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  1. MUSE Dans Les Charts D'Album Français - Longévité 81 weeks after its release on 9 November 2018 ST spends another week on the France Top 200 Albums Chart dated 29 May 2020 compiled by SNEP and GfK: #192(+6) Simulation Theory (Sales + Streams) - #91 (+13) Physical Sales Album Chart Albums Ranked By Weeks Spent on France Top 200 Album Chart: 220 The Resistance (#1 Peak) 163 Absolution (#1 Peak) 145 Black Holes & Revelations (#2 Peak for three weeks behind the #1 album from French singer-songwriter Laurent Voulzy) 96 The 2nd Law (#1 Peak) 66 Drones (#1 Peak) 66 HAARP (#3 Peak) 64 Origin of Symmetry (#2 Peak) 57 Simulation Theory (#3 Peak behind the #1 album from French legendary rocker Johnny Hallyday and then #2 album from French rapper hip-hop artist Soprano) 50 Showbiz (#59 Peak) 28 Live At Rome Olympic Stadium (#7 Peak) 28 Hullabaloo Soundtrack (#9 Peak) Total Weeks: 982 MUSE - 2013 TOKYO ZEPP VIDEOS - YOUTUBE VIEW COUNTS AS OF 30 MAY 2020 740K 'Futurism' 225K 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' 210K 'Starlight' 165K 'Panic Station' 155K 'Supermassive Black Hole'
  2. 'TOMORROW'S WORLD' solo track written by Matt Bellamy Original Key: F Minor 4 Flats [Other well- known compositions in this sombre, somewhat melancholic key: 'Ruled by Secrecy' - MUSE; 'Hello' - Adele; Piano Sonata No. 23 - Beethoven; 'Winter' Concerto from The Four Seasons - Vivaldi; Piano Concerto No. 2 -Chopin; Symphony No. 4 -Tchaikovsky; and Symphony No. 49 - Haydn] 300,000+ Global views on YOUTUBE 200,000+ Global streams on SPOTIFY 1,000+ Global digital downloads estimated Chart Appearance: Belgium/Flanders Ultra Tip Bubbling Under Chart Dated 16/05/2020 Extra Tips Apple iTunes Top Songs Peak Chart Positions First Week of Release: #2 Lithuania #8 Slovakia #15 Ukraine #22 France (#2 Alternative) #23 Luxembourg #23 Kazakhstan #26 Mexico #26 Denmark #29 Romania #41 Belgium #47 Netherlands #53 Czech Republic #53 Sweden #62 United Kingdom (#4 Alternative) #66 Switzerland #82 Italy #90 Austria #127 Ireland #157 Norway #197 Brazil #217 Australia #232 Indonesia #257 Canada #285 Russia #323 Germany #337 United States (#29 Alternative)
  3. UPDATED MUSE STREAMING NUMBERS AS OF 19 MAY 2020 1,925,000,000+ on YOUTUBE 3,200,000,000+ on SPOTIFY for 129 different tracks [Includes 2 million-plus streams for 'Pray (High Valyrian)' composed by Matt Bellamy for Game of Thrones] $20-25 Million - Estimated total royalty revenue earned for all rights-holders [record label/publisher/songwriter/performing artist) from the above 5.1 billion streams assuming a weighted average payout range of $0.0060 to $0.0084 per stream received from SPOTIFY and a lower average rate of $0.00164 per stream received from YOUTUBE. Total plays on other streaming platforms [Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon, and Google Play] would add to this total. Most listened to/play-listed tracks on SPOTIFY (Over 50 Million Streams): 300,000,000+ 'Uprising' [Also #1 on YOUTUBE with 191,000,000+ views for the official music video] 193,000,000 'Madness' 190,000,000 'Supermassive Black Hole' 182,000,000 'Starlight' 133,000.000 'Psycho' 112,000,000 'Knights of Cydonia' 105,000,000 'Undisclosed Desires' 104,000,000 'Time Is Running Out' 98,000,000 'Hysteria' 75,000,000 'Feeling Good' 66,000,000 'Plug In Baby' 63,000,000 'Resistance' 58,000,000 'Mercy' 57,000,000 