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  1. I want to send a fan letter and the address I have is for Q-Prime Management in New York. Is that correct? They say to send an SAE for a signed photo. I live in the UK so UK stamps are no use. What should I do?
  2. I thought he was having a dig at the show which was on at Wembley at the same time.
  3. They played a small gig in Scotland when they played a small gig in Wales. Other than that they haven't played in Wales for about 9 years. London, Manchester, Birmingham, the biggest cities in the UK. I was surprised they played in Bristol. It's closer to me but I had to go to London to find someone to go with. Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast should be part of every tour.
  4. Re lax bag checks. I had food and drinks in a carrier bag on the back of my wheelchair and they were going to let me through. I told them about it and they confiscated the sandwich. So how small IS a small amount of food? Luckily we had Nakd bars as we had a really late lunch and didn't have time to eat again before the gig. No way was I going to eat the junk on sale inside.
  5. I was at the back of the lower tier directly facing the stage. I have mild hearing loss in my right ear and moderate hearing loss in my left ear. I removed my hearing aids and listened with earplugs in. It didn't sound right so I removed the plug from my left ear. It sounded great then! The ambulant disabled seating was great but venue staff didn't seem to know what 'ambulant disabled' means. Because I was in a fold-up wheelchair I was directed to a wheelchair space. Tom Morello was so loud they couldn't hear me saying, no, my seat is in row 23. I'm going to get out of this wheelchair. They got it in the end. I wish they'd pointed out that there was an accessible toilet directly behind block 149 - we were in block 150 - so we went to the one outside the entrance to our block first. There was a queue. It was a pain in the arse having to store the wheelchair five blocks away . Most venues allow me to leave it close to the area where I am sitting. My son had to go and get it the second time I needed the loo. Luckily he saw the accessible toilet by block 149 then so I didn't have to bother him again as I can walk that far. I loved the set. I'm sorry if people further back found the screen small. I remember being on the top tier of the Etihad Stadium for the 2nd Law tour. If I hadn't been able to see the screen, there would have been no point being there. We travelled from Burnt Oak Broadway by train then from St Pancras, again by train, to Stratford International. No hassle at all. On the way back there was very little time to wait at Stratford. There was a 30 minute wait for a train from St Pancras so we got the tube to Edgware. No hassle. Journeys to and from the stadium took just over an hour. I saw Drones live and it was wonderful but I wasn't disappointed in the staging for this. I preferred the Etihad Stadium to this one, though. Too damn big. Next tour I hope they come to Cardiff instead of going to Bristol again. We have a fabulous stadium here and I don't think they've played here since 2010, before I became a fan.
  6. Finally printed my tickets! I have a seat so doors open 17.00 for us, I think. Does anyone know what time the support will be onstage? I missed most of Bastille last time because I didn't realise they'd be onstage so early. I think they came on at 18.00 so perhaps then?
  7. When I saw them at the O2 on their last tour there was such a queue for the Tube we got a bus instead. I was staying in Greenwich so it didn't take long but if you're staying further away the Tube is faster.
  8. London Stadium has confirmed that I should have been asked at point of sale for proof of my disability before buying an ambulant disabled plus companion tickets. As I wasn't asked, it's very unlikely I will be asked for proof. If I am, my proof of lower rate mobility component of PIP will be enough. Excellent!
  9. I loved the O2. We were only about 8 rows back from the thrust stage where Matt played guitar solos, so we had a great view. I am also lucky enough to have seen them in Newport, Wales, in a small venue a couple of years ago. I was only able to see them on screens at the Emirates, London, but it was worth it for the atmosphere. I couldn't miss this opportunity to see them and my son is in London so another reason to go. I'm glad they are having a stripped-back set. I was petrified at the O2 to see the massive contraption above their heads, after what happened to Curtis Mayfield.
  10. God, I'm confused! A friend who is new to Muse commented on how high Matt's voice is. I want to direct her to his highest, falsetto note on a studio recording. Which one shoul I choose?
  11. I didn;t say that Pressure was the antithesis of that, just that I like it better.
  12. Hi. I recently asked you if I could change my username back to maturefan. A couple of years ago I asked if I could change my name from maturefan to exile. You didn't do it then. I just want to be maturefan again. Please? Pretty please?

  13. I thought they'd played The Millenium Stadium?
  14. Algorithm. The only bad song on Simualtion Theory. Plodding and repetitive. I wish they'd had Pressure as the first track. That really starts the adrenalin pumping!
  15. Could you try on the venue presale? If you are successful, you can resell your GA tickets via Twickets. Good luck! Sorry, I should have said MuseBay. There's a sticky about reselling.
  16. Hi. I have a confession to make: I went through a really bad patch a few years ago when I was maturefan. I posted a lot of stupid stuff and got a lot of hassle for it. I set up a second profile so no-one would know it was me. I'm over all that now. I want to be maturefan again. Please can you do whatever needs to be done to bring me back? Sorry if I have broken any rules.

  17. I messed up by clicking the wrong link on the 10am presale but got ambulant disabled plus companion tickets on the 1pm presale. I have never seen 'ambulant disabled' options on any other venue, of any description, so I was pleased I didn;t have to take a wheelchair space that someone else had to have. I will stay in a Premier Inn in north London, near where my son lives. £136 for two nights, including breakfast. Amazing value for London and the hotel is accessible. Has anyone driven to this venue? What is parking like? Would it be more or less stressful than pub;ic transport? I saw T2L at Emirates Stadium and was so far back I only knew where Matt was because he wore red trousers. We are equally far back but in a lower tier this time. I was just glad to get any tickets, tbh. Is this stadium a lot bigger than the average stadium? Crowd control and public transport from Emirates was excellent and from O2 was good but slow so we got the bus back to my hotel and avoided the massive crowds waiting for the tube.
  18. Are Muse less popular in the US than they are in Europe? US people posting here seem not to be concerned that gigs will sell out. I was terrified I might not get tickets!
  19. I thought it was possible to buy 4 tickets.
  20. I got one ambulant disabled and one companion ticket for London. I am disabled but can walk short distances. No doubt I will have to get a letter from my GP to confirm this as I am only on lower rate mobility PIP. When I saw Muse at the Emirates Stadium they wouldn;t let me buy a wheelchair space ticket without a letter from my GP. It took four weeks for the stadium to sort it out by which time only seats in the gods were available. I am very pleased that London Stadium allows disabled people to buy online at teh same time as non-disabled people. I'm glad they have the 'ambulant disabled' option as I would hate to take a wheelchair space from someone who really needs it. I've had workmen in the house while all this has been going on and I can relax now! I'm going to go out for lunch. I hope you all get what you want.
  21. Thank you so much! I'll get it right next time!
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