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  1. Simulation Theory 三难困境 Sān nán kùnjìng reflecting the current difficult times we are experiencing globally and the hard choices we have to make to survive and effect positive social and political change in the world Top ST tracks ranked by total global video views on YouTube as of 11 August 2020: 22.5 million - Thought Contagion 19 million - Dig Down 18 million - Pressure [Most played track on Spotify with over 59 million streams] 16 million - Something Human 16 million - The Dark Side 7.5 million - Algorithm 3.5 million - Propaganda 3 million - The Void 2 million - Get Up And Fight 2 million - Break It To Me 1 million - Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)
  2. Streaming Update Two more MUSE tracks reach the 200 million mark on SPOTIFY as of 12 August 2020: 316 million - Uprising 200 million - Supermassive Black Hole 200 million - Madness 193 million - Starlight 140 million - Psycho 119 million - Knights of Cydonia 110 million - Time Is Running Out 105 million - Hysteria
  3. Apple iTunes UK Top Songs - Rock Genre on 31 July 2020 Peak Chart Positions #17 We'll Meet Again - The Jaded Hearts Club (featuring Matt Bellamy) - [Vera Lynn cover] Roger Waters referenced her on Pink Floyd's The Wall. Other notable cover versions by Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, The Byrds, Perry Como, Peggy Lee, Anne Murray, the Turtles, and Julie Andrews on a television special in 1974 43K Spotify global streams and 15K YouTube global views as of 11 August 2020 #60 Reach Out I'll Be There - The Jaded Hearts Club & Nic Cester (featuring Matt Bellamy on bass guitar and Dom Howard on drums) - [Four Tops cover on Motown with Holland/Dozier/Holland songwriters] - Reached #1 in 1966 on the both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles charts 86K Spotify global streams and 64K YouTube global views as of 11 August 2020 We'll Meet Again has also entered the iTunes top rock songs charts in Slovenia (#1), Italy (#31) and France (#62) while Reach Out I'll Be There also charted briefly in Italy. Video shoot locations: Los Angeles California and Milano Lombardia Italia
  4. Top 20 MUSE songs the past 12 months ranked by total global views on YouTube: Uprising 37 million Hysteria 32 million Starlight 26 million Madness Knights of Cydonia Time Is Running Out Supermassive Black Hole Resistance Undisclosed Desires Psycho Pressure Feeling Good Plug In Baby New Born Dead Inside Unintended Supremacy Thought Contagion The Dark Side Stockholm Syndrome Total Plays for all MUSE songs during the past year: 351 Million Total Plays for all MUSE Songs since YouTube inception 2005: >2 Billion Top 50 Countries/Markets and Cities during the past 12 months Mexico 45 million YouTube views (#1 Mexico City; #19 Guadalajara; #21 Ecatapec; #22 Puebla; #41 Tijuana; #48 Monterrey; #49 Tlalnepantla; #57 Merida) United States 41 million views (#18 Los Angeles; #26 New York City; #28 Chicago; #36 Dallas; #44 Houston; #76 San Diego; #83 Seattle; #90 Atlanta) France 34.5 million views (#3 Paris; #20 Lyon; #29 Bordeaux; #35 Toulouse; #68 Lille; #76 Marseille; #87 Strasbourg) Indonesia (#2 Jakarta; #7 Surabaya; #12 Bandung; #27 Medan; #37 Semarang; #40 Makassar) Italy (#9 Milan; #14 Rome; #53 Turin; #70 Naples; #82 Bologna; #100 Florence) United Kingdom (#11 London) Brazil (#17 São Paulo; #42 Rio de Janeiro) Spain (#16 Madrid; #30 Barcelona; #75 Valencia; #80 Sevilla) Russia (#15 Moscow; #31 Saint Petersburg) Germany (#59 Berlin) Colombia (#8 