'Dead Inside' 54,000,000 'Pressure' 53,000,000 'Panic Station' Most listened to album bonus tracks: 13,300,000 'Glorious' (#54) 7,900,000 'Fury'(#80) 6,400,000 'Futurism' 2,900,000 'Spiral Static' Most listened to B-sides 4,800,000 'Eternally Missed' (#94) 3,900,000 'Map Of Your Head' 3,600,000 'Dead Star' 3,100,000 'Shrinking Universe' 2,500,000 'Hyper Chondriac Music' 2,500,000 'Yes Please' 2,500,000 'Recess' Most listened to cover songs: 75,000,000 'Feeling Good' 11,000,000 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' 7,700,000 'Hungry Like The Wolf' 820,000 'Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want' Least listened to album track: 2,900,000 'Overdue' Least listened to B-sides: 268,000 'Execution Commentary' (#128) 198,000 'Jimmy Kane' (#129) Personal favourite songs SPOTIFY play counts and rankings: 38,500,000 'Reapers' (#20) 36,000,000 'New Born' (#21) 32,600,000 'Stockholm Syndrome' (#23) 31,800,000 'Map Of The Problematique' (#24) 30,900,000 'Unintended' (#25) 30,600,000 'The Dark Side' (#26) 28,900,000 'Bliss' (#29) 26,000,000 'Sunburn' (#31) 23,800,000 'Butterflies & Hurricanes' (#32) 20,500,000 'Muscle Museum' (#36) 20,400,000 'United States of Eurasia + Collateral Damage' (#37) 18,900,000 'Invincible' (#42) 18,500,000 'Sing for Absolution' (#43) 14,900,000 'Algorithm' (#46) 14,300,000 'Endlessly' (#50) 13,500,000 'Take A Bow' (#52) 12,200,000 'Exogenesis: Symphony Pt. 3 Redemption (#58) 12,000,000 'Citizen Erased' (#60) 11,900,000 'Apocalypse Please' (#61) 7,600,000 'Showbiz' (#82) 6,800,000 'Ruled by Secrecy' (#86) 400,000 'Piano Thing' (#118) Break-down of streaming numbers for all tracks and B-sides by studio album: 625,000,000 Black Holes and Revelations (19.6%) 600,000,000 The Resistance (18.9%) 461,000,000 The 2nd Law (14.5%) 386,000,000 Drones (12.1%) 372,000,000 Absolution (11.8%) 306,000,000 Origin of Symmetry (9.6%) 277,000,000 Simulation Theory (8.7%) 136,000,000 Showbiz (4.3%) 15,500,000 'Neutron Star Collision' (0.5%)
  4. ADDENDUM More artists with songs containing French lyrics or phrases: Talking Heads 'Psycho Killer' Qu'est-ce que c'est... Ce que j'ai fais, ce soir la Ce qu'elle a dit, ce soir la Realisant mon espoir Je me lance, vers la gloire... Prince 'Boys and Girls' Blondie 'Call Me', 'Denis', and 'Sunday Girl (French version)' Lady Gaga 'Bad Romance' Blur 'To The End ( (Jusqu'a la fin)' - English and French versions Peter Gabriel 'Games Without Frontiers (Jeux Sans Frontieres [Sung by Kate Bush]' Limahl 'The NeverEnding Story (L'Histoire Sans Fin)' - English and French versions R.E.M. 'Talk About The Passion' Pet Shop Boys 'Paris City Boy' Adam Ant 'Vive Le Rock' Erasure 'Oh L'Amour' UPDATE US Billboard Alternative [Modern Rock] Songs Chart 'Time Is Running Out' became the first Top 10 track for MUSE on this rock airplay tally dated 12 June 2004. Notable acts [not intended to be an all-inclusive list] with the most charted Alternative Top 10s from this date to 25 April 2020 are: 16 MUSE 14 Foo Fighters 14 Cage the Elephant 12 Green Day 12 twenty one pilots 12 Weezer 11 Coldplay [Career total is 13 including 'Yellow' and 'Clocks' which were Top 10 hits for the band prior to 2004] 11 The Killers 11 LINKIN PARK 10 Imagine Dragons 10 The Black Keys 9 Bastille 9 Mumford & Sons 9 Thirty Seconds to Mars 9 Death Cab For Cutie 8 Red Hot Chili Peppers 8 Kings of Leon 8 Rise Against 8 AWOLNATION 7 Nine Inch