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  1. Simulation Theory #165 Re-enters the France Top Albums Physiques chart for the sales tracking week ending 14 January 2021 (SNEP) Album has sold over 500,000 units (sales + streaming) world-wide to date debuting at #1 in the UK, Switzerland, and the Netherlands and bowing in the Top Ten in seventeen other countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Estonia. In the USA it entered the Top Album Sales chart at #6 and the Billboard 200 Albums chart at #12). It has sold over 100,000 copies in three different markets (USA, UK, and France) and has been certified Platinum in both the UK and France and Gold in Italy. It also has appeared on the year-end album sales charts in both 2018 and 2019 in Switzerland, France and Belgium. 'Algorithm' - Peaked at #52 in Switzerland, #97 in the UK, and #137 in France on the top song charts despite it not being released as a single American figure skater Vincent Zhou placed second in the U.S. National Championships this past weekend becoming a three-time silver medalist in that competition. The 2019 World bronze medalist skated to both versions of the MUSE track 'Algorithm' including the ARV during his free skate program, which was choreographed by Misha Ge, an Uzbek former Olympic figure skater who was born in Moscow and raised in China and now lives in California. Zhou's parents are computer scientists who emigrated to the United States from China. Zhou also used MUSE track 'Exogenesis: Symphony Part III for his short program in 2018-19. 'Thought Contagion' - Peaked at #24 in Switzerland and #197 in France on the singles charts and was the highest charting single from Simulation Theory in both the UK (#76 Official Singles) and the USA (#1 Billboard Alternative Airplay, #3 Rock Airplay, and #9 Mainstream Rock Airplay) Quoted from the Mark Savage BBC Music Reporter interview with Matt in February 2018: ...The track was inspired by watching rolling news in America, and seeing how it influenced voters. "We're living in an age where truth is getting less airtime than falsities; and that's a scary thing," said Bellamy. "When you live in that bubble, and see that bubble, the scariest thing about it all is you realise people's minds can be influenced by false belief systems or incorrect thinking." The title of the song came from a Richard Dawkins book that suggested that thoughts can become contagious and spread like a virus, "regardless of their accuracy and truth". In the chorus, Bellamy sings, "you've been bitten by a true believer / you've been bitten by someone who's hungrier than you". He said the lyric was a reference to preachers and pundits whose "belief system is in some way under threat". "They're the ones who scream the loudest and get the most airtime."...
  2. "In the US the conspiracy theory subculture has been hijacked by the right to try to take down people like Obama and put forward right-wing libertarianism [populism]," Bellamy said. Defining himself as "a left-leaning libertarian – more in the realm of Noam Chomsky," he added: "Uprising was requested by so many politicians in America for use in their rallies and we turned them down on a regular basis." - Quote from Matt's interview with The Observer in 2012 Matt took a tour of the U.S. Capitol in April 2019 before the band's gig at the nearby Capital One arena. Before last week's home-grown mob insurrection coup attempt there, the last time the Capitol was assaulted was by the British in 1814 when they set the building on fire which was extinguished by a thunderstorm. Congress was on break at the time. The President's mansion [White House] was also burned and damaged. Due to sale pricing at the iTunes stores this week for several alternative rock albums in two markets in North America, the following MUSE albums discounted to $4.99 have climbed the all-genre Top Albums tallies at that digital retailer the past few days peaking at the following positions: Canada #32 The Resistance #34 Black Holes and Revelations USA #98 Black Holes and Revelations #120 The Resistance #400 Simulation Theory #420 Origin of Symmetry World-wide the most downloaded MUSE albums on a total of 53 different national iTunes album charts ranked by sales, title and country this week are: Drones - 29 markets including Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau The Resistance - 19 markets including the UK , France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Belarus, Luxembourg, Australia and New Zealand The 2nd Law - 4 markets including Italy, Hungary, Latvia and Estonia Black Holes and Revelations - 1 market - USA MUSE and director Alfred Hitchcock connections: Royal Albert Hall - London 3 MUSE charity gigs at that venue (2018, 2009 and 2008) 2 Hitchcock movie locations for The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956 and 1934) Lake Como - Lombardy - Italy MUSE recording The Resistance at studio Bellini in Moltrasio [Bellini also composed his opera Norma and Verdi his opera La Traviata at Lake Como] Hitchcock movie location for The Pleasure Garden (1925) 'Megalomania' at RAH featuring Matt on the Grand Organ at that venue:
  3. The release of the Simulation Theory Deluxe Film Box Sets on 11 December cause Simulation Theory to either re-enter or debut on the national albums charts below for the sales tracking week ending 17 December 2020: #21 UK Official Vinyl Album Sales compiled by the Official Charts Company - 4 weeks on chart #88 UK Official Physical Album Sales - 18 weeks on chart #93 UK Official Album Sales - 17 weeks on chart #106 Belgium-Wallonia Album Sales compiled by Ultratop - 55 weeks on chart #119 France Top Albums Physiques compiled by SNEP - Debut for the Simulation Theory Deluxe Film #169 France Top 200 Albums compiled by SNEP - Debut for the Simulation Theory Deluxe Film
  4. MUSE and UK Prime Minister CHURCHILL Connections - Brighton and Moltrasio "We lived in Brighton for most of 2002," Matt Bellamy declares to a howling south coast crowd. "It's like a cooler Teignmouth," he chuckles, with a nod to Muse's hometown. "We lived in Churchill's house and wrote most of Absolution here - it got a bit weird." - As quoted in a Gigwise.com feature article on the band's show at the Brighton Dome on 23 March 2015 Historical notes: Churchill attended a preparatory school for three years in nearby Hove in the mid 1880s and visited Brighton several times during his career including an early election campaign appearance in 1910, inspecting the south coastal defences with Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery in the summer of 1940 at the onset of WWII, in 1947 receiving a freedom award, and lastly in 1952. The video for 'Dead Star' directed by Tom Kirk and costing only £50 was reportedly filmed in a basement cellar in Brighton during their time spent in this seaside resort located 76km south of London. B-Side track 'The Groove' which Matt claims was an early version of 'SMBH' may also have been written there. Dom Howard also later participated in the London to Brighton charity bike ride in 2005. Absolution became the band's first album to reach #1 on the album charts in the United Kingdom and France and the first album to chart on the Billboard 200 album chart in the United States. It has been certified Platinum and/or Gold in ten different markets (UK, US, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and Russia) and also gave the band its first top ten single 'Time Is Running Out' in the UK and first charted singles 'TIRO' and 'Hysteria' on the American alternative rock radio airplay charts. The Resistance was mostly written and recorded in Moltrasio, Lombardy, Italy from 2007-2009. Winston Churchill vacationed there in September 1945 after his general election defeat and it inspired his famous Lakeside Scene, Lake Como oil-on-canvas painting. US Billboard Decade-End 2010s Charts Top Rock Artists - Rankings for British Acts [Based on album and song sales, radio airplay, and streams] #3 Mumford & Sons #6 Coldplay #12 Queen #14 MUSE #21 Florence + The Machine #22 Bastille #44 The Beatles #49 Ed Sheeran Source: https://www.billboard.com/charts/decade-end/top-rock-artists Hot Rock Songs - Rankings for British Acts #11 'Pompeii' - Bastille #30 'Uprising' - MUSE #32 'Let Her Go' - Passenger #37 'A Sky Full of Stars' - Coldplay #43 'The Sound of Winter' - Bush #45 'Little Lion Man' - Mumford & Sons Imagine Dragons place seven songs in the Top 50 while twenty one pilots have three in the Top 10 on this tally. Source: https://www.billboard.com/charts/decade-end/hot-rock-songs
