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Found 8 results

  1. Hey! I'm seeing Muse in 2 days ( ) and I HAVE to meet them! LOL I live in the US and it's not like this oppurtunity will come up often... so I was wondering, are they easy to meet? Do they usually have tight security? Keep in mind that they aren't as popular over here as they are in the UK.  But anyway, do they usually walk about before and/or after the show? I mean they must get bored... I dunno  For those of you who have met Muse, when, where and how did it happen? I MUST KNOW! I am obsessed...
  2. Should Chris should make a solo album ? i dont know how to makes polls
  3. ??? (Sorry if this is too random or someone else has already done it or something. I'm new and only just getting used to this)
  4. hey, everyone!!! i just wanna know, do you have stuff named matt, dom, or chris? i have a teddy bear, [doesn't like teddy bear] i named 'dommie'. yeah, u know, for some reason, i gave named dommie. so, how about you?
  5. Old interview from BDO 07 with Chris, Thought the bit in the middle about old band members was funny.. anyway enjoy if you haven't herd it before. http://www.therock.net.nz/Muse/tabid/381/articleID/2509/Default.aspx
  6. I was doodling randomly throughout school today, and I started drawing some comics in which Chris would always be "tormented" in some sort of way (ex. unicorns, zeta invasion, dom's "singing" ). I only got one completely done and have one almost done, so I hope to add a couple of comics here in the near future. So, uh, enjoy (I guess). Yeah, I'm aware that a unicorn doesn't make too much sense. A friend drew it in for me. Plus, it's Matt. I wouldn't be too surprised if he went out looking for a mythical horse . P.S Excuse the semi-crappy coloring. I haven't worked with marker for a while
  7. http://thelichfieldblog.co.uk/2010/09/13/burntwood-brothers-play-football-with-their-wembley-hero/
  8. Hello all, couldn't find a thread about this so thought I'd start one. So who was there? Thought it was a great game. I was the dodgy 'keeper who let Chris's shot in at the end, bit of a Rob Green moment! Personally it was the most surreal experience I've had for a long time, playing football against Chris and the Muse team, in front of about 100 Muse fans, with Dermot Gallagher refereeing! Great day out though! EDIT: Got the score wrong, it was 4-3 to the Wembley team!
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