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  1. I think the last four studio videos are the same song & the video of Matt playing the riff is a different song (if it's even a song at all, could just be him messing around for all we know). It's in a different key as the recent videos (the "DRONES!" one) so unless they write in a key change they're definitely different
  2. Not gonna try and get caught up in song titles this time around. I remember I thought Madness would be heavy and Explorers would be like KoC 2: Electric Boogaloo just going by the names
  3. After moments like "I'm gonna win" and all of Guiding Light, I think I can tolerate a bit of cheesy group shouts I have a feeling this will be the last Instagram preview before something much bigger, whenever that may be. The past few videos have seemingly shown us the progress of a song (the first being mucking around on bass scales, finding the bass tone, the ending of the song/part of the song, now this developed full band track). How much more developed can it get before they just give us the full song?
  4. Maybe this is the same track as the recent Instagram? It's a bit slower but it could've been an early version. Not like it matters much, just a thought I'm loving those dissonant chords before the riff breakdown. It's the same key as the last few studio previews, I'm really interested to see how they'll all fit together (assuming they are the same song)
  5. Riff is awesome, I can definitely hear the similarities to RATM esp. in the guitar tone. Yelling "Drones" does sound like Beastie Boys Before the drums go into half time the track sounds almost punk, really interesting!
  6. I don't usually care that much if an album's art is bad, but I thought T2L's artwork was really uninspired. It didn't really lend itself to any themes on the album, at least in my opinion. That being said, bad album art never really detracts from the music for me
  7. Regarding Matt's tweet, he came out of a Twitter silence in the same way back when he was teasing the trailer for T2L, only a day before it came out: I think something will come this week
  8. The lyric video for Madness came out the same day as the single, and plans for the music video started to leak out around that week as well iirc. I remember the guy filming it said something about there being two parts or something to the video (I still don't know what he was referring to) and everyone starting guessing he meant we were gonna get a rock version of the song as a B-side to the original we just couldn't get over the use of synthesizer..
  9. Given how little in common any of the T2L tracks were, I think any track would have been misleading tbh. Maybe the better word would be "shocking" because everyone thought Muse had lost it..but maybe they were right
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