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  1. Yes!!!! thank you, you‘re the best! 🤗😍 I don‘t care if it‘s basic or not, but this version is a lot more positive! I know, the dark one suits the last two albums .. thanks again!
  2. Claudia O

    warm up songs

    Nevermind Jessica, great to see you back!
  3. It‘s on youtube!! hm, sometimes Matts vocals seem so far away, quiet 🤔 but excellent picture quality, yes the cymbals are a bit annoying during Psycho .. ears ARE ringing 😕 overall, good movie. Sound could be better, I‘m sure!
  4. And the boxset with the jacket 😂
  5. Bump! Excited that Muse (in particular Matt, I guess he took over the Muse accounts on Twitter and Instagram full-time as well as his own) are „around“ again. The movie is out, there are short videos of the instrumentals - Matt riding a horse, with a Keytar (long time no see!) ... mention of the first gig next year, hopefully many will follow! It‘s still uncertain tough how or if they will happen 🤔
  6. I know 😉 Somewhere, I think it was in one of his rare Twitter-answering -sessions, he said he feels too old for dying his hair red, or something like that. His guitars are much lighter now, yes! 🙃 He still jumps with his guitars, but not like in earlier days.. I‘d love to see Starlight and Uprising with guitar more often!
  7. What‘s srong with being 40+ 🧐 I mean, I know some ppl who still do crazy things - as if dying your hair is crazy, but ok ... I‘m 44 myself .. we are human too! And crazy sometimes 😁 seems I‘m too old for Reddit, it looks like an old-fashioned place. This DOS-style - folders, subfolders I mean c‘mon 🤣 nobody will see me there ..
  8. Ok, just watched it. Do I like it? 🤔 Yes and no. Can I get my hands on the gig-only as well, pleeeaaazzeeee! Call me old-fashioned ... It must have been strange for Muse when Covid-19 started ! If they thought about not releasing it this year? Some of the onstage-films make sense now, but I often thought about what if we knew the story - until Matts battle with Murph - BEFORE the gigs? And to see the battle on-screen then, at the gig? 🤔😁 Matt the saviour, well Idk .... I‘m no fan of slo-mo during concert films, too ! There was a lot of editing going on on the sound, vocals, instruments I think. I enjoyed The Void a lot, and the Metal-medley of course, strangely shortened. I didn‘t miss KOC. all in all, it‘s no „The Wall“ and I prefer concerts in pro-shot.
  9. It‘s on Vimeo .... in bad quality. Only watched the beginning for now ...
  10. Cause you value things differently? this time it is too expensive for me for what you get. I‘d like to have the movie, maybe the soundtrack but not necessarily. btw, nobody is talking about the first festival appearance next year, in Austria? What are your thoughts about it?
  11. Claudia O

    warm up songs

    No, I saw it as a new post 🤔
  12. Trailer looks interesting! I knew it won‘t be a concert film when Matt said it is their „The Wall“ ... I‘d prefer a normal concert-film, box is really expensive I think, not sure if I‘ll buy it. I just want the Blu-ray ...
  13. Looks like it‘ll be in IMAX - cinemas 🙃
  14. Interesting .... https://stageverse.com/
  15. I hoped for a longer version of „We‘ll meet again“ it sounds so unfinished ....... but I enjoy „Reach out I‘ll be there“ , always loved this song, not so sure about the vocals ..
  16. Live they are ok, but on this version not, for me 😅
  17. Wow, my country is second after the UK 😧😬 I‘m surprised ! Thank you for the info !! but where is Germany ?
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