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  1. Cryosleep The solo release from Matt Bellamy debuts on national album charts in both the United Kingdom and the United States #46 - Official UK Album Downloads (Compiled by the Official Charts Company) #79 - Top Current Album Sales (Compiled by MRC Data/Billboard) Around 1,000 copies sold at $39.00 or higher price Please note the limited edition [4000 pressed worldwide] picture disc vinyl LP+ was held up by French customs so no physical copies were apparently available at retail for pickup or shipping for Record Store Day this past week in the UK or continental Europe. Not affected markets include the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan Matt's reported vocal range in studio album recordings: Highest falsetto: G#5 on tracks Showbiz, Micro Cuts [sung entirely in falsetto] and Survival Highest chest: A#4 on tracks Feeling Good, Futurism, United States of Eurasia, Unnatural Selection, Madness, Survival, Follow Me, Explorers, Big Freeze and Dead Inside Lowest Note: A2 on tracks Spiral Static, Soldier's Poem, MK Ultra, Explorers and The Globalist Widest Range: 2 octaves, 10 semitones on tracks Spiral Static and Survival Vocal Range Live: C#6 on track Agitated followed by A5 in Dead Star and Hyper Music to possibly as low as E2 in Ashamed Total Vocal Range: 3.25 octaves The first European venues where MUSE sold over 10,000 concert tickets at each arena in late 2003: Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon, France - 16.8k attendance Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, France [Current Name: AccorHotels Arena] - 16.2k attendance SSE Wembley Arena in London, UK - 11.5k attendance Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK - 14.7k attendance NEC Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, UK - 10.8k attendance The first North American venues where MUSE sold over 10,000 concert tickets at each arena in 2007: Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City - 18.2k attendance Forum in Inglewood, California - 14k attendance Madison Square Garden in New York City - 12k attendance The three persons who first attempted to sign MUSE to American record labels: Rick Rubin for Columbia Records Guy Oseary for Maverick Records - Currently manages Madonna, U2 and RHCP Serj Tankian [System of a Down] for his own record label MUSE signed with Maverick in late 1998 and Showbiz was released in the US in 1999 but the band left the label over creative differences on the recording and release of Origin of Symmetry. Matt bought a Madonna CD as a present for his older brother Paul a few years before signing to her record label. Madonna and Matt both have made celestial references in their lyrics to several songs notably singles 'Lucky Star' and 'Starlight.'
  2. "In the US the conspiracy theory subculture has been hijacked by the right to try to take down people like Obama and put forward right-wing libertarianism [populism]," Matt Bellamy said. Defining himself as "a left-leaning libertarian – more in the realm of Noam Chomsky," he added: "Uprising was requested by so many politicians in America for use in their rallies and we turned them down on a regular basis." - The Observer interview with Matt in 2012 "The track [Thought Contagion] was inspired by watching rolling news in America, and seeing how it influenced voters. "We're living in an age where truth is getting less airtime than falsities; and that's a scary thing," said Bellamy. "When you live in that bubble, and see that bubble, the scariest thing about it all is you realise people's minds can be influenced by false belief systems or incorrect thinking." The title of the song came from a Richard Dawkins book that suggested that thoughts can become contagious and spread like a virus, "regardless of their accuracy and truth". In the chorus, Bellamy sings, "you've been bitten by a true believer / you've been bitten by someone who's hungrier than you". He said the lyric was a reference to preachers and pundits whose "belief system is in some way under threat". "They're the ones who scream the loudest and get the most airtime." - Mark Savage BBC Music Reporter interview with Matt in February 2018 On the cover of Black Holes and Revelations appear the four horsemen of the apocalypse as envisioned by MUSE and Storm Thorgerson presaging contemporary social and political dangers Paranoia (eyes) Intolerance and False Messiahs (religious symbols) Narcissism (mirrors) Greed and Corruption (in gold) - Lyrics to 'Take A Bow'