Bogota) Argentina (#23 Buenos Aires) South Korea (#6 Seoul; #74 Busan) Malaysia (#5 Kuala Lumpur) Ukraine (#13 Kyiv) Canada (#39 Montreal; #67 Toronto) Peru (#4 Lima) Poland (#24 Warsaw; #72 Krakow) Chile (#10 Santiago) Portugal (#34 Lisbon; #93 Porto) Belgium (#62 Brussels) Netherlands (#96 Amsterdam) Turkey (#25 Istanbul; #65 Ankara; #95 Izmir) Australia (#32 Sydney; #33 Melbourne; #64 Brisbane) Greece (#52 Athens) Switzerland (#79 Zurich) Japan Czechia (#50 Prague) India Romania Austria (#43 Vienna) Ecuador (#63 Quito) Hungary (#51 Budapest) Bolivia Thailand (#46 Bangkok) Finland Israel (#56 Tel Aviv) Ireland (#58 Dublin) Philippines Georgia (#45 Tbilisi) New Zealand Denmark Sweden Singapore (#47 Singapore) Taiwan South Africa Norway Croatia Costa Rica Slovakia Serbia Venezuela Guatemala Bulgaria Belarus Latvia Lithuania Slovenia Vietnam Morocco Kazakhstan Hong Kong Bangladesh El Salvador Pakistan Saudi Arabia Uruguay Paraguay Egypt Tunisia Honduras Algeria United Arab Emirates Estonia North Macedonia Source: Artist Insights YouTube
  5. France Top 200 Albums Chart Dated 24 July 2020 (SNEP): #196 Simulation Theory - MUSE (65th week on this tally including the past 10 consecutive weeks since re-entering this albums survey in May 2020) Global Streams as of 11 August 2020: YouTube 286K Unintended [Acoustic] - Three Videos 28K Unintended [Piano Lullaby] - Video 22K Unintended [Obeebo A.I.] - Video Spotify 201K Unintended [Acoustic] 78K Unintended [Piano Lullaby] 41K Unintended (Obeebo A.I]
  6. The Resistance is the MUSE album which has spent the most weeks on the France Top 100 albums chart compiled by SNEP: 143 including 105 consecutive weeks in the Top 100 from its release in September 2009 to September 2011. This diamond certified album has also logged a total of 220 weeks on the expanded France Top 200 albums survey. Its last appearance on this tally was in August 2015. MUSE albums ranked by number of weeks on the Official U.K. Albums Chart Top 100 according to the Official Charts Company: 96 Black Holes & Revelations - Biggest selling MUSE album with 1.2 million copies sold 85 Absolution 67 The Resistance 46 Showbiz 42 Origin of Symmetry 35 Drones 33 The 2nd Law 12 Simulation Theory 9 HAARP - Live at Wembley Stadium 5 Hullabaloo 3 Live at Rome Olympic Stadium 1 Origin of Muse Total Cumulative Weeks: 434 The albums spending the most weeks on the UK Top 100 Albums tally as of 24 July 2020 according to the OCC: 952 ABBA - Gold - Greatest Hits compilation released in 1992 936 Bob Marley & The Wailers - Legend - Greatest Hits compilation released in 1984 904 Queen - Greatest Hits compilation released in 1981 - Best selling album in British recorded music history with over 6 million copies sold 847 Fleetwood Mac - Rumours released in 1977
  7. Approprié pour la Fête nationale Chart Positions on 14 July 2020 France iTunes Songs: #426 Resistance iTunes Albums: #151 The Resistance #159 Simulation Theory #168 The 2nd Law #198 Drones #367 Absolution #455 Black Holes and Revelations
  8. Sale Pricing of $4.99 at Apple iTunes for the Fourth of July Holiday has caused four MUSE albums to re-enter the TOP 500 album sales chart at that US digital retail store this weekend: Peak Positions #79 Black Holes and Revelations (#9 Alternative) #105 The Resistance (#5 Alternative) #171 Drones (#19 Alternative) #371 Origin of Symmetry (#39 Alternative) Exotic Places Visited by Matt Bellamy: Granada (Spain) - The Alhambra Antipaxos (Greece) Maldives Bhutan Fiji
