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  1. I really think the band is doing something with Apple for this album; the whole "0615," Matt meeting Iovine, and the potential launch of their streaming service in June just seem too consistent to be coincidental
  2. I mean apart from artists like Thom Yorke putting albums on BitTorrent and surprise releases from big names like Drake and Beyoncé, the way albums are released hasn't changed much, has it? I'd honestly be surprised if the band does something other than a traditional release. Would be cool though
  3. I think albums like American Idiot and TR are just really vague. It's all just statements like "America sucks" and "rise up and take the power back." Drones are just a much more controversial and specific issue
  4. no costume party though also, those possible lyrics Matt tweeted ("psycho handler, brainwashing us to be become human drones") could well be the chorus of the "drones" chant song, so maybe that chant will sound less ridiculous in the context of sung lyrics
  5. I think they could get by at the pre-release festivals with 4 or 5 new tracks (a few of which we probably will know by then) alongside a set catered to those heavy festivals (maybe not Zepp caliber, but...)
  6. I wanna say this but I'm trying to have zero expectations...but I mean if Matt is a) talking about how it will be released (or rather how it won't be released) and b) potential lyrics, I'd say we're real close
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