  3. AMAZING DEVON TIMELINE - SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS 1977 Chris Martin born in Exeter and later attends local prep school Hylton School and Exeter Cathedral School and forms his first band the Rockin' Honkies and writes his first songs before going to Dorset to study at Sherborne School from 1990-1995 and University College in London where he met his future bandmates and formed Starfish in 1996 [later renamed Coldplay in 1998] 1985-86 Dominic Howard and family move to Teignmouth at age 8 1987-91 Thom Yorke attends Exeter University to pursue a degree in English and Fine Art and also forms a new local band Headless Chickens while his first band On A Friday [later renamed Radiohead] was on hiatus. He plays gigs at local venues and also DJ's and signs a record deal in 1991. Future album tracks 'High and Dry' and 'Creep' reportedly composed in Exeter during this time 1988-89 Matt Bellamy and family move to Teignmouth at age 10 1989-90 Chris Wolstenholme and family move to Teignmouth at age 11 1989-90 These five future rock musicians and multi-millionaires whose bands would collectively sell over 120 million albums worldwide and gross nearly $2 billion in concert ticket sales on their many tours and win 15 GRAMMY Awards were all living within about 15 miles of each other in Devon in SW England 1994 MUSE is formed after several personnel and name changes 2000 Coldplay opens for MUSE at 8 gigs in the UK in May and June including 2 at the Astoria club in London After MUSE winning Best Alternative Act in 2010 at the American Music Awards and before leaving the stage with Matt and Dom, whom did video director and close friend of the band Tom Kirk thank instead of GOD in accepting the award while Chris was away in the UK: Charles Darwin Matt's Favourite Composers: Top 3 (Rachmaninoff, Chopin, and Liszt) followed in no particular order by JS Bach, Glass, Morricone, Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saens, Prokofiev, Berlioz, Elgar, Albinoni, Barber, Albeniz, Villa-Lobos, and Palestrina Most MUSE riffs played by Matt - Top Classical Composers Rachmaninoff (4) Prelude in B-Flat Major Op. 23 No. 2 - [Played several times during the Origin of Symmetry era] Prelude in G-Minor Op. 23 No. 5 - [Assassin track on Black Holes and Revelations] Prelude in C-Sharp Minor Op. 3 No. 2 - [Played several times during the Origin of Symmetry era] Piano Concerto No. 2 [Inspired and influenced several MUSE tracks: Space Dementia, Megalomania, Butterflies & Hurricanes, Exogenesis Symphony and Neutron Star Collision Chopin (4) Nocturne in E-Flat Major Op. 9 No. 2 - [Collateral Damage track on The Resistance] Étude Op. 25, No. 12 in C-Minor (Ocean) - [Blockades track on Simulation Theory] Étude Op. 10, No. 3 in E-Major (Tristesse) - [Prelude track on The 2nd Law] Étude Op. 10, No. 1 in C Major - [Sunburn track on Showbiz] JS Bach (4) Toccata and Fugue in D-Minor (BWV 565) - [Plug in Baby track on Origin of Symmetry] Bourrée from Suite in E minor for Lute (BWV 996) - [May have inspired both tracks Falling Away With You on Absolution and Blackbird by the Beatles] Prelude No. 1 in C Major from The Well-Tempered Clavier (BWV 846) - [Unintended (Acoustic) track from Cryosleep (Matt's solo EP)] Prelude in C Minor for Lute (BMV 999) - [May have inspired Pray track from Cryosleep (Matt's solo EP)]
  4. More Sundry Fun Facts and Trivia... In November 2009 during rehearsals for the Children in Need charity event at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Matt and his band mates noticed Sir Paul McCartney was watching them play at the side of the stage. Eight years later in January 2018 Sir Paul joined The Jaded Hearts Club [w/ Matt on bass guitar] on stage at a charity event in Los Angeles to sing two of his Beatles songs: 'I Saw Her Standing There' and 'Helter Skelter.' On 4 July 2010 at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark Matt disguised himself as a member of the crew with gaffer tape to watch Prince perform some of his greatest hits including 'Kiss' on the side of the stage. In 2012 MUSE covered 'Sign o' the Times' at three gigs in Paris, London, and Los Angeles. Later during the recording of Simulation Theory, Matt composed and produced track 'Propaganda' along with Timbaland. “We had this sort of Prince thing going on. My voice is not a traditional rock voice, so with my falsetto I like to go down the Prince route. That is what that song is really. It’s influenced by hip-hop and funk. Jumps out as being influenced by the American beat — a slow, almost hip-hop type beat”. The lyrics for these two