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  1. Here's another full band arrangement of that guitar riff on the band's Instagram: link I made it as a joke but I think this is gonna be how the final song sounds in regards to tempo and rhythm. Definitely that latin groove in songs like Assassin, Uno, and Dark Shines
  2. I tried for a while to find the right tempo for 4/4, I had a lot of trouble. I think it'll end up being 4/4 on the record though, a bit like a bossa nova groove or something like Uno Tell your dad I'm sorry for being a Raiders fan. Glad to know I'm not alone around here lol
  3. Ohh man that is awesome. Trying to figure out what Muse song it really reminds of though, definitely sounds like OoS/Showbiz era stuff though which is refreshing after the the 2nd most recent studio clip EDIT: I think it's Uno that it reminds me of. I could really see this fitting in another Latin sounding song
  4. The Instagram was posted at 11 EST on Tuesday (the event is Monday 1 PM). That would make 6 days and 15 hours Tuesday at 1 PM EST, unless my math is really bad EDIT: actually I think the Instagram was Monday? So the time does line up. Wouldn't say that confirms anything but it is exact
  5. Yeah, there was U2 last year and Coldplay back in 2010 at the very least; I know there's a few more examples but they've definitely done it with big names before
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