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  1. Muse will headline next year 🤩😎
  2. I hope people are coming back when the first single dropped, I‘m so excited! Album before christmas, or early next year? First song in summer, or before 😃🤟 let‘s jump on the hypetrain again 👽😉🥳
  3. C‘m on everybody, clap your hands, you‘re looking good ... oh let‘s twist again! party-time 🥳🤩
  4. What if .... Dom was talking about Cryosleep, and not a new Muse album 🤔 Confirmed : new Muse album yesssss!!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/COIjt0qB167/?igshid=1fkoql0tb2w2
  5. Yes, my first thought - he‘s been reading the board 😨
  6. Pfff... I‘d gladly take the roots-option 😉
  7. 🤩😎 https://www.instagram.com/p/COBjSGLhFzP/?igshid=ypwzv95t08t
  8. No, I don‘t think so, it would make Record store day unnecessary ... but maybe later, a music only version , who knows?
  9. Wow it‘s so beautiful! No, I don‘t have it but I found this https://www.discogs.com/de/Muse-Exogenesis-Symphony/release/10677403 https://www.musewiki.org/Exogenesis:_Symphony_(single)
  10. Unintended, Falling down, City of delusion ..
  11. I don‘t know exactly, but I remember driving around on RSD for the Reapers Vinyl, asking in the partipicitating stores .. nobody had it 😒 we spent the whole afternoon driving around, just to find out in the end that my shop 5 min away from my home (by feet) took part, and had it! 👍 but it was a lovely sunny day, we had fun and found new stores we‘ve never been to before 😁
  12. The reason or thoughts behind RSD is to go into a record shop and buy it there, not online 😎 ... online you‘ll find stuff AFTER the day, for horrendous prices 🙄 but I gues you know this anyway lol I do hate Guiding light.. 🙈
  13. Interesting! A special album for Record Store Day. Seems he was in the studio for this, not Muse ... https://www.instagram.com/p/CNX1bzJDChw/?igshid=171zqkclsahaa
  14. My last gig and last Muse gig as well was 2 years ago in May 😕 yes, I do miss them, but as I knew they‘d go on a break and then record new music it‘s wasn’t that bad. Now that the festivals are cancelled and I think the pause will be longer, this is heartbreaking! During the first and second lockdown I enjoyed watching gigs online, thinking next year we‘ll be there again! But now ... Hopefully we‘ll see them going back to the studio soon, Matt just got back from his holidays, he may have read some good books 🙃🤪 nah, as he said life brought him enough material for a Muse album I‘m optimistic it‘ll be great, hopefully rockin‘ again !
  15. Hi and welcome to the board 😊 I‘m not into conspiracy theories myself but I think it is important to question everything and to not take it for granted just because some people decided it is like this, it has always been like this so it must be true. They‘re wrooooong ....
  16. Sorry, postboned to next year 😭😢 but it is the right decision. https://www.novarock.at
  17. Old but gold! Just found this on youtube 👀😮😎 Any thoughts? Still need to watch it all, but Unintended ... how high can Matt sing? Was he crying at the end? Showbiz as closer ... so damn interesting! plug in baby with different lyrics!
  18. So are they really working on songs, beats, loops, riffs - or are they only teasing us
  19. Hi and welcome back! I think when more news, bits and stuff appear, the board will sloooooooowly awake 😉😊 I hope !
  20. Matt just confirmed they are working on it! Yess! He posted this photo https://www.instagram.com/p/CL_DGNkjUYh/?igshid=15i9ql5y4sqac
  21. Queen of the main board hehe 💪 but come back Musers! It feels a bit lonely round here ... thanks to muse‘s amuse who‘s still here
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