songs address contemporary social and political issues. One of the band's biggest hit singles 'Supermassive Black Hole' also has Prince-like funk elements and falsetto vocals. MUSE have also played three career gigs at the Target Center in Minneapolis across the street from the First Avenue club where Prince played many of his first shows and where the majority of the Purple Rain movie was filmed and recorded. Top Rock Guitarists who have inspired and influenced Matt the most: Jimi Hendrix, Tom Morello and Jeff Buckley Other Favourite Rock Bands by Matt, Dom and Chris early in their career: Nirvana, Primus, Deftones, and Smashing Pumpkins Most Different Rock Riffs Played by MUSE - Top 2 Artists Rage Against the Machine (14 songs in no particular order or ranking) Freedom Maggie's Farm [Bob Dylan cover] Killing In The Name Know Your Enemy People Of The Sun Township Rebellion Bulls on Parade Testify Bombtrack Microphone Fiend [Rakim & Eric B cover] Revolver How I Could Just Kill A Man [Cypress Hill cover] War Within A Breath Snakecharmer [No riff played but could have inspired track Hyper Music on Origin of Symmetry] Nirvana (7) Lithium [Performed 2 times in 2014 at Lollapalooza-Brazil and Coachella in California to remember the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's passing] Endless Nameless School Negative Creep Very Ape Breed tourette's [Performed only once at the band's first gig as MUSE in Dawlish-Devon in March 1994]
  5. BILLBOARD UPDATES Most Top 10s, Rock & Alternative Airplay Chart in the USA (JUNE 2009-CURRENT) 13, Cage the Elephant 13, Foo Fighters 12, Shinedown 12, twenty one pilots 10, The Black Keys 10, Imagine Dragons 10, Muse 8, Coldplay 8, Rise Against 8, Weezer SOURCE: https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/chart-beat/9605198/foo-fighters-tie-most-rock-alternative-airplay-number-1s-cage-the-elephant/ MUSE songs ranked by peak position reached on Billboard's Alternative Airplay chart based on weekly spins monitored by MRC Data at 60+ modern rock radio stations in the USA: 1 "Madness" (a chart record-setting 19 non-consecutive weeks @ No. 1 and 38 consecutive weeks in the top ten and a total of 41 weeks on the chart) - Certified 2x Platinum by the RIAA selling over 2 million downloads plus streaming - Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak Position #45 and Billboard Triple A Chart Peak Position #4 #1 "Uprising" (17 non-consecutive weeks @ No. 1; 28 weeks in the top three; 44 weeks in the top ten; and 53 total weeks on the chart) - Certified Platinum by the RIAA in 2010 but now has sold over 3 million downloads - Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak Position #37 #1 "Dead Inside" (5 weeks @ No. 1 and 20 total weeks on the chart) - Mainstream Rock Songs Airplay Chart Peak Position at #10 and Bubbling Under Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak Position #111 #1 "Resistance" (4 weeks @ No. 1 and 33 total weeks on the chart) - Bubbling Under Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak Position #114 #1 "Thought Contagion" (1 week @ No. 1 and 20 total weeks on the chart) - Mainstream Rock Songs Airplay Chart Peak Position at #9 #2 "Starlight" (Certified Platinum by the RIAA for selling over 1 million downloads - 3 weeks @ No. 2 and 26 total weeks on the chart) - Bubbling Under Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak Position #101 #2 "Panic Station" (14 weeks in the Top 10 and 24 total weeks on the chart) #3 "Dig Down" - 20 total weeks on chart #4 "Undisclosed Desires" #5 "Pressure" - 21 weeks at Alternative [Peaked at #19 at Mainstream] #6 "Supermassive Black Hole" - Certified Platinum by the RIAA for selling over 1 million digital downloads #9 "Hysteria" - Bubbling Under Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak Position #118 #9 "Time Is Running Out" - First single for the band debuted on the U.S. charts in April 2004 - Certified Gold by the RIAA for selling over 500,000 downloads #10 "Knights of Cydonia" - Certified Gold by the RIAA for selling over 500,000 downloads #10 "Mercy" #10 "Something Human" - Billboard Triple A Chart Peak Position #9 #14 "Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)" - Billboard Hot 100 Chart Debut and Peak Position #77 #19 "Follow Me" #31 "Stockholm Syndrome" #39 "Psycho" - Also peaked at #18 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart Other Charts: #32 "The Dark Side" - Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart Peak Position - Promo Track #37 "Reapers" - Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart