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  1. Holy shit, whatever this one is (I think maybe Break It to Me) also sounds weird af. Really heavy instrumental, but the vocals are maybe the most different I've heard from Muse.
  2. Propaganda sounds weird af. Definitely a different tone than that original bad quality recording gave off. A bit disappointed there. Also I still kinda hate that robot voice, it doesn't sound good or cool.
  3. I'm glad the unreleased tracks are spread pretty evenly throughout the album, including the first and last song. I hate last time that we'd heard the first 6 songs or whatever it was. I like the opening song to be a total surprise.
  4. Well I already know I won't love it that much considering I only really like 1 out 5 released tracks so far. But I do feel pretty optimistic about the unreleased ones, other than Get Up and Fight, which I'm scared to hear.
  5. That person said there are multiple songs better than anything on T2L and Drones. But they also said 10 out of 11 songs are "absolutely wonderful" so... not putting stock into that lol.
  6. The person you responded to never said they want a reviewer to be a "cultist" of their early work. People can give their judgment on the quality of music whether they were a previous fan or not. I love their early stuff way more, but I can recognize that Drones has 2 of my absolute favorite Muse songs, while still holding the opinion that the overall quality of the album is really mediocre. No actual music critic implies all the stuff you said when they dislike a Muse album.
  7. New French review recap: "Algorithm and The Void are typical Muse mixed with Kavinsky. Heavy drums and crazy arpeggios with synth beat. Mentions Rachmaninov in one of the songs but isn’t clear and it’s reminiscent of Space Dementia Mentions that Dark Side isn’t as good as the previously mentioned. Hates GUAF, says it’s commercial and boring. The female voices don’t sound good. Childish refrain and song overall. Mentions it might be played a lot as a stadium song. Propaganda is similar to Unsustainable with a big robot voice. Sensual Prince beat. Some beats mixed with finger snaps and a great blues (slide) solo. BITM is similar to City of Delusion. Arabic harmonies" Reviewer goes on to describe how the album reminds them of old films that border on the line of being so bad that they're good.
  8. 1. Algorithm 2. The Void 3. Blockades 4. The Dark Side 5. Break It to Me 6. Propaganda 7. Something Human 8. Thought Contagion 9. Pressure 10. Dig Down 11. Get Up and Fight
  9. He said "2 minutes of Rachmaninoff" so I have to lean towards a cover piece. But I was also curious about that, cause I would've been so down for that if it was original. I think a dark piano piece in the middle could work.
  10. I'm curious about The Void now because one reviewer said it was soft but also epic (or something along those lines), but Dom described it as more ambiance than an actual song (Matt: "Like floating in space looking at Earth.").
  11. Saw an article posted on the subreddit where Matt says they originally had 2 minutes of Rachmaninoff with piano and orchestra in the middle of Thought Contagion, but when it was finished they decided to cut that part out since it didn't fit into their plan of "reducing (their) tendency to sprawling instrumental passages."
  12. So not only do we still have Mercy, but Matt apparently had no guitar... are you kidding me? I just don't get why.
  13. Also someone in her IG comments asked Elle what her favorite B-side is and she reiterated that it is in fact Spiral Static ("May be my fav muse song EVER"). So I guess it isn't a joke. Pretty cool though. Another asked what her favorite Origin song is and she said Micro Cuts no question.
  14. Also in that relatively short time frame they evolved in sound so much. Since then it's just been more of them trying out some different stuff, but not really "evolving" at all imo.
  15. It's always so crazy to think about time in the sense that The Resistance was closer to the release of Origin of Symmetry than it is to Simulation Theory (and a little depressing output-wise...). Also it feels like just a few years ago I was sitting in crazy anticipation waiting to watch the Reading stream to see Origin in full. Over 7 years ago though.
  16. It's a shame, cause I personally do place a good bit of importance on lyrics.
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