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  1. I can almost guarantee this won't be Muse's "After Laughter." But it really can't be. The main reason AL is so great is because of how deeply personal the lyrics are, juxtaposed with great pop music and melodies. Great pop melodies clearly come naturally to Hayley, while with Matt a lot of stuff feels forced imo. Also AL has a very cohesive sound throughout.
  2. I don't think Dead Inside will stick around. They haven't been playing it recently.
  3. It's almost bothering me how similar the verses are to Blue Orchid. It's so similar that that's all I can think about now.
  4. Wait holy shit the main riff is almost exactly the same as Blue Orchid by The White Stripes, especially the chorus of Blue Orchid. Actually the singing in the verses is even really similar. Edit: Also I know it would've been really short, but I think this should've ended at 3:10. Feels weird and takes a little life out going from the multiple riffs back into the chorus then back to the same riffs for the fourth or fifth time.
  5. It's pretty good, but I feel like that's mostly cause of the riffing. I liked the lyrics when I read them but they feel a little forced in. And I don't think I can get on board with the chorus.
  6. Not everything has to inherently tie into the title of the album. But Simulation Theory could really incorporate anything, it's broad. Plus songs can have more than one meaning. Like with Dead Inside, the song starts off the Drones storyline, but it's also personal to Matt.
  7. Except on the studio version it keeps playing through the whole 2nd verse, while live Matt stops before the verse starts, then I guess it keeps playing on a track. So not sure.
  8. So it was confirmed only a 1-hour show? Are we sure about that?
  9. I'm honestly starting to think it might be Propaganda. That IG post does indeed sound similar to the percussion, and does this not sound like the sort of thing Timbaland would help produce? But idk, it'd still be really odd to put in an instrumental of an unreleased song.
  10. Just listened. It's definitely really odd that they would suddenly not use a Muse song for the background music. I don't think it's Muse, but if it is... Propaganda perhaps?
  11. I really dislike the beginning of Something Human (the first verse), just sounds so mainstream and then "My circuits have blooowwwn" makes me cringe a bit everytime. But after that it really picks up and adds in a lot of layers. The second verse reminds me of Hullabaloo Muse a bit. I like the little breakdowns, especially when it leads into that synth solo. That alone kinda makes the song worth it. It's not a special track, but it feels more natural and original than Thought Contagion and especially Dig Down. Really hoping both Dom and Chris have some moments to shine on this album though. Cause they've been kinda buried for the most part so far.
  12. In very high-pitched voice "Uhhhh it's a cool cut. It's a cool cut." He loved it.
  13. They're really hard to make out. Sometimes I'll catch them and sometimes not.
  14. I can still listen to those 2 and get chills. They're nothing alike, but what they have in common that is a major reason they're so great is Matt's emotional delivery. That's the biggest difference in what separates a lot of "old Muse" and "new Muse."
  15. I mean I honestly couldn't care less if my comparison was added, someone just asked for them and I gave one that I had recognized yesterday. I was just talking about that one bit, which I thought some of you may agree.
  16. I actually did think of that part in Glorious when I heard it though, I wasn't looking for comparisons. As of now I like this better than everything on Drones except Dead Inside and The Handler, without question.
  17. I mentioned this earlier, but 1:19 in The Dark Side reminds me a lot of 1:43 in Glorious.
  18. Drones has some of their best work in a long time in Dead Inside and The Handler, but it really suffers from ending on a streak of complete duds. I mean there are bits in Aftermath and The Globalist that I like, but overall I just want them to end. And Drones the song is just a horrible ending when usually you can count on their closers being really good. I like the verses in Revolt but the chorus is still one of my least favorite things they've done. And I just never have the urge to listen to Defector. Then Psycho and Mercy do nothing for me. With that being said, The Resistance is probably still my least favorite album.
  19. I forget, what was the little bit of info we got about Algorithm? When I saw the tweet about a map-ish-ish song I thought that was referring to Algorithm or Blockades or something, but now a few people here suspect The Dark Side is what he was referring to. Which I thought the The Dark Side was supposed to be a heavy track (though maybe he just said "dark"). So I feel like I'm all mixed up now lol Also I would love if there was a song on here that was heavy on synths (or sounds similar to in The Dark Side), but with some heavy, crunchy riffs. And a little less straightforward.
  20. Ahhh right, forgot about that. That should be cool. Also to answer your first question, someone posted this on reddit. Obviously not 100% accurate, but I think they probably got at least a lot of it right.
  21. So what do we think the two "Alternate Reality Version" are? I'm guessing that means almost opposite, or just a total reworking. I predict the alternate reality Dark Side will be really heavy. Or maybe they will go the Hyper Chrondriac Music route.
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