Peak Position and also made it to #2 at Mainstream Rock Songs Airplay #39 "Survival" - Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart Peak Position - Promo Track #39 "Supremacy" - Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart Peak Position - Promo Track MUSE Albums ranked by peak positions reached on the Billboard 200 chart: #1 Drones (79k+ first week pure album sales and over 250k units sold to date) #2 The 2nd Law (Certified Gold by the RIAA - Over 500k units sold to date) #3 The Resistance (Certified Platinum by the RIAA - Over 1 million units sold to date) #9 Black Holes and Revelations (Certified Platinum by the RIAA - Over 1 million units sold to date) #12 Simulation Theory (33k first week pure album sales and over 200k equivalent album units sold to date) #46 HAARP (CD/DVD Certified Gold by the RIAA) #107 Absolution (Certified Platinum by the RIAA - Over 1 million units sold to date) #115 Live at Rome Olympic Stadium - Over 20k copies sold to date #161 Origin of Symmetry (Debuted for one week in January 2010) Other charts: #1 Absolution (Heatseekers Albums) - Peak position reached in July 2004 ranking debut albums not making the Top 100 tier on the Billboard 200 chart #3 Origin of Symmetry XX Anniversary RemiXX (Top Vinyl Album Sales) - Debuted in July 2021 #6 Simulation Theory (Top Album Sales) - Debuted in November 2018 #15 Origin of Symmetry XX Anniversary RemiXX (Top Album Sales) - 3k first week pure album sales in July 2021 #79 Cryosleep [Matt Bellamy Solo Album] (Top Current Album Sales) - 1k first week pure vinyl album sales in July 2021 #97 Origin of Muse (Top Current Albums) - Deluxe box set compilation of Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry album recordings including early demos and B-side tracks selling about 1k units in it first week of release in December 2019 Original post retrieved and updated from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
  6. Fun Facts from past interviews and various web sites Some of the first songs Matt learned on the guitar: Shazam by Duane Eddy Grace by Jeff Buckley Blue Valentines by Tom Waits Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tárrega Études Simples No. 6 by Leo Brouwer Some of the first songs Matt learned on the piano: What'd I Say by Ray Charles [Played at a local talent competition in Teignmouth won by Matt at age 13] The theme from the American TV night-time soap opera Dallas which aired from 1978-1991 [Urged to play at age 6 at home by his older brother] Songs composed by Matt covered by notable artists: Uprising by Andra Day in 2012 Starlight by the Killers at Lollapalooza in Chicago in 2017 Endlessly by Renée Fleming in 2010 - Track on her album Dark Hope Endlessly by Ewan McGregor in 2020 - From Episode 6 of his documentary series "Long Way Up" Soaked by Adam Lambert in 2009 - Track on his album For Your Entertainment Madness by Chris Martin in 2012 - Snippet played during Coldplay's performance of Clocks at the Stade de France
  7. MUSE Top Venues Ranked by Total Career Estimated Grosses and Attendance: 1. Stade de France/Saint-Denis ($35 Million and 430,000 Concert-goers at 6 shows from 2010-2019) 2. Wembley Stadium/London ($20 Million and 260,000 Concert-goers at 4 shows in 2007 and 2010) 3. O2 Arena/London ($16.8 Million and 195,000 Concert-goers at 11 shows from 2009-2019) 4. Bercy Arena/Paris ($12 Million and 190,000 Concert-goers at 11 shows from 2003-2016) 5. Palacio de los Deportes/Mexico City ($9.4 Million and 188,000 Concert-goers at 8 shows from 2007-2015) 6. Stadio San Siro/Milan ($9.1 Million and 142,000 Concert-goers at 3 shows in 2010 and 2019) 7. Stade de Suisse Wankdorf/Bern ($8.7 Million and 80,000 Concert-goers at 2 shows in 2010 and 2013) 8. Rod Laver Arena/Melbourne ($7.7 Million from 76,000 Concert-goers at 6 shows from 2007-2017) 9. Foro Sol/Mexico City ($7.5 Million from 150,000 Concert-goers at 3 shows in 2010 and 2019) 10. Emirates Stadium/London ($7.4 Million from 89,500 Concert-goers at 2 shows in 2013) 11. Goffertpark/Nijmegen ($7.1 Million from 115,000 Concert-goers at 2 shows in 2010 and 2019) 12. Stadio Olimpico/Rome ($7.0 Million from 111,000 Concert-goers at 2 shows in 2013 and 2019) 13. Etihad Stadium/Manchester ($7.0 Million from 84,500 Concert-goers at 2 shows in 2013 and 2019) 14. Manchester Arena/Manchester ($6.7 Million from 100,000 Concert-goers at 6 shows from 2003-2016 15. London Stadium/London ($6.7 Million from 72,000 Concert-goers at 1 show in 2019) 16. Staples Center/Los Angeles ($6.5 Million from 110,000 Concert-goers at 7 shows from 2010-2015)
