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  1. Just removed Big Freeze and it's so much better. I can appreciate it for what it is, but I'm always dreading it by the time Animals comes around.
  2. These videos are really amazing. By the way, anyone know a good alternate tracklisting for putting Unsustainable first? I don't want to just have Liquid State go right into IS. I know there's a thread for it but most of you seem like you have a good idea for it..
  3. But you can also hear firework/explosion effects in Redemption as well, so I dunno.
  4. Those are the cannon noises I was talking about! Plus there's explosion sounds as well. Must be the band subtly setting a theme for the album if all this is intentional.
  5. There's some strange noise that you can always hear in the background when it's just the piano on The Resistance. It sounds like some sort of cannon/gunshot. It's mostly audible on the French section of IBTY, the beginning of Redemption and of USoE with headphones of course. Not sure if this has been asked before but I'm really not sure! I can't tell if it's the piano making that noise (though I've never heard a piano make that noise) or some sound effect they used for some reason.
  6. Had a nice listen of Muse's whole discography this afternoon and I think The 2nd Law is probably equal to TR now. The overall lack of cohesion and one or two meh tracks kinda brought it down. I love Madness, Supremacy, Animals, Panic Station, and Isolated System. I like Save Me, Follow Me, Survival, Unsustainable and I don't really care for Liquid State, Explorers, and Big Freeze. That being said, I'm not sure about LP7. Muse are a bit unpredictable but I can't imagine hearing more Queen/U2 songs down the road.
  7. I think it's more the double-tracking than the autotune that gives his voice that effect.
  8. I liked Matt's censorship on Pakic Station. Overall a great performance, especially since it was on SNL which is notorious for terrible mixing...
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