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  1. Final MUSE Stats Updates for 2019 before I take my leave of absence: Decade 2010s World Tours (TR; T2L; DR; and ST) From September 2009 thru October 2019 Total Estimated Concert Tickets Sold: 6.2 Million Total Estimated Gross: $480 Million [Concert Ticket Sales + Festival Headliner Artist Fees + U2 Support Fees in the USA and South America] Simulation Theory World Tour 2019 Box Office Break-down [Excluding two festival dates in Belgium and Brazil and two Formula One Grand Prix shows in Singapore and Austin, TX] Total Attendance: 1.315 Million (966K Europe; 292K North America; and 57K South America) Total Gross: $102.4 Million ($79.1M Europe; $19.6M North America; and $3.7M South America) Average Ticket Price: $78 Total Shows: 55 Total Cities: 50 Total Countries: 24 Final Simulation Theory Tour Venue Box Office Reports: Passeio Maritimo de Alges/Lisboa - 24 July 48,319 Attendance $3,420,621 Gross Ticket Sales Papp Lazslo Sports Arena/Budapest - 28 May 13,516 Attendance $1,083,160 Gross Capital One Arena/Washington DC - 2 April 11,271 Attendance $868,582 Gross Source: Touring Data Simulation Theory - Year End Album Chart Positions in Selected Markets Switzerland (#16 in 2018; #88 in 2019) - Schweizer Hitparade Belgium Wallonia (#21 in 2018; #64 in 2019) - Ultratop United States (#46 in 2019) - Billboard Top Current Albums [Over 130,000 pure album sales from November 2018 thru November 2019 per Nielsen Music] France (#50 in 2018; #118 in 2019) - SNEP [Platinum Certified - Over 130,000 sales and streams] Netherlands (#67 in 2018) - Dutch Megacharts Italy (#72 in 2018) - FIMI [Gold Certified - Over 25,000 sales and streams] Belgium Flanders (#73 in 2018; #197 in 2019 - Ultratop United Kingdom (#77 in 2018) - Official Charts Company [Gold Certified - Over 100,000 sales and streams] 2019 Year End Billboard Rock Genre Chart Positions in the USA Simulation Theory #30 Alternative Albums #52 Top Rock Albums 'Pressure' #25 Rock Airplay Songs #27 Alternative Songs #43 Hot Rock Songs Latest Singles Certifications: 'Uprising' - UK Platinum 'Starlight' - Italy Platinum 'Psycho' - UK Silver
  2. More MUSE Box Office Reports from the 2019 Simulation Theory World Tour: Ziggo Dome/Amsterdam - 12 September 16,389 Attendance $1,224,252 Gross Royal Arena/Copenhagen - 8 September 11,948 Attendance $1,102,931 Gross Telenor Arena/Fortenu (Oslo)- 7 September 12,666 Attendance $937,001 Gross Bell Centre/Montreal - 30 March 15,930 Attendance $968,738 United Center/Chicago - 12 April 12,035 Attendance $968,738 Gross Talking Stick Resort Arena/Phoenix - 26 February 7,706 Attendance $604,336 Gross BB&T Center/Sunrise(Fort Lauderdale) - 24 March 6,902 Attendance $543,793 Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo/Buenos Aires - 11 October 14,378 Attendance $660,211 Gross Ginasio do Ibirapuera/Sao Paulo - 9 October 8,480 Attendance $452,603 Gross Source: As reported to POLLSTAR from promoters Live Nation; AEG Live; Evenko; and Jam Productions Personal Note to Musers: I am now on hiatus and do not plan to post again until 2021 or until the next single is released from the band. Hope you enjoyed my posts and best wishes to all.
