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  1. This is unbearable...how can so many people watch it?
  2. Someone should make an edit of Unsustainable without the robot in the first breakdown (using the instrumental) and then keep it in the second one, to add to it. Also, I just realized I probably won't even be listening to Muse anymore by the time the next album comes around.
  3. I got rid of Big Freeze for one listen to hear how it sounds and loved so much more, definitely deserved the spot above BHaR, TR, and Showbiz. Trying to find a place to put Explorers right now though, any suggestions? The tracks leading up to it are amazing but it kind of brings the awesomeness to a halt to just a pretty good song. I'm not gonna get rid of it though! BTW, I made Unsustainable the opener and Supremacy before IS.
  4. The Beatles really hit their stride when they stopped touring and stayed in the studio. Obviously Muse would never stop touring as the concerts are just as big as the albums if not bigger, but I'd also really like to hear what they'd come out with if they stayed in the studio. Also, if they dabbled in more electronica like Isolated System I'd be very happy. I mean Follow Me is a great song, but IS really showed what they can do with electronics. Kinda like Take A Bow, but even further.
  5. It's a bit premature, yes, but I think we all have our own ideas of what Muse should sound like 3/4 years down the road. Personally, I'm just hoping they grow tired of Queen and U2. I can't imagine them doing those kind of songs in 2015. That would mean it would have been almost 10 years of those kind of songs (since BHaR). One of the best songs off The 2nd Law in my opinion is Animals, and I honestly think they could listen to Radiohead again. You may disagree with me, but the Radiohead/Jeff Buckley/Rage Against The Machine was miles better than the new stuff imo, as much as I love it all. Songs like Panic Station and Follow Me are good fun, but their darker stuff (Ruled By Secrecy, Citizen Erased, etc.) has so much more emotion to it. I'm not much of a writer but you get the idea.
  6. Hmm...I'd have to say Big Freeze, but the intro to Follow Me is also pretty bad, the way he sings is so unflattering. But I work at a grocery store and Big Freeze pretty much sounds like the music there so I'm bound to hate it
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