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  1. Only just got home so haven't had a chance to watch it, but maybe it really was a 'you had to be there' moment. I've vaguely followed the tour but didn't bother for a ticket this time around. Almost none of it appealed to me, so I didn't have high hopes for this one. Right now I'd have to say that's definitely up there as one of my favourite Muse gigs, and probably my favourite Pyramid headliner (LCD took top spot for general festival headliner last night). I don't know whether it was because I was the perfect level of drunk or just because I no longer give a damn about this or that detail, but I felt I was seeing them as casual fans see them, and in that respect it was just hit after heavy hit. I never thought I'd be belting out Madness like I did then, and similarly I never dreamt I'd see them play Stockholm on that stage. Sure they should've cut the the interludes, but in that mud and in that crowd they were a useful breather. Only playing the singles and decent tracks off of Drones (thank god there was no Defector or Revolt!) was the right choice, the run of Absolution hitters was a stunning blur of nostalgia for the band I used to love, and Map was a present surprise. Considering last time they played Resistance, Unsdisclosed and Guiding Light, I'd call this one a winner. Such a shame to read that the BBC sound was poor, as all my mates agreed that was probably the best sound we've ever heard at an outdoor gig. Props to the whole sound team on that one.
  2. Well, I hadn't gone into it with particularly high hopes, but Friday's gig topped off one of the most fucked up and fucking insane says I've ever had. Muse really pulled it out of the bag I felt, and totally blew me away. Not something I'd ever expect to be saying after my twelfth gig. I'm sure on the broadcast the band might have looked a little like they were going through the motions, and the crowd wasn't bouncing in the same way it was in 2010, but considering the mood and conditions on site (the mud this year is the thickest I've ever seen, soooo draining) the crowd was incredible in the front pit. The sound was the best I heard all weekend, the setlist delivered everything it needed to - seeing Stockholm on that stage has been a dream for ten years now. Up there with LCD for gig of the weekend. Now I need to shower and sleep.
  3. Hahaha, doesn't even sound slightly slow. Oh well I guess adrenaline does strange thing in the pit. Crowd looks every bit as fine as it felt in the thick of it there. Also, Morgan is clearly MIA in this song.
  4. People don't. I said it once after the the gig, when I'd been paying far more attention to Matt's guitar. I was specifically listening to Matt because the palm muted bits sounded beefy as hell when they played it at Etihad, and I was a little disappointed he only did it on the first bar or so of the verses. Anyway, synths or not I still think it was my favourite performance of the night. Despite how brilliant The Groove and Fury were (probably my two favourite B-sides), Dead Star, Bliss and Hyper Music just had so much to them I could believe I was seeing them way back.
  5. I think that might have hit me at some point during Bliss! I don't know if they can ever top last night for me. The first half of that set might as well have been plucked from the 'perfect setlist' thread, and the band and crowd were on top form. My only complaints were quite a few of the big songs sounding slower than usual (TIRO sounded very slow) and muddiness in Chris' bass tone. Thought the beginning of Starlight sounded awful. Didn't really mind that triptych of big singles after Hyper Music though. Sweat was pouring out of me and we all needed a rest. Also, the complete non-reaction Uprising got was hilarious after everyone had been singing along to the Groove riff.
  6. Dead Star was a new version from what I could tell. No Morgan, no synths, plenty of guitar. Sounded incredible!
  7. That's the way to do it. At the end of the day everyone s going to be all over the place as soon as doors open anyway. Find a spot, make some new friends, get into a fight over Radiobead album rankings... As for me I'm currently lying hungover on a sofa in Wales. Fingers crossed I make it. I really am curious as to what would happen here...
  8. As nice as that sounds I doubt we have a decent enough sample here to give us a valid result. Besides, I still have everything crossed for Fury!
  9. What frustrates me more than Fabri (you fucker ) is that there's nothing really stopping Muse playing a setlist like that. I'm sure it would go down absolute storm with that audience and would certainly restore a bit of credibility for me personally. Sadly we'll likely get them same selection of usual suspects with the good stuff further diluted. I hope I'm wrong.
  10. Shit mate, I'd say a phonecall to Ticketmaster or the Academy tomorrow might be able to sort that. Surely if you took your Mum's ID and card they could sort it out. For what it's worth I think I just stated my name at the last paperless gig I went to, and at the end of the day surely they'll understand. I was shaking like crazy for the 25 minutes between seeing the email and getting tickets. More intense than getting Glastonbury tickets! God bless my brother for having email notifications turned on because I would have missed this completely (.me login is a defunct address an everything). Having missed out for so many short notice small gigs this all seemed to fall into place too easily.
  11. Precisely! You think we care about the album? Bollocks to the album. Seriously though, not too long ago I was having to actively manage my expectations. Now I'm just waiting to see how many pages of bullshit this thread can make before they ACTUALLY release something relevant. It doesn't really matter any more - we know when the album's due and it's not as if they owe US anything before then. Until they're ready to put out something official and 'newsworthy' I'm quite content to devote 20 minutes a day to reading this endlessly cycling shitfest. <3
  12. I mean, it sounds nice and all but it definitely feels very Prelude to me. I guess I was expecting something with a little more character, but then again I can't really complain or critique a surprise teaser at this stage!
  13. I think the neck is meeting the body two frets higher - about an inch further up. Makes me wonder how big the heel is.
  14. Has anyone posted the paper setlist yet? It's pretty hard to justify skipping songs which are already down on the setlist, especially if his voice was a little better. It's really disappointing to see what could've been a strong show (great start, stadium production elements, fucking CRANES!) be let down by a lazy performance. It's doubly disappointing that this is how they finished what has been one of their strongest tours in years.
  15. I found MK Ultra a little disappointing live. Maybe I was just expecting it to blow me away a bit too much or maybe it was the crowd in my part of the stadium, but I thought US was far superior. Both blew the 2010 version of New Born out of the water though. Can't believe it's been three years since that gig...
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