  3. US Billboard Charts Dated 21 December 2019 - Debut peak positions Origin of Muse #11 Alternative Album Sales #21 Rock Album Sales #97 Top Current Albums (#1 WHO by The Who) Showbiz as part of the OoM box set makes its first ever album chart appearance in the US after it failed to chart on its initial release 20 years ago in September 1999 while Origin of Symmetry makes its second album chart appearance after debuting and spending one week on the Billboard 200 chart at #161 in February 2010 following the commercial success of The Resistance. "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." - 1984 George Orwell
  4. 'Dig Down' and 'The Handler' re-enter the iTunes alternative rock song downloads charts in both the US and the UK this weekend. Both tracks are featured on the soundtrack to the '6 Underground' Netflix film starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Michael Bay released on 13 December. 2019 Year End Top 100 Tours - POLLSTAR MUSE rank at #7 with over 1.2 million tickets sold and at #13 with gross ticket sales revenue over USD 97 million. The only rock band that sold more concert tickets than MUSE in calendar year 2019 was Metallica. https://www.pollstar.com/Chart/2019/12/Top100 WorldwideTours_790.pdf
  5. More album chart action updates for Origin of Muse: #5 Australia Top Vinyl Albums (ARIA) #34 Switzerland Top 100 Albums (SCHWEIZER HITPARADE) #48 Germany Top 100 Albums (OFFIZIELLE DEUTSCHE CHARTS) #55 Spain Top 100 Albums (PROMUSICAE) #85 Irish Top 100 Albums (IRMA) #100 Italy Top 100 Albums (FIMI)
  6. Debut Chart Positions in the United Kingdom and continental Europe for the sales tracking week 6-12 December 2019 Origin of Muse #2 Official UK Vinyl Albums (#1 WHO by The Who) #48 Official UK Physical Albums (CDs and Vinyl Sales) #50 Official Scottish Albums Top 100 #58 Netherlands Albums (Dutch charts) #68 Belgium-Wallonia Albums (Ultratop) #70 Official UK Albums Top 100* #121 Belgium-Flanders Albums (Ultratop) *Prior album chart appearances and positions for Origin of Symmetry and Showbiz on this UK chart compiled by the Official Charts Company were September 2011 at #75 and October 2009 at #93, respectively. Note: Chart positions for this box set in other markets including France, Switzerland, Italy, and the US will be revealed early next week.
  7. Amazon UK Bestsellers Rank - Update for 10 December 2019 Origin of Muse #1 in Vinyl #4 in Alternative Rock #9 in Box Sets (CDs & Vinyl) #68 in CDs & Vinyl Official Albums Chart Update (based on UK sales across 6-8 December 2019) #1 WHO - The Who (12th studio album) #33 Origin of Muse - MUSE (Early years vinyl box set) with a price tag exceeding 100 quid https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/the-who-on-course-for-first-uk-number-1-in-almost-50-years-with-their-twelfth-studio-album-who__27946/ 'Take A Bow' - Opening track from Black Holes and Revelations released in 2006 Corruption by world political leaders just as prevalent in 2019 as it was in 2003 when the track was first performed in Helsinki as a piano outro after 'Citizen Erased' Inspired by Philip Glass Alternate Title 'Hex' Used in the trailer for the 2009 film Watchmen Likely written at the end of the Absolution sessions with the lyrics at least in part a protest against the Iraq War Moves through three stages: classical; techno; and a heavy apocalyptic rock ending Its structure is mathematical, the main idea being a formula with neither chorus nor verse Chords move in fourths upwards, by using the augmented fifth in between to move. The key of the song changes a total of 13 times, each time moving to the nearest key in the circle of fifths. It begins in D major before following the circle counter-clockwise to E-Flat Major. After the lyric "Our freedom's consuming itself," the song goes clockwise back to F Major. After the techno mid-section, the song again begins moving counter-clockwise around the circle, changing key 6 times before finishing in B Major which is the key of the second track 'Starlight'. Source: MuseWiki
