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  1. If you haven't seen them TDS: https://streamable.com/u08s1 SH: https://streamable.com/0tnrn
  2. I know it's the first time playing these (besides TDS once), but these performances have all been pretty lackluster.
  3. Overall I like T2L more than TR and Drones as well. TR for some reason has just always felt the most boring of the albums. Drones has 2 of my favorite songs from the last few albums (Dead Inside and The Handler), but I just enjoy T2L more as an overall listen. Drones is also the first Muse album which, instead of ending on a very strong note, ended on a really disappointing note.
  4. I was all over the boards then, I guess I'd just forgotten how he was then. My hype levels were so much higher then too though. It's kinda sad I can't get hyped for Muse like that anymore. I always look forward to hearing new Muse, but now my thought is more "I hope this doesn't suck."
  5. Damn, Fabri was totally fanboying over T2L.
  6. There's also a tiny bit of organ in Something Human, though it's only a few seconds long.
  7. I liked that Dig Down performance, though it seemed just a bit off at times. That live performance of Pressure sadly didn't help my impression of the song at all. It's really doing nothing for me.
  8. Matt said they want to use more stage performers, but a "Muse version" of that, aka "dark, dystopian."
  9. On Pressure it's mainly the lack of bass drum for me, especially in the chorus it just feels a bit empty. On The Dark Side it's just the final chorus that I felt could've had some added toms or something, just to set it apart from the other choruses.
  10. I know simple does not equal bad, I play drums. I just personally think they could've added a lot more to the past couple songs. And I hate the drum transition in Pressure from verse to chorus. It feels like it's about to do something heavy and big then just stops with a dum dum on the floor tom. But I think the transition from verses to choruses in Pressure in general are kinda bad.
  11. When I saw them during the amphitheater tour it was by far the worst Muse show I'd seen. Partially the horrible setlist, partially being way too quiet where I was. But went to Bonnaroo and got a great spot, and that may have been my favorite time seeing them. The sound was ridiculous for being outdoors. The sound and visuals were on another level from everything that came before it. What stood out was how into it Dom was the whole show. I've noticed he usually doesn't look near as into it as he did during T2L and prior, so that was cool to see.
  12. Can we please get some interesting drums at some point on this album? This is 2 songs in a row now that could've used some more varied drumming at times, and it just never happens.
  13. Since when is 2 years a long time to have not played somewhere? That's the opposite of a long time, that's less than one whole album cycle.
  14. I'm honestly curious why you still show up here. Cause it's usually just to put a laughing emoji to anyone's optimism. I'm fine with criticism (it's deserved), but that laughing emoji all the time just pisses me off honestly. It's like you think you're better than everyone because you decided you don't like Muse anymore.
  15. Every song so far has been so straightforward. If the rest of the album is like this it really won't have replay value. I love The Dark Side but I can tell it won't have the staying power of something like Dead Inside. And Pressure has the makings of a song that could be really good, but it doesn't go anywhere and it's just not very interesting at all the way it is now. Even the "bridge" is literally just the same riffs again. But I guess they're hoping this is their hit song from the album considering they even advertised it during Thursday Night Football last night (the marching band version). Doesn't seem like a hit to me though.
  16. Gotta be honest, I like the riff alright, but I'm already getting kinda tired of this song.
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