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  1. Some cool ideas in that Plug In Baby remix. Anyway the Feed Me remix of Knights of Cydonia is my favourite one. Most of the others sound amateur and aren't really dancey at all. This one's pretty much perfect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVeHA7Dvugk
  2. Woah Just listened to it there. Haven't heard it in quite some time. It's really good Shame that I used shitty headphones.
  3. Appelstroop

    Doms Drums

    this might have been said before but meh,whats that thing in tiro that makes a sizzle type sound,its not a cymbal i think
  4. best:sing 4 absolution worst:muscle museum(live clips one)
  5. wouldnt u need an american hullabaloo to play on ytour dvd player
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