  8. Origin of Muse 6 December 2019 - First Day of Release Price From £157.99 Amazon UK Bestsellers Highest Rank: #93 in CDs & Vinyl #7 in Vinyl (#1 Billie Eilish; #2 Lewis Capaldi; #3 Winter Wonderland; #4 Queen; #5 The Who; #6 Harry Styles; #8 The Beatles; #9 Pink Floyd; and #10 Coldplay) #5 in Alternative Rock #16 in Box Sets (CDs & Vinyl) Price From US$135.99 Amazon US Bestsellers Highest Rank: #31 in CDs & Vinyl I pre-ordered my copy at Amazon and expect to receive it on Monday. After first reading the 48-page book, among the tracks I am looking forward to listening to the most: Plug In Baby - Demo Version Recess - Alternate Version Bliss (I heard it performed live for the first time this year at the London Stadium gig which was the 11th MUSE concert I have attended since 2009) Piano Thing (Inspired by Chopin) Host (Inspired by Tchaikovsky -I heard the first half of the song performed live at the O2 Arena in London in late October 2012) Unintended Muscle Museum Sunburn Showbiz Uno Cave Citizen Erased Hyper Music Space Dementia (Inspired by Rachmaninov) Megalomania (Inspired by Rachmaninov) Screenager Darkshines Micro Cuts Agitated The Gallery Con-Science
  9. TOP TOURING ARTISTS OF THE 2010s DECADE WHO HAVE SOLD OVER 5 MILLION GLOBAL CONCERT TICKETS FROM 2010-2019: Ed Sheeran - 11.3 million tickets sold and #3 top grossing artist with over $900M in sales U2 - 9.8 million tickets sold and the #1 top grossing artist during this decade and box office sales approaching $1.1 billion with the Rolling Stones placing #2 with over $900M in sales Taylor Swift - 9.0M and #4 top grossing artist with over $900M in sales Coldplay - 8.0M and #8 top grossing artist with over $700M in sales Beyoncé - 7.5M and #5 top grossing artist with over $800M in sales Garth Brooks 7.0M+ Kenny Chesney 7.0M+ Luke Bryan 7.0M+ Bon Jovi Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Metallica Roger Waters Guns N' Roses Paul McCartney Elton John MUSE - 5.6M+ tickets sold with the band grossing over $400 million during this 10-year time span compared with 1.5M+ tickets sold and around $50 million in sales from 2000-2009 Depeche Mode Jay-Z One Direction Lady Gaga Justin Bieber P!nk Bruno Mars Justin Timberlake Sources: Pollstar, Billboard Boxscore, and Wikipedia Chart-topping pop songs, MUSE tracks, and well-known classical compositions in the original key of E-Flat Major often associated with bold, heroic music. Its key signature notably has 3 flats: B, E, and A. The Long and Winding Road (John Lennon-Paul McCartney/The Beatles) Bridge Over Troubled Water (Paul Simon/Simon & Garfunkel) Your Song (Bernie Taupin/Elton John) When A Man Loves A Woman (Calvin Lewis-Andrew Wright/Percy Sledge and Michael Bolton) Send In The Clowns (Stephen Sondheim/Judy Collins and Barbra Streisand) Beautiful (Linda Perry/Christina Aguilera) That's What Friends Are For (Burt Bacharach and Carol Bayer Sager/Dionne and Friends [Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight, and Stevie Wonder] Save The Best For Last (P. Galdston, W. Waldman and J. Lind/Vanessa Williams) Mirrors (J. Timberlake, T. Mosley, J.Harmon, J. Fauntleroy/Justin Timberlake) United States of Eurasia (Matt Bellamy/MUSE) - References to 1984 by George Orwell and The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski Follow Me (Matt Bellamy/MUSE) Big Freeze (Matt Bellamy/MUSE) Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 (Chopin) Grande Valse Brillante Op. 18 (Chopin) Symphony No. 3 'Eroica' (Beethoven) Piano Concerto No. 5 'Emperor' (Beethoven) Symphony No. 39 (Mozart) Piano Concertos No. 9 and No. 22 (Mozart) Overture to The Magic Flute (Mozart) - Reference to Freemasonry Horn Concertos No. 2, 3, and 4 (Mozart) Trumpet Concerto (Haydn) Largo 2nd Movement from The Four Seasons 'Winter' Violin Concerto No. 4 (Vivaldi) Cello Suite No. 4 (Bach) 1812 Overture (Tchaikovksy) Stars and Stripes Forever (Sousa) Symphony No. 9 (Shostakovich) The relative minor of E Flat Major is C minor also with 3 flats in its key signature. MUSE tracks and some well-known pop and classical compositions in original key of C minor include the following: Dead Inside Map of the Problematique The Dark Side -Alternate Reality Version Hoodoo Piano Thing Crazy (Gnarls Barkley) It's Gonna Be Me (*NSYNC) Piano Concerto No 2 (Rachmaninov) Étude Op. 25, No. 12 (Chopin) Nocturne Op. 48, No. 1 (Chopin) Symphony No. 5 (Beethoven) Piano Concerto No. 3 (Beethoven) Piano Sonata No. 8 (Beethoven) Piano Concerto No. 24 (Mozart)
  10. DECADE-END 2010s CHARTS (BILLBOARD USA) Top Rock Artists #14 MUSE Coldplay, Mumford & Sons, and Queen are the British artists who rank ahead MUSE due to greater album sales and audio track streams during this period. https://www.billboard.com/charts/decade-end/top-rock-artists Top Rock Songs #30 'Uprising' https://www.billboard.com/charts/decade-end/hot-rock-songs Box Office Reports from Pollstar: MUSE 13 October 2019 Pista Atletico Estadio Nacional Santiago, Chile 15,701 Attendance $1,114,378 / 813,414,800 Pesos - Gross Ticket Sales DG Medios / Live Nation (Promoters) 15 October 2019 Jockey Club Hipodromo Lima, Peru 18,154 Attendance $1,447,698 / 4,868,319 Nuevo Sol - Gross Ticket Sales Live Nation (Promoter) MUSE Tour Grosses in USD for 'Simulation Theory World Tour' for reported shows to Pollstar and Billboard: Ranked by Continent: Europe $79 Million with an estimated 963,000 concert tickets sold at 29 shows North America $20 Million with an estimated 291,000 concert tickets sold at 22 shows South America $3.7 Million with an estimated 56,000 concert tickets sold at 4 shows Ranked by Country: France $19.7 Million United Kingdom $16.8M United States $12.7M Italy $9.7M Netherlands $5.5M Mexico $5.0M Germany $4.2M Spain $4.1M Portugal $3.8M Russia $3.7M Canada $2.4M Czech Republic $2.3M Switzerland $1.8M Finland $1.4M Peru $1.4M Poland $1.2M Chile $1.1M Denmark $1.1M Austria $1.0M Norway $0.9M Latvia $0.9M Hungary $0.8M (Est.) Argentina $0.7M Brazil $0.5M
  11. Billboard Boxscore: MUSE Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany - 10 September 2019 $1,055,850 Gross Ticket Sales 12,500 Attendance Live Nation (Promoter) Chart Updates: Simulation Theory (#195 on the latest chart; debuted at #1) and Imagine Dragons' Origins (#47 on the latest chart; debuted and peaked at #3) have now both spent 52 consecutive weeks on the France Top Album Downloads Sales chart compiled by SNEP. MUSE’s Top 20 biggest songs in the United Kingdom according to the Official Charts Company as of November 2018 1 Supermassive Black Hole - Certified Platinum (BPI) - 580K+ combined UK sales including > 20 million streams - Highest charting single #4 2 Uprising - Certified Gold - 526K+ combined sales 3 Starlight - Certified Gold - 400K+ combined sales 4 Feeling Good - Certified Silver - 377K+ combined sales including > 10 million streams 5 Time Is Running Out - Certified Silver - 292K+ combined sales 6 Knights of Cydonia - Certified Silver 7 Plug In Baby - Certified Silver 8 Hysteria - Certified Silver 9 Madness - Certified Silver 10 Psycho 11 Undisclosed Desires 12 New Born 13 Resistance 14 Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) 15 Survival 16 Dead Inside 17 Mercy 18 Supremacy 19 Unintended 20 Map Of The Problematique MUSE have a career spanning 22 Top 40 songs on the UK Official Singles Chart, 32 songs in the Top 100, and 37 charting tracks overall in the Top 200. Source: https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/muses-biggest-singles-and-albums-on-the-official-chart__24677/ MUSE's biggest songs ranked by total global streams as of November 2019 Spotify > 