  5. MUSE, Coldplay and Madonna Celestial 'Star' Songs and Lyrics - Ranked by Peak Chart Positions Reached on the UK Official Singles Chart Yellow (2000) - "Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you..." #4 UK Official Singles - 2x Platinum; #48 US Billboard Hot 100; #6 US Alternative Airplay Trivia: Music video shot at Dorset in SW England in late May 2000 a few days before Coldplay opened for MUSE at 8 gigs in the UK including 2 shows at the Astoria in London A Sky Full of Stars (2014) #9 UK Singles - 3x Platinum; #10 US Billboard Hot 100; #5 US Alternative Airplay; #1 US Hot Rock Songs Trivia: Music video shot at Newtown, a suburb of Sydney, in Australia. Avicii plays the piano/keyboard on this track instead of Chris Martin. Inspired by EDM and chord structure and melodies of songs by Katy Perry and Nirvana according to Martin. Song is family favourite of U.S. President Joseph Biden Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) - 2010 #11 UK Singles; #77 US Billboard Hot 100; #14 US Alternative Airplay Trivia: Matt wrote the song 8 months after a romantic breakup and is featured on the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack. Certified Gold in Italy. Inspired by Rachmaninoff Starlight (2006) #13 UK Singles - Gold; #101 US Billboard Hot 100 Bubbling Under - Platinum; #2 US Alternative Airplay Trivia: Music video filmed on a merchant cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Los Angeles. Band was seasick during the shoot. Certified Platinum in the USA and Italy and Gold in the UK, Canada and Mexico. This love song is a Bellamy family favourite Dead Star / In Your World (2002) #13 UK Singles Trivia: Music video for Dead Star shot in the southern coastal city of Brighton in the UK Lucky Star (1983) - "...Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight..." #14 UK Singles; #4 US Billboard Hot 100 Trivia: Madonna is credited as the sole songwriter. Her brother Christopher Ciccone is one of the two backup dancers in the official music video for this track. Matt Bellamy bought a Madonna CD as a gift for his older brother during the 80s according to a podcast interview he conducted three years ago Sing for Absolution (2003) - "... Tip toe to your room, A starlight in the gloom, I only dream of you, And you never knew..." #16 UK Singles Trivia: It was played again at the Shepherd's Bush Empire by-request gig on 19 August 2017, 10 years after its last performance. The official music video for this song is described as a ‘mini sci-fi disaster movie’ and stars the 3 band members as astronauts that travel from a populated civilised planet to the post-apocalyptic Earth. Stockholm Syndrome (2003-05) - "...Look to the stars, Let hope burn in your eyes..." #31 US Alternative Airplay Trivia: UK Downloadable Single Release. Music video was shot using a thermal camera For E-Flat Major Aficionados
  6. Top artists who have have used drones to enhance the concert experience for fans on their recent tours: MUSE - Drones World Tour (2015-16) 12 autonomous spherical drones in highly choreographed sequences during the show and 1 inflatable blimp 'Reapers' drone with 5 more in reserve METALLICA - WorldWired Tour (2017-2019) - 100 autonomous mini drones for a light display accompanying 'Moth Into Flame' DRAKE - Aubrey & the Three Migos World Tour (2018) - 200 autonomous mini drones dancing to 'Elevate' and 1 inflatable blimp 'Yellow Ferrari LaFerrari' drone CELINE DION - Courage World Tour (2019-) - 104 autonomous mini drones for a light display closing the show with 'My Heart Will Go On' Drones have also been notably featured at the 2017 Super Bowl opening performance by Lady Gaga in Houston featuring 300 drones, the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony in PyeongChang, Korea featuring 1,200 drones, and at the Cirque du Soleil performances of 'Paramour' in 2016 on Broadway in NYC featuring 8 autonomous dancing quadrocopters. 20 September 2020 - Guinness World Record with a 3,051 drones light show in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China breaking the previous record of 2,198 drones used at the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Saint-Petersburg, Russia on 3 September 2020. 7 November 2020 - U.S. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and President-elect Joe Biden victory speeches featured a 200-drone light and firework celebration show in Wilmington, Delaware accompanied by Coldplay's 'A Sky Full of Stars.'
