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  1. Same. As much as I like this though, I'm now worried this is going to be the peak of the album (especially since it's the only one where they are including an instrumental in the bonus tracks as well as the "Alternate Reality Version"). I have a feeling there are going to be at least two more downright stinkers. Hoping the album at least starts and ends on a strong note. The piano bit in The Globalist into Drones was such a disappointing way to end an album.
  2. I think he should've broken into falsetto on one of the final "Break me out"s. Also I really like how the bass/synth(?) thing at 1:20 keeps going through the whole next verse in the right channel. Also that bit totally sounds similar to that one part in Glorious, which utilizes it in the same way.
  3. Yeah I just listened to all 4 how they have them on Spotify and thought the sound was nicely cohesive. It also just feels really nice that these songs at least have "life" that was sorely absent in so much of Drones. And while still not great, I enjoy Thought Contagion a whole lot more after seeing it live. Their sound at Bonnaroo was just ridiculously good and that song was beefy.
  4. I just know he used to always say Stockholm was his favorite song to play live because the drumming is really fun. The more I listen to The Dark Side the more I want him to just do some fast tom work at the end. Feel like it'd really just push it over the top, in a good way.
  5. Just watched the video for the first time. Wow, that might actually be my favorite music video they've ever done. And I HATED the Something Human video.
  6. I really like the added guitar during the chorus in the left channel.
  7. I'm a bit bummed about the album cover because it has a lot of potential, but as is is just way too ridiculous and will further the negative perception of Muse. I think it would've been a super cool cover if it was just all the pink stuff in the background with maybe the blue wavy grid at the bottom. I especially wish the werewolf and all that shit wasn't on there.
  8. Even then though I felt it was so low in the mix that it barely has any impact. The thing is, I feel like Dom probably would love to do more intricate stuff sometimes but I have a feeling Matt sort of holds him back sometimes, thinking it doesn't sound as good. I don't know that, I just get that idea from watching the "making of" videos, and just knowing Dom likes drumming the complex songs the best. As a drummer myself, it's just disappointing because it feels like he isn't as important of a member anymore. I know he does handle a lot of the synth sounds and stuff like that behind the scenes though. But just in terms of drumming. It used to feel like all 3 of them were always making a huge impact in any given song.
  9. Yeah the verses are amazing. I love when Matt uses that more soft falsetto a lot (like in the old days), and with his voice declining I was really hoping that would be prominent on this album. I really like the song, especially considering I was expecting a heavy rock track. Like others have said, this feels like a natural evolution in their sound and much more fresh. One thing I will say is the ending would have benefited a lot from Dom going crazier and harder on the toms. I'm really hoping they let him let loose a little more on some tracks.
  10. I have a feeling I will like The Darkside pretty well, just based on brief descriptions and the lyrics. Pressure I'm really unsure about. It sounds good on paper, but like in a lot of instances these days, it kinda comes down to if Matt botches the lyrics/overall cheese factor.
  11. The previously posted tracklist seems to actually be real. Dig Down is really going to open the album... good god. At least I can just start from track 2 (though nothing special there either). That start is really going to leave a bad taste in critic's mouths. Sidenote: I much prefer when an opening track is one not heard before an album release. Also album release date is apparently November 9 Edit: Calling it now: "Get Up and Fight" will be the worst song on the album and one of Muse's worst ever. With a title like that I don't even know how it could be good. How many more years can Matt sing about the same sort of stuff? Edit 2: I hate even more how once again we will have heard the first 5 straight songs on the album. Because I like to listen to the albums as a whole when they come out, but this makes it to where you have to agonizingly get through 5 songs you're already familiar with before finally getting to the new stuff you're dying to hear.
  12. I'll have to see how they're delivered, but I honestly kinda like them. Nothing extraordinary, but they're certainly very dark and reading them doesn't make me cringe or anything. Actually makes me kind of excited to see if the music matches that darkness.
  13. I feel like that was way different though. That was just amateur live videos, and we got 5 new ones all that night. Plus it was only days before the album drop. I think everyone was still really excited to see how the studio versions sounded. Overall that was probably the most exciting day of my Muse fandom; thousands of people on the board waiting for people to upload videos.
  14. I really wish they weren't releasing so many songs before the album again. Listening to Drones as a whole was so much less exciting than T2L because we'd heard half the album already (maybe more?), and it was especially disappointing when the unheard songs all ended up being super disappointing. And god I wish Dig Down wasn't on the album. That alone is killing my hype. The fact it's one of their worst songs ever in addition to the fact it will be what, almost a 2 year old song at that point? I mean come on, that's ridiculous.
  15. How is HTAILY overrated? Hardly anyone ever seems to talk about it. I've always viewed it as maybe their most UNDERrated track.
  16. Yeah I didn't mean to say he compared it directly, just that he called City of Delusion a heavy acoustic guitar-driven song, then described a new track as that as well.
  17. Saw this posted on reddit: I don't think I've seen it mentioned here, but Matt said there will be an acoustic guitar-driven heavy track on the album, like City of Delusion.
  18. I wish that kept going instead of cutting out.
  19. I agree with that ranking as well. Something Human has quickly grown on me and I hear a lot of really good things in it. And I do love that synth bridge. I just wish, once again, that's Matt's vocals/some lyrics weren't so in your face. The beginning of the song is pretty bad imo, but it gets better. With this album, at this point I'm just hoping for 3 songs I consider truly great and no more than 2 songs I consider truly awful. The rest need to at least be mostly decent to good. So far there are 0 truly great songs and 1 truly horrible song.
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