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  1. Sorry for dragging this up .. but only just starting reading up about this after a review I saw of the new Wembley CD - and its interesting stuff. To be honest, now listening back through Showbiz, it does sound so much more of a cleaner sounding record than BHAR. Anyway, I've got a copy of Rich Costeys edit of MOTP on my itunes, I think it was part of the souvenier download right after the Wembley gig, and I played his edit alongside the album version and it's so obvious that the album version has been affected by its mastering. Who makes the decision to add this compression then if its not Costey ? or is he instructed to do it ? 'cos his edit, level wise sounds a lot better. Bit geeky all this hey. Interesting none the less...
  2. Over the years I've heard; Muscle Museum Showbiz Sunburn Unintended Bliss Hysteria New Born Citizen Erased Plug in Baby Microcuts Space Dementia Feeling Good Ruled by Secrecy Sing for Absolution Butterflies & Hurricanes Time is Running Out Apocalypse Please The Small Print Stockholm Syndrome Blackout Thoughts of a Dying Aethiest Knights Of Cydonia Supermassive Black Hole Map Of The Problematique Invincible Starlight Take A Bow Hoodoo City of Delusion Soldiers Poem DES (Glorious) The Groove Man Of Mystery Forced In V 04, Earls Court 04, Reading 06 & Wembley 07 Pretty good range me thinks Though I'd love to hear Map of Your Head.. Doubt it'll ever happen!
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