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  1. It‘s beautiful! But, it sometimes sounds like it‘s already worn out 🤔😢
  2. Good news! Seems like the album is being delivered in Europe, well at least here in Austria because it arrived today and I‘m gonna pick it up from the store tomorrow! So excited!! 😍
  3. Hm yeah … wasn‘t it obvious that Matt would love this 🤣😎 https://www.instagram.com/p/CR5_F-njwgZ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  4. Writing this whilst listening for the first time: Ok … I like this Unintended now, but still not Bridge over troubled water…. Tab piano for 4 hands …. 🤣 then 😨🥰 🤣🤪😎😎😎😎😎 brilliant!!!!!!! Play it live, Morgan and Matt? 👍👏 Dabidabidabidabi…. 😂 Pray without the voice? Yesssssss! But the version with the voice is great too! Guiding light … well, I hate this song …. The guitar is lovely, but I really hoped for an instrumental here … nope! ST theme ….. yes, love it! Fever ….. I mean, yes yes yes yes! as we already knew 😊 Unintended lullaby ……. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 it‘s mesmerizing It‘s a wild mix of soft and sci-fi -songs. But somehow, after first listen, it works. can‘t wait for the vinyl!!
  5. Yeah, would be great! I wish they‘d do a small venue Europe tour as well 😎
  6. Yeah! Ishould start to read the hashtags 😅😎
  7. Matt nearby THE recording studio! Better than nothing 😁😎 https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ8zvAhKDSe/?utm_medium=copy_link
  8. Time to get excited again? Finally in the studio ? I believe it when they post a photo from inside one 🤣🤔 btw, new look here is umpf 😒 ok… where‘s the link now.. newby? I‘m a newby now? C‘mon! 😒
  9. Ok. What happened? It‘s gone, the board looks different 😨
  10. Yes, only on vinyl..I just wanted to point out the old-fashioned… and I forgot to mention audio-tapes,mini-discs and DAT 😨🙈
  11. Simply buy it on CD or vinyl, the real old-fashioned and still best way to buy music 😎 rip it onto your HD, enjoy it
  12. Just listened again, you‘re absolutely right! 😨 oops!
  13. Hallo! Ja, ich freu mich schon auf livestreams und TV-Übertragungen, und auf hoffentlich abwechslungsreichere Setlists! Sie spielen ja oft auch B-Seiten oder selterne Songs auf Festivals 👍 ich mag xx OOS xx nicht … hab ein paar Lieder gehorcht, es ist komisch wenn man dauernd denkt „Hä? Nein, das gehört anders …“ ich bleib beim Original. Es ist ok, weil man nun andere Versionen hat, wer es haben will.. Ich hoffe, dass das nächste Album rockig wird und einiges mit Piano 😍
  14. It could sound great, from analog to analog
  15. I compared the new version to the old one, the guitar (or bass?) kicks in at the same time, 0:06 😬
  16. It seems they are in the chilling phase now, racing through high grass on a meadow in Teighnmouth 😅 like Matt said in an interview, going back to living there and going back to their roots musically 🤔 Yes, I‘ll stick with my theory, album in autumn 2022 😬 but one or two singles right before the festivals next year, to gather new fans maybe .. as if they‘d need them, but 🤑
  17. Idk, I don‘t use Itunes..
  18. Oh! You meant the missing bars at the start? Yes, it‘s fixed on Spotify and on youtube 👍
  19. The whole album is online now
  20. Same goes with their tours. More more more … they said that people expect huge sets, pyro etc. well, really? Yes, it is great, but I‘d love to see a stripped down gig, not only in small venues where most of us miss out getting in! Do it in the others as well! If some journalists don‘t like it, so wtf really? There are always bad critics …
  21. Muse is a over-the-top-band 🤪
  22. Overall the Remix was not necessary, nice to have alternative versions, but that‘s it .. Next. LP9 … 😎
  23. What if they had planned a mini-tour with OOS but due to Covid it‘s impossible, so they did this instead 😨 because they just released the boxset … I mean, it‘s enough now! But a tour 😍😍😍😍 fingers crossed they‘ll do it later. Yes, there‘s my optimism again lol
  24. I hope they‘re through with OOS now 😨
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