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  1. I numbered my post since it's in a secret order that nobody else can know it looked better
  2. I'm actually so excited for this. They seem very confident in this song, which is promising. From the descriptions we've heard, I'm imagining something like UD + Easily, but maybe something even newer! Hopefully a return to the sound of BH&R, specifically the b-sides and singles. Can't wait!! Remember this?
  3. In no specific order! Ruled By Secrecy Take A Bow Map Of The Problematique United States of Eurasia Glorious Redemption Bliss Citizen Erased Cave Easily
  4. Dave Grohl as a guest? Hopefully that'll be something interesting to listen to while we're waiting (if he's on then). Is the premiere definitely at 7:30 if the show starts at 7?
  5. I don't get how the Olympic organizers actually expect people to buy the album of performances from tonight when the majority of it was prerecorded.
  6. Yeah, I agree about the ending. I like the whole song, since it's nice to hear something not completely Queen-sounding and new from Muse, but the song just kinda dies out. I still have hope for the album though.
  7. Hmm... Glorious Ruled By Secrecy Uprising Map Of Your Head Dead Star It changes every week
  8. Showbiz - Overdue Origin Of Symmetry - Feeling Good Absolution - Time Is Running Out Black Holes And Revelations - Exo-Politics (I still like it, there aren't any songs in particular that I dislike on that album) The Resistance - Guiding Light aaand for a predicition: The 2nd Law - Big Freeze (every description of this song makes me want to hate it)
  9. It'd be cool as well if they released all of the gigs on the upcoming tour onto this app within a week or so if it really is a 360 tour.
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