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  1. Loads of interesting things in this boxset, I love it! 😎👏
  2. Posting this here, as it‘s related : BBC 6 Music gonna play OOS in full plus an interview from those days!
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CA53eeDFCc9/?igshid=uu25e85hqqpa
  4. Riots in L.A. 😕 Rich Costey and Matt cleared out a studio and saved some of his important guitars !
  5. One year ago today 😭 take me back please!
  6. New interview, talking about that guitar again, plus other things 😎 https://www.guitarworld.com/features/matt-bellamy-as-long-as-the-guitar-can-keep-up-with-making-interesting-sounds-it-will-always-remain-relevant
  7. Ok, thank you! Yes, I ‚ve read about him buying this guitar and he‘s planning to use it! I‘m no big fan of the album Showbiz, it git great songs but as a whole .. no thanks. But if this means he intends to write more heartfelt and personal songs, or with anger, then count me in on the hype! what have we got so far? - making new sounds with the guitar - going back to the beginning/ with the Jeff Buckley-guitar in mind - no mellow ballads for Muse - Muse is more bombastic, heavy .. What else?
  8. The interview with Matt & Zane isn‘t online , or I missed it ...
  9. One show? I‘m sure you mean 1 in every country ? 😂👍
  10. Well, seems its on now ... we have to wait for a youtube-version I guess 😁😎 but it‘s not live anyway ..
  11. Hm ... Muse twittered yesterday that tomowwow (which would be today) at 6p.m. BST it will air ... maybe they got the date wrong?
  12. Jobby, I just read an „interview“ in the online NME ... have you read it too? Or have you watch the Zane Lowe interview ... and NME copy/pasted all these exciting news ! I haven‘t watched it yet ... https://www.nme.com/music-interviews/muse-matt-bellamy-solo-new-album-origin-of-symmetry-2668645
  13. Matt said in a recent interview with Zane Lowe they’ll release it online instead of the cinemas, in June/July, but they are not sure where ..
  14. I listened to Pray after this one, man ... I like Pray much more ...
  15. Bump 😏😁 new Matt-song, ST film out #soon , maybe a new Muse song this year, hey ! 🥳🥳🥳
  16. Plus the member status is gone ??!! wtf .... no more changes ! bring them back 😭
  17. I don‘t agree with you, but appreciate it.
  18. ST better than Drones 🙈😱 never !!
  19. Interview with Zane Lowe!! News about the ST-tourfilm etc .... !! https://loudwire.com/muse-2020-concert-film-matt-bellamy-tomorrows-world/
  20. There‘ll be, for sure, a movie about the Corona-times and this song should be in it!
  21. This sounds very much like a Musical .... imo it‘s too short, I was waiting for a bridge, turning point, Idk ... The melody is beautiful, the piano and strings as well. I think it‘ll need to grow on me, but ... Don‘t you waaaaste iiiitttt .... sticks in my head! It is pure and was written in a short time ... what will the videoclip be like 🤔Lol ok ...... 🤪🤣
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