  8. MUSE Career Shows (1,578) at Notable Venues by Market from 1994-2020: United Kingdom (407) [England 365; Scotland 26; Wales 11; and Northern Ireland 5] 35 Cavern Club - Exeter, Devon 12 O2 Arena - North Greenwich, London [Includes 1 BRIT Awards performance] 10 Top of the Pops (BBC) - London 8 The Cooperage - Plymouth, Devon 6 Leeds Festival - Leeds 6 Reading Festival - Reading 6 Manchester Arena - Manchester 6 Astoria - London 6 Later...with Jools Holland (BBC) - London 5 Glastonbury Festival - Pilton 5 T in the Park - Kinross, Scotland 5 Bull & Gate - London 4 Wembley Stadium - London 4 Wembley Arena - London 4 O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire - London 2 Emirates Stadium - London 2 Etihad Stadium - Manchester 2 London Stadium - London [Includes 2012 Summer Olympics performance] 2 The Den - Teignmouth, Devon United States (359): 8 Staples Center - Los Angeles [Includes 1 GRAMMY Awards performance) 5 Madison Square Garden - New York City 4 Coachella Festival - Indio, CA 4 Pechanga Arena - San Diego, CA [Includes 1 public dress rehearsal performance] 5 Oracle Arena - Oakland, CA [Includes 1 Christmas holiday radio station show] 4 United Center - Chicago, IL France (139): 12 Bercy Arena - Paris [Includes one 1999 gig supporting RHCP and Foo Fighters] 6 Stade de France - Saint Denis/Paris 5 Festival des Vieilles - Carhaix 4 Halle Tony Garnier - Lyon 4 Festival de Nîmes - Nîmes 3 La Cigale - Paris 2 Le Zenith - Paris 1 Le Bataclan - Paris 1 La Tour Eiffel - Paris 1 Parc des Princes Two more festival gigs in Normandy and Belfort are scheduled in 2022 Germany (104): 6 Rock Am Ring Festival - Nürburg [Another show is scheduled in 2022] 6 Rock Im Park - Nürnberg [Another show is scheduled in 2022] 5 Große Freiheit 36 - Hamburg 4 Columbiahalle - Berlin 3 Mercedes-Benz Arena - Berlin 3 Barclaycard Arena - Hamburg 3 Lanxess Arena - Köln 3 Olympiahalle - München 1 RheinEnergieStadion - Köln Australia (61): 17 Big Day Out Festival - Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Perth 6 Rod Laver Arena - Melbourne 4 Qudos Arena - Sydney 3 Festival Hall - Melbourne 3 Hordern Pavilion - Sydney Italy (49): 7 Mediolanum Forum di Assago - Milan [Including 1 X Factor Italia Finale performance] 3 Stadio San Siro - Milan 2 Stadio Olimpico - Rome 2 Stadio Olimpico di Torino - Turin 2 Arena di Verona - Verona Another festival gig in Florence is scheduled in 2022 Japan (48): 4 Fuji Festival - Naeba Ski Resort Yuzawa 3 Zepp - Tokyo 2 Yokohama Arena - Yokohama 2 Super Arena - Saitama 2 Summer Sonic Festival - Osaka Canada (45): 5 Bell Centre - Montreal 5 Scotiabank Arena - Toronto 3 Centre Videotron - Quebec City 2 Colisee Pepsi - Quebec City Spain (33): 5 Palacio de Los Deportes - Madrid 3 Benicassim Festival - Valencia 2 Xacobeo Festival - Santiago de Compostela 1 Estadio Wanda Metropolitano - Madrid 1 Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys - Barcelona 1 Estadio Vicente Calderon - Madrid 1 Estadio San Mames - Bilbao Two more festival gigs in Madrid and Mallorca are scheduled in 2022 Switzerland (32): 4 Paleo Festival - Nyon 3 Hallenstadion - Zurich 2 Stade de Suisse Wankdorf - Bern Netherlands (30): 5 Ziggo Dome - Amsterdam 3 Pinkpop Festival - Landgraaf 2 Goffertpark - Nijmegen Belgium (25): 9 Rock Werchter Festival Park - Werchter 4 Palais 12 Laeken - Brussels 3 Sportpaleis Merksem - Antwerp Ireland (20) Denmark (19) Norway (19) Austria (17) [Another festival gig in Nickelsdorf is scheduled in 2022] Mexico (17) Portugal (15) Sweden (14) Finland (13) Brazil (12) Russia (11) - Россия Argentina (9) Hungary (6) Poland (6) New Zealand (6) South Korea (6) Latvia (5) Czech Republic (4) Greece (4) Chile (4) Luxembourg (4) Singapore (4) Hong Kong (3) Turkey (3) Ukraine (3) China Mainland (2) - 中国大陆 Iceland (2) Romania (2) Colombia (2) South Africa (2) United Arab Emirates (2) - Abu Dhabi and Dubai حب و سلام Croatia (1) Serbia (1) Estonia (1) Lithuania (1) Monaco (1) Peru (1) Indonesia (1) Malaysia (1) Thailand (1) Taiwan (1) Source: setlist.fm Retrieved and updated from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine
  9. Origin of Symmetry is the top selling vinyl album in Spain this past week according to Promusicae and also enters at #14 on the Top 100 albums chart in that market. It also debuts at #11 on the albums chart in neighboring Portugal. It spends a second consecutive week on the UK album charts (OCC) dropping to #79 Sales and #81 Physical and on the France Top Albums Physiques chart falling to #71 and on the Belgium-Wallonia album chart descending to #74.
