sorry.
  12. I always enjoyed Something human, and the second version is Yes, Dark side second version is amazing ! I recently watched the ST movie again, and I very much enjoyed Algorithm alternate version, but for me both versions are wonderfull, I couldn‘t decide (but I still cringe about the story of the film, Matt saving the world ... 🙄) but ok.
  13. Take a bow Starlight - Matt playing guitar all the way through, green lasers 😎 Newborn Bliss SMBH Psycho Citizen erased Space dementia Sunburn Uno Butterflies &hurricanes Algorhytm Dark side The Void Reapers The handler Stockholme syndrome
  14. It‘s Muse-related, so I post those sad news here ....
  15. Date: 01-01-21 Time: 2:00 a.m. CET yesssssssss 🥳👏😁😎
  16. At my gig inGraz, standing in the second row to barrier, I realized that Matt and Chris „look over“ the heads of the first few rows.. di you know what I mean? I know they are not very talkative during gigs, but it‘s like they were blinded or focused on something in the distance, or distracted by the script of the show, maybe it‘s just me who thought this was a bit strange. Maybe I‘m used to interact with the band members from other bands?!
  17. Everyone gone silent on Twitter, Instagram as well .... but Chris recently posted a photo of his youngest lovely daughter 🤗 it‘s special when he posts as he rarely does it 😁
  18. I‘m sure they‘ll find a way with jamming, won‘t be the exactly same feeling than really together in one room tough ...
  19. Why should Chris be excluded? pretty sue it will be rock again.
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