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  1. Matt's fiance Elle said she loves the alt. version of The Dark Side and that Propaganda might be her favorite ST track. Said she was iffy on it at first while it was still unfinished, but that it really grows on you ("god y'all it's amazing") and "Matt's voice is fuckin sexy as fuck" lol. For reference, she says her favorite Drones tracks are Reapers, The Handler, and The Globalist.
  2. I just really don't like that it seems the entire album is going to be in the same vein as the released tracks, in terms of very simple, straightforward structures. Because these days Muse have shown that that usually means overly repetitive/boring. Pressure was one of the songs with high hopes for me and I haven't had a single urge to listen to it again after like the second day it was out. And I like The Dark Side a lot, but a year from now (or less) I doubt I'm going to be listening to it much.
  3. So Matt admits he's never really cared much about lyrics when listening to music. Guess we know why they're so often shit now. He doesn't place importance on them.
  4. In the French review/interview, it did actually mention something about "eat my soul" lyrics making a return in Propaganda. Edit: Ok now I'm not seeing it, but I swear I just saw that somewhere, not related to the Algorithm squad.
  5. Literally like no sizeable band plays 60 minute headlining shows, that's ridiculous. Even if they played zero ST songs and just played the hits they've been playing, that reaches about 60 minutes or more.
  6. That's part of it for me. By that point in the album, I'm just so sick of hearing the word drones, and that song keeps saying "killed by drones." It seems like it's trying to be very poignant but it doesn't give me that feeling. It feels forced to me. But anyway, enough from me about Drones haha.
  7. It's just with that song all you have is the lyrics and Matt's voice, so I feel like the lyrics are a bigger deal. But pretty much with most Muse songs, if the lyrics are really shit and in my face then I'm not gonna like the song that much.
  8. Ok well if the lyrics are terrible then is Drones really a masterpiece to you? I feel like that's half of it. I honestly didn't even realize Drones was a cover, I thought that was Matt's original idea. Makes me like it even less.
  9. The actual quote on Get Up and Fight (made with Taylor Swift collaborator Shellback) is: "aims to be a big radiant pop moment, but ends up sounding like a boyband putting on their leather jackets and totally, like, rocking out, yeah?"
  10. I agree with all of that, except I think TDS is a little better than fine. Not fantastic though. I'm really hoping this is a case of the unreleased tracks being the gems, but if they're on a similar level of quality as the released tracks then this will without a doubt be the worst Muse album for me.
  11. I would maybe go with Blackout. With Matt on guitar obviously.
  12. I love the first half of the clip but I have a feeling I'm gonna end up kinda hating that next part. It just doesn't sound musical at all. But it's hard to tell if there is anything else going on during it. Knowing Muse recently, I'm sure that part will repeat like 4 or 5 times throughout the song.
  13. I like the slide guitar bit alright, but that's about it.
  14. I think Matt probably gets a bit nervous on shows like this, and his voice just kinda died out on him on that opening note. I'm sure he'll drop it for the average performance since it's not really necessary.
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