  7. Bravo America! La démocratie a gagné à nouveau et a prévalu sur l'autocratie Sauvé du côté obscur de la réalité alternative 59 Career MUSE Music Videos - Top Directors listed below 17 Tom Kirk [11 official + 6 lyric videos] 8 Lance Drake 4 David Slade 4 Tim Qualtrough 3 Tekken 2 Joseph Kahn 2 Andy Mandler 2 Howard Greenhalgh 1 Wayne Isham 1 Paul Minor 1 Floria Sigismondi 1 Robert Hales The band's first-ever music video for the single 'Uno' from Showbiz was filmed at the iconic Tower Bridge in London, while the second video for the same track was filmed in Germany. The official music video for 'Knights of Cydonia' was filmed in three different locations in Romania, London, and Red Rock Canyon, California, while the music video for 'Resistance' was filmed in Madrid at the Sports Palace venue. Updated MUSE Career Gigs (1,578) by Country/Market and Venue Type from 1994-2021 [Not intended to be all-inclusive] Sources: muse.mu and setlist.fm United Kingdom (406): [England 364; Scotland 26; Wales 11; and Northern Ireland 5] 33 Cavern Club - Exeter, Devon 12 O2 Arena - North Greenwich, London [Includes 1 BRIT Awards performance] 10 Top of the Pops (BBC) - London 8 The Cooperage - Plymouth, Devon 6 Leeds Festival - Leeds 6 Reading Festival - Reading 6 Manchester Arena - Manchester 6 Astoria - London 6 Later...with Jools Holland (BBC) - London 5 Glastonbury Festival - Pilton 5 T in the Park - Kinross, Scotland 5 Bull & Gate - London 4 Wembley Stadium - London 4 Wembley Arena - London 4 O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire - London 2 Emirates Stadium - London 2 Etihad Stadium - Manchester 2 London Stadium - London [Includes 2012 Summer Olympics performance] 2 The Den - Teignmouth, Devon United States (359): 8 Staples Center - Los Angeles [Includes 1 GRAMMY Awards performance) 5 Madison Square Garden - New York City 5 Pechanga Arena - San Diego, CA [Includes 1 public dress rehearsal performance] 5 Oracle Arena - Oakland, CA [Includes 1 Christmas holiday radio station show] 4 Coachella Festival - Indio, CA 4 United Center - Chicago, IL France (140): 12 Bercy Arena - Paris [Includes one 1999 gig supporting RHCP and Foo Fighters] 6 Stade de France - Saint Denis/Paris 5 Festival des Vieilles - Carhaix 4 Halle Tony Garnier - Lyon 4 Festival de Nîmes - Nîmes Germany (104): 6 Rock Am Ring Festival - Nürburg 6 Rock Im Park - Nürnberg 5 Große Freiheit 36 - Hamburg 4 Columbiahalle - Berlin 3 Mercedes-Benz Arena - Berlin 3 Barclaycard Arena - Hamburg 3 Lanxess Arena - Köln 3 Olympiahalle - München 1 RheinEnergieStadion - Köln Australia (61): 17 Big Day Out Festival - Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Perth 6 Rod Laver Arena - Melbourne 4 Qudos Arena - Sydney 3 Festival Hall - Melbourne 3 Hordern Pavilion - Sydney Italy (49): 7 Mediolanum Forum di Assago - Milan [Including 1 X Factor Italia Finale performance] 3 Stadio San Siro - Milan 2 Stadio Olimpico - Rome 2 Stadio Olimpico di Torino - Turin 2 Arena di Verona - Verona Japan (48): 4 Fuji Festival - Naeba Ski Resort Yuzawa 3 Zepp - Tokyo 2 Yokohama Arena - Yokohama 2 Super Arena - Saitama 2 Summer Sonic Festival - Osaka Canada (45): 5 Bell Centre - Montreal 5 Scotiabank Arena - Toronto 3 Centre Videotron - Quebec City 2 Colisee Pepsi - Quebec City Spain (33): 5 Palacio de Los Deportes - Madrid 3 Benicassim Festival - Valencia 2 Xacobeo Festival - Santiago de Compostela 1 Estadio Wanda Metropolitano - Madrid 1 Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys - Barcelona 1 Estadio Vicente Calderon - Madrid 1 Estadio San Mames - Bilbao Switzerland (32): 4 Paleo Festival - Nyon 3 Hallenstadion - Zurich 2 Stade de Suisse Wankdorf - Bern Netherlands (30): 5 Ziggo Dome - Amsterdam 3 Pinkpop Festival - Landgraaf 2 Goffertpark - Nijmegen Belgium (25): 9 Rock Werchter Festival Park - Werchter 4 Palais 12 Laeken - Brussels 3 Sportpaleis Merksem - Antwerp Ireland (20) Denmark (19) Norway (19) Austria (18) Mexico (17) Portugal (15) Sweden (14) Finland (13) Brazil (12) Russia (11) - Россия Argentina (9) Hungary (6) Poland (6) New Zealand (6) South Korea (6) Latvia (5) Czech Republic (4) Greece (4) Chile (4) Luxembourg (4) Singapore (4) Hong Kong (3) Turkey (3) Ukraine (3) China Mainland (2) - 中国大陆 Iceland (2) Romania (2) Colombia (2) South Africa (2) United Arab Emirates (2) - Abu Dhabi and Dubai حب و سلام Croatia (1) Serbia (1) Estonia (1) Lithuania (1) Peru (1) Indonesia (1) Malaysia (1) Thailand (1) Taiwan (1)
