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  1. Just looked up some upcoming releases to see what big bands could potentially be doing secret gigs and Blur is really the only one that stuck out to me. Are they even a "stadium" band? Iirc they posted a rehearsal teaser earlier this week so that might mean something
  2. I guess talented musicians might not be the right way to put it — I think they have a pretty good sense of composition and building up of a song with instrumentation and harmony, but they tend(ed) to stick to that formula. I like their cover of The Boxer though. But I'll stop now, I don't wanna get off topic
  3. A lot of the time people aren't even alowed to record. They took people's phones away at the M&S gig. I guess they're good for generating more hype but not giving anything away
  4. I think M&S are talented musicians but very lazy songwriters. Also in regards to a potential gig I wonder how many new songs they'd play? Maybe like 3 maximum? There's still a long ways to go till the album
  5. Good on M&S for at least attempting something different This may just be wishful thinking again but I think a single release to coincide with a surprise show would be very possible
  6. I wasn't implying that Survival is a bad song, I just think the preview we got of Psycho is a bit more reassuring than that of Survival's; just my opinion though.
  7. I think the most interesting example of saving old songs for much later is The Beatles' "One After 909." It may just be the Beatles fan in me saying this though. It was originally recorded in 1960 and eventually recorded . "I'll Follow The Sun" was also one of Paul's first written songs from 1960. But more on topic, I predict Psycho will get an online release on Wednesday. Seems like the mixing work that needed to be done last night may have been completed given that Matt is (apparently) headed back to London
  8. I mean yeah it could well be an old clip but Matt said that they were mixing it only a few hours ago. So unless he's just straight up lying it looks like it isn't completely finished
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