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  1. Larry, that picture is AWESOME! So glad you guys enjoyed yourselves, really feel like I missed out now. Please get 27th tickets Pip!
  2. To be fair, I've seen Citizen Erased more times that New Born and although neither of them got a bad reaction it isn't hard to work out which got the better one. Sloppy and ridiculous as it was, I thoroughly enjoyed the gig tonight. Matt was like another person, throwing himself around the stage with a couldn't give a fuck attitude we haven't seen in years. Shame that he seems to have lost all interest in PiB (the "I've been in trouble" falsetto just sounded awkward) but at least they it was entertaining. All the new songs look pretty awesome live and we've seen from the Radio 1 footage that they're on absolute top form when they want to be. Just wish they could sort the set length/rotation. One song from Absolution is shameful no matter what the occasion.
  3. For some reason I never feel the need to add my thoughts the shitstream of banality that is the forum, which is weird because I love reading it!
  4. Yeah, fun... Seriously though, I'd love to, and if I could get a ticket I wouldn't give it a second thought. BUT, I've got my first lecture on Monday morning and London is a bloody long way to go for a queue. Do you really think you'll get in?
  5. Hmm not sure it's worth going all the way to London just for a standby queue. Don't have a clue how to get back and if I didn't get in I wouldn't get to watch the live broadcast!
  6. ... and I was just going to say I should post here more often.
  7. Requesting permission to post an amazing photo of you in drunk photos thread, sir.

  8. HOW? WHY? WHEN did this happen?

  9. Really hope everything gets sorted soon guys! Seems as if this tour's ticket sales have been a disaster for everyone involved. FLOOR ROLL CALL agenthal + 1 (Jung) Muse_Fan_2007 Ryoma-kun Phil2211 GSMU7 Bella79 Jamie™ LyraSilvertongue bucket_ Mapoftheglorious Ben93 platty1907 trogette + 1 (the one who got the tickets in the lottery while I was getting MEN tix ) Thoughtpolice_10 DukeNatty SEATS ROLL CALL WutDaFucksy (Block 403) Nattatouille (Block 110, row D) Bellapod (Block 402, Row P) Alesi08 Amaurea + 2 friends (Block 110, row T)
  10. This is their last date until the 12th so they could feasibly add another date and easily sell out. Wouldn't be happy if they played a better set though seeing as that would be the new last night in the UK. That set's ours dammit!
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