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  1. Showbiz - Sunburn (Piano) x1 - Falling Down (Piano) x2 - Cave (Piano) x1 - Unintended x2 Origin of Symmetry - New Born x6 - Bliss x5 - Space Dementia x2 - Hyper Music x2 - Plug In Baby x10 - Citizen Erased x5 - Micro Cuts x2 - Screenager x2 - Dark Shines x2 - Feeling Good x6 - Megalomania x2 Dead Star/In Your World EP - Dead Star x1 Absolution - Time Is Running Out x10 - Stockholm Syndrome x8 - Hysteria x7 - Blackout x2 - Butterflies and Hurricanes x2 - Ruled By Secrecy x1 Black Holes and Revelations - Take A Bow x2 - Starlight x10 - Supermassive Black Hole x10 - Map of the Problematique x5 - Knights of Cydonia x10 The Resistance - Uprising x10 - Resistance x9 - Undisclosed Desires x10 - United States of Eurasia x5 - Guiding Light x5 - Unnatural Selection x4 - MK Ultra x1 - Exogenesis Pt. 1 x3 The 2nd Law - Supremacy x4 - Madness x4 - Panic Station x4 - Survival x4 - Follow Me x4 - Animals x4 - Explorers x2 - Liquid State x4 - The 2nd Law: Unsustainable x4 - The 2nd Law: Isolated System x4 Other - Helsinki Jam x3 - MK Jam x2 - Kaoss Jam x1 - Nishe x4 - House of the Rising Sun x7 - Interlude x7 - Man with a Harmonica x10 - What's He Building? x2 - Host x2 - Monty Jam x4 - Dracula Mountain x2 Never thought I'd see Dead Star or Sunburn this time last year.
  2. Thanks to a strange twist of fate/succession of expensive minor calamities I've spent the last few hours travelling up to Manchester with Rawrsomesauce! Looking forward to tomorrow evening, not looking forward to tomorrow morning. Think I've got a big cold coming on.
  3. Have you HEARD the 2004 versions? Earls Court might be the defining Stockholm Syndrome. Not sure how I'd feel about Chris doing it. On the one hand it would definitely have more power, yet at the same time it would be another case of Matt wimping out. Then again, can't say I remember much of Stockholm on Sunday, was too busy moshing. Think I'll tone that down at Manchester and enjoy the performances a bit more.
  4. Why isn't that moving for me? I know it's supposed to. Now it looks c̶r̶e̶e̶p̶y creepier. Didn't meet Ari but did see his face from across the catwalk when Matt sang the 'LOOOOOOOOVVVEEE's in Madness.
  5. Well, it wasn't exactly the best setlist (absolutely no complaints about the Supremacy->Stockholm run but it really fell apart after that) nor was it the best performance I've seen from them (still a little too polished and stagey) but my god that was an incredible gig. Won't care if I don't even see Dead Star at Machester, Butterflies was amazing! Might post a full review in the next few days but for now I'll say my neck is sore as hell, my arms and sides a royal purple, and I've got the biggest smile on my face. Was great to see so many familiar faces and meet a few new ones! On the subject of the crowd/moshing, maybe it's just my tastes changing in three years but last night was probably the best Muse crowd I've been in. Nowhere near as crowded as Oxegen or Manchester LCCC, no crowd surges and the moshing was for the most part just glorified bouncing. The only time it got 'aggressive' was TIRO/Stockholm, when people got a bit more shovey. Couldn't complain at all. As bad as it might look from the edges it's no different to the bouncing up and down in PIB etc, the only difference is you're bouncing off one another at the same time. I'm surprised and sorry that anyone had a bad experience with it really. There's always one or two who look to cause a bit of trouble (they usually fall into the pissed as hell and other side of 30 category), but last night was about as good natured as I've seen pits at a rock concert.
  6. Well done to whoever filmed this for immediately turning away from the screen when Jamie appeared! There's no green square this time, but there is an unmarked black one. No idea why they changed it though.
  7. Well now you're just setting us up for disappointment. Can't wait for tonight. Not expecting any real second night syndrome, but even if we get Explorers and they swap out Dead Sar we'll at least see B&H and Stockholm, then there's the chance of something really rare. Fingers crossed that they drop Resistance too.
  8. I can take no keytar. I can take no guitar in Follow Me. I can take reduced parts in TIRO/Starlight. At a stretch I can even take no piano in New Born. But Blackout without Matt on guitar? FUCK. THAT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNJYBOj7Cfc
  9. Don't think I've posted in here before but tonight's mess of a setlist had me wondering whether anything realistic could be salvaged * - Intro 1 - Supremacy 2 - Supermassive Black Hole 3 - Panic Station 4 - Map of the Problematique/Hysteria 5 - Bliss/Butterflies and Hurricanes 6 - Animals * - Jam (Dracula Mountain) 7 - Sunburn 8 - Explorers 9 - United States of Eurasia/Feeling Good 10 - Dead Star 11 - Liquid State 12 - Madness 13 - Follow Me 14 - Undisclosed Desires 15 - Time Is Running Out 16 - Stockholm Syndrome + Riffs ------------------------------------------------------------------ 17 - Unsustainable (Lights down at end) 18 - Blackout (No lightbulb balloon/screens. Lights up when guitar comes in) 19 - Plug In Baby 20 - Knights Of Cydonia (No Harmonica) ------------------------------------------------------------------ 21 - Isolated System 22 - Uprising 23 - Starlight 24 - Survival
  10. Sorry, but I don't believe you. I just don't get what Muse are trying to do here. They're kicking off a stadium gig with pyro, riffs and some classic tunes before descending into boredom and gimmicks. The fact that Matt thinks it's perfectly acceptable to close with a pop singalong with no guitar is baffling and a little worrying to me...
  11. This thread. In other news, well done to Keth for spotting the chimney's last week! And with regards to the B-stage/catwalk they're connected in earlier photos. They'll have just disconnected them to stop the supports using them like they only put the stairs out after the supports on the arena tour.
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