  9. Updated above. Sorry for the oversight. Finland has now leapfrogged the UK for 1st place in the chart position table. The new versions of Unintended (Official Acoustic Version and Official Mobile Videos on YouTube plus Acoustic, Dream A.I., and Piano Lullaby versions on YT and Spotify) have accumulated 400,000+ total combined video and audio streams on the two platforms during the first two weeks of release. The published key of Unintended [Acoustic Version] appears to be G minor which is also the original published key for MUSE Simulation Theory songs Algorithm and The Void and MOZART symphonies No. 25 and No. 40. The key of Unintended on Showbiz is E minor. Johann Sebastian Bach classical pieces that may have influenced and inspired Matt Bellamy in several of his compositions: Prelude in C Major from The Well-Tempered Clavier I, BWV 846 - 'Unintended [Acoustic Versions]' Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 - 'Plug In Baby' from Origin of Symmetry 'Bourrée, the fifth movement from Suite in E minor for Lute, BWV 996 - 'Falling Away With You' from Absolution - Also inspired Paul McCartney composing The Beatles' song 'Blackbird' Prelude No. 3 in C minor, BWV 999 - 'Micro Cuts' - Harpsichord was featured on the baroque sounding original version of this Origin of Symmetry track later replaced by guitar
  10. Apple iTunes Global Top Song Downloads Peak Chart Positions Day of Release 'Unintended [Acoustic Version]' - Matt Bellamy #25 Finland (#1 Alternative) #34 United Kingdom (#2 Alternative) #41 Austria #57 Belgium #61 Ireland #70 France (#2 Alternative) #76 Indonesia #147 Italy #154 Turkey #208 Mexico #216 Switzerland (#22 Alternative) #280 Germany (#21 Alternative) #312 Russia (#24 Alternative) #316 Australia #350 Netherlands #442 Canada (#50 Alternative) #761 United States (#56 Alternative)
  11. TOP UK CHARTED MUSE SINGLES COMPILED BY THE OFFICIAL CHARTS COMPANY (PEAK POSITIONS) AND ORIGINAL KEYS (PER MUSEWIKI) #4 Supermassive Black Hole - E minor #8 Time Is Running Out - A minor #9 Uprising - D minor #10 Knights Of Cydonia - E minor #11 Plug In Baby - B minor #11 Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) - D-flat Major #12 New Born - E Minor #13 Starlight - B Major #13 Dead Star / In Your World - D minor / A minor #14 Butterflies and Hurricanes - D minor #16 Sing For Absolution - D Minor #17 Hysteria - A minor #18 Map Of The Problematique - C minor #20 Unintended - E minor #21 Invincible - C major #22 Bliss - C minor #22 Sunburn - E minor #22 Survival - B-flat Major #24 Hyper Music / Feeling Good cover - D minor / G minor #25 Madness - B-flat major #25 Muscle Museum - F-sharp minor #38 Resistance - A minor #49 Undisclosed Desires - C minor #52 Cave - D minor #55 Psycho - D minor #58 Supremacy - A minor #71 Dead Inside - C minor #73 Uno - E minor #76 Thought Contagion - A minor #96 Pressure - G major #97 Algorithm - G minor #122 Citizen Erased - C major #126 Mercy - G major #127 Reapers - D minor #139 The Handler - D minor #200 United States of Eurasia - E-flat major Note: It appears Matt has composed about 75% of the songs in the MUSE discography in various minor keys. Also, several of the above singles (KOC, Cave, Bliss, Starlight, Survival) and other non-singles such as Take A Bow (beginning in D major and ending in B major) and Exogenesis Symphony have multiple modulations and key changes. The only songs composed in the keys of F minor and E-flat minor are Ruled By Secrecy and Animals, respectively. Lastly, The Dark Side and The Dark Side (ARV) were composed in two different keys, E minor and C minor, respectively.