Nails 7 Silversun Pickups 7 Incubus 7 Three Days Grace 7 The Lumineers 6 Pearl Jam 6 Blink-182 6 Panic! At the Disco 6 Fall Out Boy 6 My Chemical Romance 6 The Offspring 5 Paramore 5 Billie Eilish 5 Foster the People 5 Vance Joy 5 Breaking Benjamin 5 Grouplove 5 Walk the Moon 4 Arctic Monkeys 4 The White Stripes 4 Of Monsters and Men 4 Lorde 4 Jimmy Eat World 4 AJR 4 311 3 U2 3 Jet 3 Gorillaz 3 Audioslave 3 Florence + the Machine 3 Franz Ferdinand 3 The Raconteurs 3 Phoenix 3 Fitz and the Tantrums 3 fun. 3 Neon Trees 2 Alice In Chains 2 Disturbed 2 Tame Impala 2 The 1975 2 Vampire Weekend 2 The Head and the Heart 2 Portugal. The Man 2 alt-J 2 Cold War Kids 2 The Revivalist 2 The Neighbourhood 2 X Ambassadors 2 lovelytheband 1 Radiohead 1 Jane's Addiction 1 The Strokes 1 Royal Blood 1 MGMT 1 Hozier 1 Hoobastank 1 Rag'n'Bone Man 1 Finger Eleven 1 James Bay 1 Lana Del Rey 1 Evanescence 1 SHAED 1 Bush 1 Korn 1 Gnarls Barkley 1 Kaleo 1 Elle King 1 Plain White T's 1 The Used 1 Capital Cities 1 Gotye 1 Milky Chance
  5. Next scheduled MUSE gig: 26 September 2020 - Global Citizen Festival in Berlin Note: May be a virtual broadcast event or possibly re-scheduled for 2021. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/metallica-billie-eilish-miley-cyrus-and-more-global-citizen-891160/ Break-down of MUSE career shows by continent: 979 - Europe [394 UK and 585 rest of Europe] Note: The number of UK shows might be slightly understated because of unreported shows at the Cavern in Exeter and elsewhere in Devon in the early days 421 - North America [359 USA, 45 Canada and 17 Mexico] 69 - Asia 67 - Oceania [61 Australia and 6 New Zealand] 28 - South America 2 - Africa 1,566 Total Career Gigs Source Stats Courtesy of: @MuseFrance; Setlist.fm
  6. Notable UK bands with songs containing partial French lyrics: 'Michelle' by The Beatles [Won the 1967 GRAMMY Award for Song of the Year - Paul McCartney and John Lennon Songwriters] ...Michelle, ma belle, Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble... 'I Belong to You / Mon cœur s’ouvre à ta voix' by MUSE (Matt Bellamy Vocals and Songwriter/ Camille Saint-Saëns composer and Ferdinand LeMaire librettist for the verses from Samson and Delilah [The Resistance album containing this track won the 2011 GRAMMY Award for Best Rock Album] ...Ah! Reponds ma tendresse, Verse-moi, verse-moi l'ivresse... 'A Song for Europe' by Roxy Music (Composer Bryan Ferry also sings a verse in Latin on this track) ...Tous ces moments Perdus dans l'enchantement Qui ne reviendront Jamais Pas d'aujourd'hui pour nous Pour nous il n'y a rien A partager Sauf le passé... 'Hold On Tight' by the Electric Light Orchesta (Jeff Lynne - Vocals and Songwriter) ...Accroches-toi a ton rêve... Quand tu vois ton bateau partir Quand tu sens ton coeur se briser Accroches-toi a ton rêve... 'Hungry For You / J'Aurais Toujours Faim De Toi' by The Police (Gordon Sumner [Better Known as Sting] - Vocals and Songwriter) 'Fade To Grey / Devenir Gris' by Visage (Steve Strange Vocals; Midge Ure, Billie Currie and Chris Payne [from Ultravox] songwriters; Brigitte Arens spoken French lyrics) ...Un homme dans une gare isolée, Une valise a ses cotés Des yeux fixes et froids, Montre de la peur lorsqu'il Se tourne pour se cacher... Sent la pluie comme un été Anglais, Entends les notes d'une chanson lointaine Sortant de derriere d'un poster, Espérant que la vie ne fut aussi longue...