  10. Origin of Symmetry debuts on two Billboard album charts in the United States: #3 Vinyl Albums #15 Top Album Sales [New Peak] I am estimating it sold about 3K copies this past week presumably most of them the XX Anniversary RemiXX edition on vinyl. The original Origin of Symmetry debuted belatedly at #161 in January 2010 for one week on the Billboard 200 album chart which at that time was sales-based only. It likely sold about 3K copies that week as well. Matt raises funds for the homeless population in the UK: https://www.empeda.com/muses-matt-bellamy-auctions-off-song-recorded-with-jeff-buckleys-tele-as-an-nft-for-26000/
  11. Album: Cryosleep Apple iTunes All-Genre Album Chart Positions During First Week of Release from 16-22 July 2021: #1 Ukraine #4 Chile #6 New Zealand #9 Mexico #20 United Kingdom (Peak #15) #31 Belgium (Peak #28) #31 Netherlands (Peak #8) #63 France (Peak #21) #65 Switzerland (Peak #39) #84 Australia (Peak #30) #114 Russia (Peak #71) #304 United States (Peak #255) #344 Germany (Peak #337) #424 Canada (Peak #217) Origin of Symmetry also re-entered the latest weekly album charts in the USA, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium and debuted in Spain for the first time. See updated details in the preceding post. MUSE Spotify Streams as of July 2021 (Top 5 From Each Album Era) • SHOWBIZ: Unintended (33,000,000+) Sunburn (28,000,000+) Muscle Museum (22,000,000+) Showbiz (8,000,000+) Cave (7,000,000+) • ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY: Feeling Good (94,000,000+) Plug In Baby (90,000,000+) New Born (55,000,000+) Bliss (34,000,000+) Citizen Erased (16,000,000+) • ABSOLUTION: Hysteria (135,000,000+) Time Is Running Out (132,000,000+) Stockholm Syndrome (36,000,000+) Butterflies & Hurricanes (26,000,000+) Sing for Absolution (21,000,000+) • BLACK HOLES AND REVELATIONS: Supermassive Black Hole (262,000,000+) Starlight (237,000,000+) Knights Of Cydonia (144,000,000+) Map Of The Problematique (33,000,000+) Assassin (19,000,000+) • THE RESISTANCE: Uprising (380,000,000+) Undisclosed Desires (124,000,000+) Resistance (75,000,000+) I Belong To You (23,000,000+) Unnatural Selection (22,000,000+) • THE 2ND LAW: Madness (225,000,000+) Panic Station (62,000,000+) Supremacy (57,000,000+) Survival (34,000,000+) Follow Me (31,000,000+) • DRONES: Psycho (167,000,000+) Mercy (66,0000,000+) Dead Inside (66,000,000+) Reapers (41,000,000+) The Handler (31,000,000+) • SIMULATION THEORY: Pressure (73,000,000+) Thought Contagion (60,000,000+) Dig Down (53,000,000+) The Dark Side (31,000,000+) Something Human (30,000,000+)
  12. Album Weekly Chart Positions from the Official Charts Company: Origin of Symmetry XX Anniversary RemiXX #6 Official UK Albums Chart Top 100 (#1 Rock & Metal Albums; #2 Physical; #2 Vinyl; #3 Sales; and #69 Downloads) This represents a new peak on the physical album sales chart and only its second ever position in the Top 10 on this tally since its debut at #3 in June 2001. The following week it dropped to #11 and has now spent a total of 44 weeks in the Top 100. It re-entered the survey at #89 a month ago after the remixed anniversary edition was released digitally and on streaming platforms. Origin of Muse which also contained remastered and live versions of OoS debuted at #70 on the top albums list in December 2019. https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/inhaler-score-number-1-debut-album-with-it-won-t-always-be-like-this__33606/ Elsewhere: #1 Vinili Albums Top 20 in Italy - FIMI #1 Vinilos Albums Weekly Top 100 in Spain - Promusicae #1 Vinyl Albums Top 10 in Switzerland - Hitparade.ch #2 Albums Top 100 in Scotland - OCC #3 Vinyl Albums Top 25 in the United States - MRC/Billboard #4 Top Albums Physiques in France [Nouvelle Entrée]- SNEP #4 Albums Top 200 in Belgium Wallonia - Ultratop #4 Vinyl Albums Top 20 in Australia - ARIA [Albums from three Aussie bands debuted ahead of OoS] #5 Vinyl Albums Top 33 in the Netherlands - Dutch Charts #6 Albums Top 200 in Switzerland [New Peak] - Hitparade.ch #11 Albums Top 50 in Portugal - Portuguesecharts.com A.C.Nielsen #12 Top 100 Physical Albums in Australia - ARIA #14 Top 100 Albums Weekly in Spain - Promusicae #15 Album Sales Top 100 in the United States - MRC/Billboard #19 Top Albums in France [Nouvelle Entrée] in France - SNEP #26 Vinyl Albums Top 40 in Denmark - Danishcharts.com IFPI Danmark #28 Offizielle Albums Top 100 in Germany - Offizielle Deutsche Charts/MTV #45 Albums and Compilations Top 100 in Italy - FIMI #55 Albums Top 100 in Ireland - OCC/IRMA #62 Albums Top 200 in Belgium Flanders - Ultratop Origin of Symmetry Estimated Cumulative Sales To Date by Country: UK - 800,000 2x Platinum Certification France - 400,000 - 450,000 Germany - 100,000 United States - 50,000 - 100,000 Australia - 80,000 Platinum Netherlands - 50,000 Gold Italy - 30,000 Gold Belgium - 30,000 Gold Switzerland 25,000 Gold Worldwide - 1.8 - 2.0 Million
  13. Classical and rock elements in the band's magnum opus 2nd studio album released 20 years ago this month in 2001: Besides providing vocals, guitar, piano and keyboards on the album, Matt plays harpsichord and pipe organ on tracks 'Micro Cuts' featuring his falsetto vocal range peaking at G5 and 'Megalomana' respectively and was inspired by Bach's Toccata and Fugue BWV 565 on 'Plugged in Baby' and by Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 on 'Space Dementia' and 'Megalomania.' Händel, Bach and Mozart were skillful performers on both the harpsichord and organ in the baroque classical era. 'Hyper Music' has similarities to 'Snakecharmer' by RATM and the beginning of 'Futurism' resembles 'Too Many Puppies' by Primus.
  14. Official UK Albums Chart Update (9 July-11 July): Origin of Symmetry is at #3 on the midweek tally and is on track to reach its highest chart position on the Top 100 albums survey since its original debut release in June 2001. From The Official Charts Company website posted on Monday: "Take a deep breath Inhaler fans – the Irish rock band are on course for Number 1 on the Official Albums Chart with their debut album It Won’t Always Be Like This. The Dublin quartet lead today’s Official Chart Update by over 7,000 chart sales having racked up the most physical and download sales this past weekend. Should Inhaler hold onto the top spot by Friday’s final chart, they’ll become the third Irish group to top the albums chart in the last decade, following The Script and Westlife. Last week’s Number 1 SOUR by Olivia Rodrigo is the most streamed album of the week so far placing at 2, while Muse album Origin of Symmetry is on track for a return to the Top 5 at 3 following its XX Anniversary RemiXX edition release. The revamped offering was released digitally last month, with its vinyl rollout occurring last Friday (9 July)."