  8. France Album Charts Dated 9 October 2020 compiled by SNEP You've Always Been Here - The Jaded Hearts Club #160 Top Albums (Nouvelle entrée) - Sales + Streams #73 Top Albums Physiques (Nouvelle entrée) The official music video for 'Uprising' has recently passed the 200 million view count on YouTube. American soprano Renée Fleming recorded 'Endlessly' from Absolution on her album Dark Hope in 2010 and below the actor playing the younger Obi-Wan Kenobi is the latest to cover the track while filming his documentary series 'Long Way Up' in Bolivia:
  9. United Kingdom Album Charts Dated 9 October 2020 compiled by the Official Charts Company Debut Chart Positions You've Always Been Here - The Jaded Hearts Club #52 Official Albums Chart Top 100 (Sales + Streaming) #14 Vinyl Albums #21 Physical Albums #23 Album Sales (Physical + Digital) #28 Album Downloads #20 Scottish Albums Top 100 #3 Rock & Metal Albums Top 40 Among the 30 artist and songwriter credits on the album: Matt Bellamy: Executive Producer, Featured Artist, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Piano, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background) Dominic Howard: Drums
  10. UK Official Albums Chart Update Top 100 (based on sales of CDs, downloads, vinyl and other formats across 3-5 October 2020) compiled by the Official Charts Company 25. You've Always Been Here - The Jaded Hearts Club (New Entry) The album should debut on both the UK and France Top Album Charts based on sales + streaming in the coming week. On the Apple Music streaming charts, the album ranked in the Top 100 in the UK and the Top 500 in France, Ireland, Spain, Armenia, Latvia and Luxembourg this past weekend YOUTUBE Video/Audio Streams Cumulative to Date as of 5 October 2020 800K+ views on the official YT channel for The Jaded Hearts Club 2 Billion+ views on the official YT channel for MUSE SPOTIFY Audio Streams Cumulative To Date as of 9 October 2020 2 Million+ plays for ten songs covered by the rock supergroup The Jaded Hearts Club on the album featuring members of Muse, NIN, Blur, Jet, The Last Shadow Puppets, The Zutons and very occasionally Paul McCartney Most listeners for The Jaded Hearts Club in the following cities: London, Mexico City, Madrid, Paris and Milan Most popular tracks so far on SPOTIFY: 650K+ Nobody But Me 500K+ This Love Starved Heart of Mine (It's Killing Me) 400K+ Reach Out I'll Be There 175K+ We'll Meet Again (featuring Matt Bellamy) 150K+ Love's Gone Bad
  11. Peak Chart Positions Apple iTunes Top Albums - All Genres The Jaded Hearts Club Album: You've Always Been Here (featuring Matt Bellamy on bass including vocals on two tracks 'We'll Meet Again' and 'Fever' as well as producer credits) #7 Chile #8 Spain (#3 Rock) #8 Luxembourg #11 United Kingdom (#4 Rock) - #78 Apple Music Streaming Top Albums - All Genres #12 Mexico #17 France (#4 Rock) #20 Italy (#6 Rock) #24 Belgium #25 Mozambique #28 Australia (#14 Rock) #35 Canada (#12 Rock) #53 Switzerland #66 Netherlands #68 Bulgaria #71 Japan #75 Russia #86 United States (#19 Rock) #267 Germany Review of Album: ★★★★☆ https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/reviews/jaded-hearts-club-review-album-youve-always-been-here-stream-dagny-strangers-lovers-b739078.html
  12. 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' Cover Version by Matt Bellamy Song originally composed by Paul Simon in G Major on the guitar and later transposed to E-Flat Major in a gospel piano version sung by Art Garfunkel reached #1 on the pop charts in the UK, US, France, Canada and New Zealand in 1970 and the top five in eight other countries including Australia, Germany and Spain and won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Song of the Year in 1971. Song inspired by a JS Bach chorale according to Simon 100,000+ global views on YouTube for the Official Audio Version in the first three days of release with a 99% like rating and 75,000+ streams on Spotify Peak Chart Positions Apple iTunes Top Songs - All Genres #68 Indonesia #70 United Kingdom (#5 Alternative) #85 France (#3 Alternative) #96 Denmark #108 Netherlands #113 Italy (#7 Alternative) #136 Austria #164 Spain #185 Australia #186 Switzerland #197 Belgium #236 Mexico #785 United States (#84 Alternative)