  12. Cover Songs Performed by Matt Bellamy - First and Latest - 29 Year Span June 1991 - Teignmouth Community College, Devon (UK) - A short excerpt of his performance can be viewed on YouTube 'What'd I Say' - Ray Charles (#6 US Billboard Hot 100 Peak Chart Position in 1959) - Cover versions by several artists including Elvis Presley have also charted, while The Beatles played this song at their Reeperbahn gigs in Hamburg, Germany in the early 60s and Mick Jagger sang it with the band that would become the Rolling Stones. "Piano was the first instrument I really played. I didn’t have any lessons, and though I tinkered with it since I was five, I didn’t really get interested until I was ten or 11. My dad used to play a lot of blues records, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. Ray Charles was the one that stuck out; I used to work on my left hand to 'What’d I Say' in sort of this boogie-woogie style. I spent ages working that out, practicing the left hand doing one thing and trying to do chords with the right hand. I went into a talent contest and played a solo version of that piece and actually won the contest. My older brother forced me into this talent contest and, though I was too nervous to do it, I did it anyway. It made me want to get out there and get some gigs and get in a band. When I first got into a band when I was about 13 or 14, I didn’t play piano for about six years because I just got so into the guitar." - Matt Bellamy Source: Innocence_and_Absolution_(200506_Keyboard_Magazine_article) June 2020 - Recorded in Los Angeles, California and posted last week on Matt's Instagram account [See Claudia O's post on the News/Muse on Social Media forum for the link to hear his performance] 'We'll Meet Again' - Vera Lynn (#55 UK Official Singles Peak Chart Position in 2020; #29 US Billboard Peak Chart Position in 1954; Recorded in 1939) Fun Fact: The Resistance by MUSE debuted at #1 on the UK Official Albums Chart on 20 September 2009 selling 148k copies replacing the compilation album We'll Meet Again - The Best of Vera Lynn which moved down one position to #2 after reaching the #1 spot the previous week. Vera Lynn became the oldest living artist at age 92 to achieve this feat with an album.
  13. MUSE>>>>>TRUMP Venue: BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) MUSE 10 March 2013 (Concert Gig) grossing over $466,000 in ticket sales Attendance: 7,735 (Source: Promoters C3 Presents/Frank Productions) TRUMP 20 June 2020 (Campaign Rally) - Free event Attendance: 6,200 Estimate (Source: Tulsa Fire Dept Officials) Metallica holds the all-time single-concert attendance record at the BOK Center when the band welcomed 19,228 fans to a sold-out show at this venue on 18 January 2019.
  14. Butterflies & Hurricanes from Absolution Original Published Key: D Minor Chart Peak Positions: #14 UK; #29 Netherlands; #37 Ireland; and #70 France Matt Bellamy: "It's about hope, about trying to find the strength to get through any given situation." Lyrics 'Change, Everything you are And everything you were Your number has been called Fights and battles have begun Revenge will surely come Your hard times are ahead Best, You've got to be the best You've got to change the world And use this chance to be heard Your time is now...'
  15. MUSE Chart Positions at iTUNES as of 3 June 2020: France 44. The Resistance 64. The 2nd Law 95. Drones 278. Absolution 367. Black Holes and Revelations 434. Origin of Symmetry Russia 94. Drones 177. The 2nd Law 265. The Resistance 378. Absolution 385. Black Holes and Revelations 494. Origin of Symmetry United Kingdom 317. Uprising 439. Starlight 911. Supermassive Black Hole 919. Feeling Good 1005. Knights of Cydonia 340. Absolution 683. The Resistance 779. Drones 783. The 2nd Law 795. Black Holes and Revelations 970. Origin of Symmetry United States 1291. The Resistance
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