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  1. Hi. My real name is Eleanor Dent. You can send me a request on Facebook. let me know first what name you use on there so I know it's you.

    E x

  2. Can we have another chat room please?
  3. Youtube. Just flicking around and came across 'time is running out' followed by 'plug in baby'. I was hooked ever since.
  4. Is the illuminati real? There are some references to it in some of the Muse lyrics, and many more in other artists' music. Just checking in with others who may share my curiosity (and fear) of conspiracy theories...
  5. Which is your best song from the latest album?
  6. So why has the music gone downhill as time has gone by?
  7. Does anyone else feel like the more recent albums are worse than the original albums? I personally think that the older albums are better than the new ones.
  8. In no particular order... 1.Knights of Cydonia 2.Hysteria 3.Resistance 4.Undisclosed Desires 5.Stockholm Syndrome 6.Muscle Museum 7.Sing for Absolution 8.Time is Running Out 9.Apocalypse Please 10.Plug in Baby
  9. Why is it that Muse tend to have songs related to topics which are often based around conspiracy theories and are questioned in the media, for example talking about mind control, aliens, and asks us whether we want to 'free our minds or stay hypnostised'. 'They'll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down And hope that we will never see the truth around' It is as if they are warning us of future problems or problems which are currently occurring in the world.
  10. I recently rediscovered ‘Muscle Museum’. I originally heard it on this site a few years ago, then bought the CD Hullabaloo and have been enjoying listening to it since.
  11. I bought Absolution and Hullabaloo. Both are great and I can’t wait to listen to more albums.
  12. Which are the best Muse albums to have? I haven’t got many and am thinking of buying more. Just looking for your feedback about whether there are any good albums out there which you should buy?
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