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  1. Funnily enough I was also basing it on the Manics in December, was sure they finished at half 10. I think the weekday curfew is 10.45 but obviously most bands finish in advance of that. My suggestion would be, if you're going to be in the middle of things for most of the show, get out during the encore break and watch from nearer the exit so as soon as they finish you can bolt and make it back in time.
  2. From Buchanan Street? You could probably make it for 11 if you make a quick enough exit, I imagine they'll wrap up about 10.30.
  3. Nah, as annoyingly obvious they are with most stuff they usually give us a decent enough rarity for Christmas. My guess is RBS from Glasgow, Falling Down or Sunburn from the O2 London or Bliss from one of the recent gigs.
  4. I'd prefer them to do EPs seeing as they obviously can't make an album that doesn't get sidetracked thematically or musically. However on my bedroom wall at home I have a cut out cover of the NME pre-Resistance with the headline "We're only going to put out Singles and Best Ofs from now on" so the chances are low, even if their contract has expired. Which is a shame.
  5. But seeing as they soundchecked Darkshines they obviously haven't retired it anyway. I can't see them adding much at the stadium shows that won't have already been played in the arenas - B&H, Citizen Erased and Bliss were all played prior to the Resistance stadium shows, I think Take A Bow was the only one to be debuted in a stadium and I'd guess they'll bring it back again.
  6. Might as well... Showbiz Feck all Origin of Symmetry New Born x2 Plug In Baby x3 Citizen Erased Feeling Good x2 Absolution Time Is Running Out x3 Stockholm Syndrome x3 Interlude + Hysteria x2 Butterflies & Hurricanes Ruled By Secrecy (quite pleased with these last 2) Black Holes and Revelations Take A Bow Starlight x3 Supermassive Black Hole x3 Map of the Problematique x3 Knights of Cydonia x3 The Resistance Uprising x2 and 1/2 Resistance x3 Undisclosed Desires x3 United States of Eurasia x2 Guiding Light x2 Unnatural Selection x2 Exogenesis Pt1 The 2nd Law Supremacy Madness Panic Station Survival Follow Me Animals Explorers Liquid State Unsustainable Isolated System Other Monty Jam Host (verse/chorus) Man With A Harmonica x3 Nishe x2 Helsinki Jam (with Bagpipes) MK Jam
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