  7. Highest charting diverse range of cover songs performed live by MUSE during various concert tours over the years: Popcorn (Hot Butter instrumental cover composed by Gershon Kingsley) - #1 in France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Australia; #5 UK Official Singles Top 100; and #9 US Billboard Hot 100 - Number of Performances: 5 in Europe including 2 at Teignmouth Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli cover) - #2 US in 1967 - Number of Performances: 3 in Japan and 1 at the BBC Studios in London Hungry Like The Wolf (Duran Duran cover) - #3 US and #5 UK - Number of Performances: 1 in Paris and 1 in London Sign O' The Times (Prince cover) - #3 US and #10 UK - Number of Performances: 1 in Paris, 1 in London and 1 in Los Angeles Where The Streets Have No Name (U2 cover) - #4 UK and #13 US - Number of Performances: 1 at Glastonbury Festival, UK with The Edge Man of Mystery (The Shadows cover) - #5 UK - Number of Performances: 17 in Europe, 2 in North America and 2 in Asia Lithium (Nirvana cover) - #11 UK and #64 US - Number of Performances: 1 at Lollapalooza Brazil and 1 at Coachella Festival, CA Feeling Good (Anthony Newley cover) - #24 UK (MUSE Hyper Music/Feeling Good double A-side single in 2001); #40 UK (Nina Simone version in 1994); #54 (MUSE single in 2008); and #69 (Michael Bublé version in 2009) - Number of Performances: 490 at various venues around the world Back in Black (AC/DC cover) - #27 UK and #37 US - Number of Performances: 5 in Australia and 1 in Italy with Nic Cester and 1 at Reading Festival, UK with Brian Johnson Note: Instrumental intro excerpts of 'House of the Rising Sun' has been played at numerous gigs without vocals. This Animals cover song hit #1 in both the UK and the US.
  8. 2019 Ticketmaster Touring Milestone Award Winners P!NK, The Beautiful Trauma Tour Ed Sheeran, The ÷ Tour BTS, BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Bon Jovi, This House Is Not For Sale Tour Fleetwood Mac, An Evening With Fleetwood Mac Jonas Brothers, Happiness Begins Tour Justin Timberlake, The Man Of The Woods Tour Muse, The Simulation Theory World Tour Shawn Mendes, Shawn Mendes: The Tour Ariana Grande, Sweetener World Tour Panic! At The Disco, Pray For The Wicked Tour https://blog.ticketmaster.com/ticketmaster-touring-milestone-award-winners-2019/ Live Music Industry - 2019 vs 2020 “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” - Charles Dickens 'Tale of Two Cities' ''Panic on the brain, world has gone insane..." "Would you be my little quarantine?..." “Just need you to tell me we’re all right, tell me we’re okay..." - Tyler Joseph 'Level of Concern'
  9. Final MUSE Stats Updates for 2019 before I take my leave of absence: Decade 2010s World Tours (TR; T2L; DR; and ST) From September 2009 thru October 2019 Total Estimated Concert Tickets Sold: 6.2 Million Total Estimated Gross: $480 Million [Concert Ticket Sales + Festival Headliner Artist Fees + U2 Support Fees in the USA and South America] Simulation Theory World Tour 2019 Box Office Break-down [Excluding two festival dates in Belgium and Brazil and two Formula One Grand Prix shows in Singapore and Austin, TX] Total Attendance: 1.315 Million (966K Europe; 292K North America; and 57K South America) Total Gross: $102.4 Million ($79.1M Europe; $19.6M North America; and $3.7M South America) Average Ticket Price: $78 Total Shows: 55 Total Cities: 50 Total Countries: 24 Final Simulation Theory Tour Venue Box Office Reports: Passeio Maritimo de Alges/Lisboa - 24 July 48,319 Attendance $3,420,621 Gross Ticket Sales Papp Lazslo Sports Arena/Budapest - 28 May 13,516 Attendance $1,083,160 Gross Capital One Arena/Washington DC - 2 April 11,271 Attendance $868,582 