50 Million Streams: Uprising - 276 million Madness - 182 million Supermassive Black Hole - 170 million Starlight - 166 million Psycho - 122 million Knights of Cydonia- 102 million Time Is Running Out - 95 million Hysteria - 88 million Plug In Baby - 59 Million Feeling Good - 55 Million YouTube > 5 Million Streams (Official Music Videos, Lyric Videos and Live Performances): Uprising - 182 million Madness - 150 million Starlight - 132 million Resistance - 99 million Hysteria Undisclosed Desires Knights of Cydonia Time Is Running Out Psycho Supermassive Black Hole Feeling Good Dead Inside Plug In Baby Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) New Born Bliss Supremacy Mercy Unintended Follow Me The Handler Thought Contagion Stockholm Syndrome Reapers Dig Down Invincible Panic Station Sing for Absolution Sunburn Pressure Something Human The Dark Side Map Of The Problematique Butterflies and Hurricanes Hyper Music Defector The 2nd Law: Unsustainable Algorithm
  12. Rock stars & Russian figure skaters: MUSE front-man Matt Bellamy congratulates teen sensation Alexandra Trusova after Grand Prix win at Skate Canada on 26 October 2019 "Trusova’s routine included a stunning three quads as well as a triple lutz-triple loop and a triple flip to tally 166.62 points for her free skate and 241.02 in total – both of which were world record-leading scores. The Russian youngster's masterful skating was carried out to the tune of ‘Pray (High Valyrian)’, a piece of music written by Brit rocker Bellamy and inspired by the ‘Game of Thrones’ hit TV series. There was another MUSE association with Russian star Evgenia Medvedeva, who skated to the tune of the band’s ‘Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 3’ for her short program and finished fifth overall." - Source: www.rt.com Two other Russian skaters also featured MUSE in their skating programs at the following week's ISU Grand Prix Internationaux de France event in Grenoble: Alena Kostornaia won the ladies' singles title after landing two triple axels while skating to Twilight-themed music including 'Supermassive Black Hole' in the latter part of her free skate program Sergei Voronov finished sixth overall in the men's singles competition skating to 'I Belong To You' in his free skate program Alexandra Trusova wins as Evgenia Medvedeva finishes second at Rostelecom Cup in Moscow https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/stories/news/detail/evgenia-medvedeva-alexandra-trusova-rostelecom-cup-figure-skating/ Chart Fun Fact: 'Pray (High Valyrian)' debuted at #107 and spent one week on the France Digital (Download) Singles chart dated 3 May 2019 compiled by SNEP.
  13. Chart Update: Simulation Theory is likely to rank among the top 100 best selling albums for the 2019 chart year in the USA according to Billboard/Nielsen (12 month tracking period from 9 November 2018 thru 7 November 2019). Estimated ST pure album sales: >125K Latest Box Office Reports: MUSE May 26, 2019: Letňany, Prague (32,987 – $2,251,588) - Highest attended concert ever for the band in the Czech Republic Simulation Theory World Tour Estimated Total Gross: $98-102 million (including festival headliner artist fees) Simulation Theory World Tour Estimated Total Attendance: 1,270,000 for 55 concert dates + 200,000 for 2 festivals in Belgium and Brazil and 2 special shows (Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore and IndyCar Classic COTA in Austin, TX) The Simulation Theory World Tour spanning only 8 months from February thru October in 2019 was the fifth most attended global concert tour this year among all acts (#1 Ed Sheeran, #2 P!nk), the second most attended tour behind #1 Metallica among all bands, and the third most attended tour behind Metallica and BTS among all groups according to Touring Data: Metallica 'WorldWired' 1,657,448 tickets; BTS 'Love/Speak Yourself' 1,175,378 tickets; MUSE 'Simulation Theory' 1,033,330 tickets [from 38 reported shows]; Backstreet Boys 'DNA' 912,392 tickets; and Kiss 'End of the Road' 823,868 tickets - From reported shows as of early October 2019 Bon Jovi's 'This House Is Not For Sale' (24 dates) and Rammstein's 'Europe Stadium Tour' (31 dates) both also likely sold over 1.2 million tickets each from May- October 2019 and grossed over $100 million in ticket sales. Source: https://touringdata.wordpress.com/2019/10/02/muse-simulation-theory-tour/
