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Found 3 results

  1. October 2019 Hi Musers, Anyone in Glasgow (Scotland) or surrounding area looking to collaborate and make some music? Wanted! Drummer, Bassist, keys/2nd guitarist (any backing vox a huge bonus!) aged between about 20-30, any gender welcome. [I’m not long 27 for a guide] I’m a guitarist and vocalist looking to write, record and gig. Had a couple of projects that started up and never went anywhere, so looking for like minded folk to make some music with. Have a bunch of songs partially written, loads of lyrics and ideas and som TASTY riffs! I’ve written and recorded an original song last winter (yet to be released) that’s got a bit of a Musey feel to it at points, certainly inspired by them and many other bands. It’s not a Muse cover or tribute band I’m looking to start, but would never say no to jamming out some of their songs. Looking forward to getting back into the rehearsal studios. If you fit the criteria and are looking for something similar, or know someone that you think would fit, please do get in touch! I don’t always get emails for the forum, so if I don’t reply within a few days - send me an email at andrewp.lennon@hotmail.com or we can try connect on social media! Thanks for reading A Supermassive Pwoper Muser Andrew
  2. ADAM

    Doms Drums

    I would like to know everything about doms drums. I know they are tama rockstars, i know the sizes but i would like to know the colour is and what hardware and cymbals he uses. I have heard may different cymbals being talked about but i want to know his exact set up.
  3. I couldn't find one so I made one, merge if needs be. When i'm recording, I generally use what's available and most convinient. I'm a lazy recording engineer basically. I won't get the tape measure out when placing mics, and I use slightly random mic choices sometimes. The other day we recorded a rehersal, DI bass, guitar cab mic, kick, snare, 2 overheads. I put an AKG guitar cab mic on the kick drum, and a really shit kareoke style mic on the guitar cab. Both of these slightly weird choices worked better than ever! I've never had such a punchy guitar tone before. So, odd coincidences can give you new options. But, do I need to get the tape measure out? I've been thinking of trying the "recorder man technique" on drums. Do you follow a set of rules you know will work? Or do you just stick a mic in front of an instrument and press record? Or somewhere in between?
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