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2023 Tour


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On 6/21/2023 at 6:57 AM, Claudia O said:

 one annoying thing with Koc being the set closer every time is that people start leaving when the harmonica part starts! Muse should surprise us and add another song(s) after KOC 😁

That would be funny or even playing the harmonica as an intro to something else but I imagine the one time they do it will be the time i decide to leg it early for transport reasons!  In which case it would be decidedly unfunny. 😂

they did open with KOC at Wembley in 2007.  It was like a continuation from the November 2006 gig I saw in Glasgow that closed with it as a new(ish track).

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1 hour ago, maturefan said:

So is it really only people who pre order the album today that get the presale code? What about those of us who pre ordered as soon as it was possible to do so?

I think it is just badly worded.  The album is already released so you cannot actually preorder anymore.  Did you get a presale code for the latest UK dates?  I did (was in an email sent on 19 Sept 2022) but am assuming that a fresh code will be sent today.  Otherwise like blubb0r I will also be looking for a code!    I’ve got a whole 2 night / 3 day trip to Manchester planned with hotel and restaurants selected/booked (on refundable basis) so will be gutted if I don’t managed to get tickets.  London will be my second choice but will be a much more expensive trip from Scotland. 

Am assuming the arena shows will sell out and quickly being smaller venues but maybe not being so close behind. 

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On 7/2/2023 at 8:45 AM, Claudia O said:

Wow … they closed with Showbiz at Rock Werchter ! due to technical problems wirh KOC 🤭😀 

This is the most exciting thing that happened in years! Made me come back to the board just to say it. 

It’s a bit sad that the shows have become such that spontaneous moments like this are years apart. But good to know they can still whip up a classic and play like the three piece band they once were, without choreography or rehearsed theatrics. I want so much more of that please! 

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On 9/6/2023 at 8:00 AM, Claudia O said:

3 weeks to go 😎 will the setlist change? will the stage be similar to the one for the mini-tour last autumn? Will they celebrate Absolution ?  ? ? 

I hope they play Stockholm Syndrome and B&H at one of the dates at The O2 as a nod to Absolution. Perhaps they will get asked to play a couple of festivals in the UK and the US next summer. Coldplay is rumoured for Glastonbury. 

The WOTP tour has been pretty eventful this summer: heavy rain and lightning, heat and humidity, technical issues, political and social issues, and organisational problems at some of the venues and one of the band members reportedly experienced rain and mud at Burning Man this past weekend.

Cheers, Claudia!

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