  13. Best selling MUSE album in 44 territories/markets as of 15 September 2020: iTunes Top Albums - All Genres Album: Drones #14 Ukraine #20 Moldova #21 Kyrgyzstan #36 Latvia #42 Luxembourg #44 Belgium (#1 Wallonia and #2 Flanders Peak Chart Positions) #54 Switzerland (#1 - Platinum Certification) #75 Portugal (#1) #79 Romania #81 Armenia #84 Israel #89 Malta #89 Russia (Platinum) #96 Slovenia #99 Singapore #101 Mexico (#1 - Platinum) #102 Cyprus #103 Estonia #116 Netherlands (#1 - Gold) #118 Lithuania #124 Kazakhstan #132 Indonesia #132 Poland (#6) #133 Fiji #133 Italy (#2 - Platinum) #133 Turkey #135 Czech Republic #135 Malaysia #143 Argentina #147 Hong Kong #148 Mauritius #158 Austria (#2 - Gold) #160 France (#1 - Double Platinum) #163 Finland (#1) #169 Slovakia #174 Bulgaria #178 Spain (#3) #180 Macau #186 Colombia #196 Bolivia #218 South Africa #301 United States (#1) - Won Grammy Award for Best Rock Album 2015 #437 Canada (#2 - Platinum) #553 United Kingdom (#1 - Gold) Drones also peaked #1 Australia-Gold, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, and New Zealand; #2 in Sweden; #3 in Germany, Greece and Hungary; #4 in South Korea; and #5 in Japan
  14. Happy 11th Anniversary! Chart Positions as of 15 September 2020: iTunes Top Downloaded Albums - All Genres Album: The Resistance #17 Luxembourg #19 Portugal (#2 Peak Album Chart Position - Gold Certification) #21 Finland (#3 - Platinum) #26 Norway (#1 - Gold) #39 Denmark (#1 - Double Platinum) #42 Belgium (#1 - Platinum) #42 Switzerland (#1 - Platinum) #51 Italy (#1 - Double Platinum) #72 Spain (#2) #83 Austria (#1 - Gold) #86 United States (#3 - Platinum) - Won Grammy Award for Best Rock Album 2010 #93 Sweden (#8) #97 Greece #108 France (#1 - Diamond) #120 New Zealand (#1 - Platinum) #128 Netherlands (#1 - Gold) #129 Ireland (#1 - Platinum) #149 Mexico (#2 - Gold) #152 Belarus #170 Latvia #170 Moldova #254 Russia (#4 - Platinum) #282 Australia (#1 - Platinum) #324 Canada (#1 -Platinum) #358 Germany (#1 - Platinum) #451 United Kingdom (#1 - Double Platinum) #454 Turkey Apple Music Top Streamed Albums - All Genres: #62 Bolivia #141 Lebanon #331 Norway #1354 United Kingdom
  15. STREAMING UPDATES as of 9 September 2020: 'We'll Meet Again' (The Jaded Hearts Club featuring Matt Bellamy) and 'Unintended (Piano Lullaby)' have now both passed 100,000 audio streams on Spotify, while 'Behold, The Glove' and 'Simulation Theory Theme' have each reached over 100,000 video streams on YouTube. Other notable Lullaby songs: Johannes Brahms 'Wiegenlied Op. 49 No. 4' (1869) and The Cure 'Lullaby' (1989) which is the band's highest charting song on the UK official singles chart at #5. Charlie Chaplin and Matt Bellamy Final Speech from The Great Dictator (1940) "...brutes have risen to power But they lie! They do not fulfill that promise They never will! Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people! Now let us fight to fulfill that promise! Let us fight to free the world - to do away with national barriers - to do away with greed, with hate and intolerance Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men's happiness..." Newscaster Speech from Simulation Theory Film Theme (2020) ''...Like, I feel like I don't know what the truth is anymore Do you? I do know that we've been lied to, and manipulated, for too long. Far, far too long. I'm sick and tired of it, god damn it!... ...We hide in our homes, scrolling through feeds of other people's fantasy, made up lives, while the algorithms give us bite size information, tailored to what corporations, lying politicians and foreign powers want us to see, and believe... ...Maybe, the algorithms and A.I. have become the new 'they'. And maybe they now control us and manipulate us. Well, they know us better than we know ourselves. We have to wake up! It's time to wake up! Wake up, people, wake up, don't just sit there watching. Do something! This is our last chance to take back control, before it's too late!"
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