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  1. It's actually all hopeful. He's saying they're wrong that he (and his lover?) can't be pulled out of "the void."
  2. That's the best part of the song, especially with the soft piano behind it.
  3. Or he means the Morello-esque soloing.
  4. People keep saying that, but idk it sounds different for me. Not as different as BITM or something, but it still has a very 80's sound to it and doesn't remind me much of other Muse songs right off the bat.
  5. Also I feel like those would've sounded better if they were Matt. Though I think she does do one high pitched thing in the final chorus.
  6. That extended chorus at the end is so fucking good.
  7. My main annoyance about GUAF is that its super commercial sound (and Tove Lo's little additions) kinda pulled me out of the overall tone/atmosphere the album had going.
  8. I love it, but it oddly leaves me wanting just a bit more since it has the potential of an all-time great. I wish the piano early on was incorporated a little more. And the "with your creator!" bits are a little unsatisfying, like they should go straight into something more epic.
  9. Discussion thread for The Void.
  10. Discussion thread for Blockades.
  11. Discussion thread for Get Up and Fight.
  12. Discussion thread for Break It to Me.
  13. Discussion thread for Propaganda and the acoustic version.
  14. Thread for discussion of Algorithm and the alternate version.
  15. If I had to guess I'd also say BITM and The Void, with Blockades being a semi-regular. I don't know how he's gonna sing GUAF though. I'd also love to see them drop Dig Down. It's been played for a while now and it literally gets no reaction and isn't very interesting live.
  16. I'm having trouble figuring out Algorithm. It could still possibly be my favorite on the album. But for some reason I feel like it could've even been a little better. Though I may like the alt. version better, so there's that, but not sure. This will surely change a lot but: 1. Algorithm 2. Propaganda (shocking) 3. The Dark Side 4. Break It to Me 5. The Void 6. Blockades 7. Thought Contagion 8. Something Human 9. Pressure 10. Get Up and Fight 11. Dig Down
  17. I think this is their best work overall since Black Holes, and I was legitimately expecting it to be my least favorite album of theirs. So happy with some of the surprising choices they made on this album. Just REALLY wish Get Up and Fight wasn't on this, really pulls me off. Also I like the song as a whole, but not digging the change in tone at 2:35 in The Void.
  18. I don't think I can say based on any 20 second phone recordings that any of it is already better than something like Dead Inside. Or that the album is better than another album. That's a little much.
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