  15. Origin of Symmetry XX Anniversary RemiXX Amazon Store Best Sellers Peak Chart Positions - First Day of Vinyl Release on Friday 9 July 2021 United Kingdom: #2 Vinyl (#1 Queen's Greatest Hits 1) - #5 on Sunday; #7 on Monday;#16 on Tuesday; #15 on Wednesday; and #13 on Thursday #8 Downloads - #37 on Monday #15 CDs & Vinyl - #38 on Sunday; #79 on Tuesday; #69 on Wednesday; and #56 on Thursday France: #6 Vinyle - #48 on Sunday and #20 on Tuesday #21 CD et Vinyle - #52 on Tuesday Germany: #16 Vinyl Italy: #32 CD e Vinili United States: #16 CDs & Vinyl - #75 on Sunday
  16. The most successful breakthrough British recording artists in the 21st Century (Ranked by estimated career touring grosses and record sales and streams) Coldplay - $1.1 billion concert ticket sales [unadjusted for inflation] and 100 million records sold (70 million pure album sales and 100 million singles sales) and 16 billion Spotify streams and 18 billion YouTube streams Ed Sheeran - $950 million concert ticket sales and 65 million records sold (25 million pure album sales) Adele - $260 million concert ticket sales and 120 million records sold (65 million pure album sales) One Direction - $650 million concert ticket sales and 50 million records sold (25 million pure album sales) MUSE - $500 million concert ticket sales and 25 million records sold (20 million pure album sales and 15 million singles sales) and 3.5 billion Spotify streams and 2.5 billion YouTube streams Mumford & Sons - $250 million concert ticket sales and 20 million records sold (15 million pure album sales) Sam Smith - $150 million concert ticket sales and 30 million records sold (20 million pure album sales) Arctic Monkeys - $225 million concert ticket sales and 16 million records sold (14 million pure album sales) Snow Patrol - $175 million concert ticket sales and 14 million records sold (12 million pure album sales) Florence + The Machine - $125 million concert ticket sales and 8 million records sold (7 million pure album sales) Bastille - $50 million concert ticket sales and 10 million records sold (8 million pure album sales) Franz Ferdinand - $40 million concert ticket sales and 9 million records sold (7 million pure album sales) Gorillaz - 10 million records sold (8 million pure album sales) Note: The metric to measure record sales today is album equivalent units which includes traditional album sales and weighted physical and digital download singles sales and audio and video streams for album tracks
  17. Azzurri v Three Lions at Wembley Stadium on 11 July 2021 - UEFA Euro 2020 Final Congratulazioni Italia - Te lo sei meritato! MUSE First performance in Italy took place at a festival on 16 June 2000 at the Ferrari Racetrack in Imola near Bologna 4: Career Gigs at Wembley - London (England's national football team's home stadium) - Est. 260,000+ attendance and $20 million gross ticket sales 2: Career Gigs at Stadio Olimpico - Roma (Italia's national football team's home stadium) - Est. 112,000+ attendance and $6 million gross ticket sales 1: Live Album Recording at Wembley (HAARP) 1: Live Album Recording at Stadio Olimpico 1.31 million video views/listens on YouTube the past 28 days: #5 United Kingdom 1.21 million video views/listens on YouTube the past 28 days: #6 Italia 259K views on YouTube the past 28 days: #6 London 258K views on YouTube the past 28 days: #7 Milano England v Denmark at Wembley on 7 July 2021 - UEFA Euro 2020 Semifinal Matt and Chris attended this match and were happy with the home team advancing to the final - See Instagram post and pic England v West Germany at Wembley on 30 July 1966 - FIFA World Cup Final Kenneth Wolstenholme, an English football commentator for the BBC [Apparently no relation to Chris]: "...some people are on the pitch...they think it's all over...it is now!" Died in Torquay - Devon in 2002
  18. Origin of Symmetry entered the official album downloads charts in the following markets in the first week after the remixed and remastered version was released on 18 June 2021: #2 United Kingdom #7 Germany #9 Australia The 20th anniversary of this album also re-entered the Top Albums charts in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Belgium despite not being available on physical formats. It may not have been eligible to chart in France because the original album was released more than two years ago and did not contain new tracks. It could have charted on the non-published 'back catalogue' SNEP chart instead. It also charted in around 60 global markets on the Apple Music streaming album charts and likely sold several thousand downloads worldwide at digital retailers Apple iTunes and Amazon Music. Undisclosed Desires becomes the fourth MUSE song to surpass 100 million streams each on both Spotify and YouTube after Uprising, Starlight and Madness. Reach Out (I'll Be There) by the Four Tops covered by The Jaded Hearts Club with Matt on bass recently passed the 1 million streams mark on Spotify and is by far the most viewed JHC video on YouTube with over 300k streams. MUSE and Alfred Hitchcock Connections: Lake Como Royal Albert Hall Ivor Novello Psycho Songs superimposed/based in part on Prelude No. 1 in C Major, BWV 846, from the Well-Tempered Clavier by Johann Sebastian Bach, first published in 1722: 'Ave Maria' by French Romantic Composer Charles Gounod, versions published in 1853 and 1859 'Unintended (Acoustic and Piano Lullaby versions)' by Matt Bellamy, published in 2020/2021 Matt and Mozart First Keyboard Four Hands Compositions 'Take A Bow' from Cryosleep - 2021 Sonata in C Major (K. 19d) - 1765 [This or another harpsichord duet piece performed in London with Wolfgang's sister Maria Anna] Please note the earlier Chart History Stats for Muse topic with over 497,000 views to date disappeared from the media forum last week. You can access the content via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for those interested in reading the posts from 2010 through January 2021.
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