Gross Source: Touring Data Simulation Theory - Year End Album Chart Positions in Selected Markets Switzerland (#16 in 2018; #88 in 2019) - Schweizer Hitparade Belgium Wallonia (#21 in 2018; #64 in 2019) - Ultratop United States (#46 in 2019) - Billboard Top Current Albums [Over 130,000 pure album sales from November 2018 thru November 2019 per Nielsen Music] France (#50 in 2018; #118 in 2019) - SNEP [Platinum Certified - Over 130,000 sales and streams] Netherlands (#67 in 2018) - Dutch Megacharts Italy (#72 in 2018) - FIMI [Gold Certified - Over 25,000 sales and streams] Belgium Flanders (#73 in 2018; #197 in 2019 - Ultratop United Kingdom (#77 in 2018) - Official Charts Company [Gold Certified - Over 100,000 sales and streams] 2019 Year End Billboard Rock Genre Chart Positions in the USA Simulation Theory #30 Alternative Albums #52 Top Rock Albums 'Pressure' #25 Rock Airplay Songs #27 Alternative Songs #43 Hot Rock Songs Latest Singles Certifications: 'Feeling Good' - UK Gold 'Uprising' - UK Platinum 'Starlight' - Italy Platinum 'Psycho' - UK Silver
  10. More MUSE Box Office Reports from the 2019 Simulation Theory World Tour: Ziggo Dome/Amsterdam - 12 September 16,389 Attendance $1,224,252 Gross Royal Arena/Copenhagen - 8 September 11,948 Attendance $1,102,931 Gross Telenor Arena/Fortenu (Oslo)- 7 September 12,666 Attendance $937,001 Gross Bell Centre/Montreal - 30 March 15,930 Attendance $968,738 United Center/Chicago - 12 April 12,035 Attendance $968,738 Gross Talking Stick Resort Arena/Phoenix - 26 February 7,706 Attendance $604,336 Gross BB&T Center/Sunrise(Fort Lauderdale) - 24 March 6,902 Attendance $543,793 Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo/Buenos Aires - 11 October 14,378 Attendance $660,211 Gross Ginasio do Ibirapuera/Sao Paulo - 9 October 8,480 Attendance $452,603 Gross Source: As reported to POLLSTAR from promoters Live Nation; AEG Live; Evenko; and Jam Productions Personal Note to Musers: I am now on hiatus and do not plan to post again until 2021 or until the next single is released from the band. Hope you enjoyed my posts and best wishes to all.
  11. US Billboard Charts Dated 21 December 2019 - Debut peak positions Origin of Muse #11 Alternative Album Sales #21 Rock Album Sales #97 Top Current Albums (#1 WHO by The Who) Showbiz as part of the OoM box set makes its first ever album chart appearance in the US after it failed to chart on its initial release 20 years ago in September 1999 while Origin of Symmetry makes its second album chart appearance after debuting and spending one week on the Billboard 200 chart at #161 in February 2010 following the commercial success of The Resistance. "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." - 1984 George Orwell
  12. 'Dig Down' and 'The Handler' re-enter the iTunes alternative rock song downloads charts in both the US and the UK this weekend. Both tracks are featured on the soundtrack to the '6 Underground' Netflix film starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Michael Bay released on 13 December. 2019 Year End Top 100 Tours - POLLSTAR MUSE rank at #7 with over 1.2 million tickets sold and at #13 with gross ticket sales revenue over USD 97 million. The only rock band that sold more concert tickets than MUSE in calendar year 2019 was Metallica. https://www.pollstar.com/Chart/2019/12/Top100 WorldwideTours_790.pdf
  13. More album chart action updates for Origin of Muse: #5 Australia Top Vinyl Albums (ARIA) #34 Switzerland Top 100 Albums (SCHWEIZER HITPARADE) #48 Germany Top 100 Albums (OFFIZIELLE DEUTSCHE CHARTS) #55 Spain Top 100 Albums (PROMUSICAE) #85 Irish Top 100 Albums (IRMA) #100 Italy Top 100 Albums (FIMI)
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