  14. First-ever MUSE gigs at venues in various world capital cities: EUROPE (32) LONDON (The Bull and Gate in February 1995) - Some friends from Devon traveled with the band via coach from Exeter to attend the show - Tribute to Nothing topped the bill - Pub/Club Capacity 120 - Bands such as Nirvana, Coldplay, Oasis, Blur, and Suede have also played shows at this venue early in their careers EDINBURGH (The Venue in February 2000) CARDIFF (University Terminal 396 in May 1999) BELFAST (Ulster Hall in February 2004) DUBLIN (Whelan's in October 1999) PARIS (Le New Morning in July 1999) - Nightclub which has featured performances in the past from Prince and Bob Dylan and many legendary jazz musicians like Stan Getz, Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, and Dizzy Gillespie BERLIN (Knaak-Klub in October 1999) - Named after Ernst Knaak, the local communist resistance fighter against the Nazi regime in the 1940's - Artists such as Rammstein, Snow Patrol and Keane have performed at this club in the past - Closed in 2010 but there are plans to re-open at a different location MOSKVA (Dvorets Sporta Luzhniki in September 2001) - About 4,000 Russian fans in attendance at this Sports Palace arena which was originally named after Vladimir Lenin before the name change in 1992 KYIV (Palats Sportu in October 2007) - First gig in Ukraine - Arena capacity 10K BERN (Stade de Suisse Wankdorf in June 2010) - 35,000 estimated attendance as headliners - The band also performed at two festivals near the city in 2002 (Muri) and 2001 (Wohlen) ROME (Teatro Palladium in April 2001) - Built in 1926 - Venue Capacity 1,000 BRUSSELS (Le Botanique in January 2000) - Venue Capacity 250 AMSTERDAM (Paradiso in January 2000) - Venue Capacity 1,500 VIENNA (Flex in November 1999) STOCKHOLM (Cirkus in December 1999) COPENHAGEN (Vega in December 1999) OSLO (Rockefeller Music Hall in December 1999) HELSINKI (Tavastia in October 2000) MADRID (Sala Arena in April 2001) - Capacity 1,600 - Venue closed in 2017 LISBON (Aula Magna in April 2002) - Concert Hall at Lisbon University WARSAW (Orange Fest in June 2015) PRAGUE (O2 Arena in November 2012) BUDAPEST (Papp Laszlo Sportarena in October 2007) BUCHAREST (Arc de Triumf in October 2007) ATHENS (Rockwave Festival in July 2000) ZAGREB (Dom Sportova in October 2007) BELGRADE (Beogradska Arena in October 2007) LUXEMBOURG (Den Atelier in May 2001) MONACO (Stade Louis II in July 2007) REYKJAVIK (Laugardalsholl in December 2002) RIGA (Arena in July 2007) TALLINN (Saku Suurhall in December 2012) ANKARA (No Gigs) - MUSE first played a couple of shows in Turkey in Istanbul in 2002 and another festival date in the same city in 2006 but unfortunately the last scheduled festival show in 2016 was cancelled due to political instability/security reasons. VILNIUS (No Gigs) - MUSE have not performed in Lithuania in the nation's capital but did play their first-ever show in that country at Zalgiris Arena in Kaunas in June 2016 AMERICAS (8) MEXICO CITY (Palacio de los Deportes in April 2007) - 18,500 concert-goers OTTAWA (Capital Music Hall in November 2004) - 500 estimated attendance - Closed in 2011 WASHINGTON DC (Metro Cafe in April 2000) - Located 1 mile north of the White House - About 10 people in attendance including some fans who were at a MUSE gig in Baltimore, MD two nights before BRASILIA (Porao do Rock Festival in August 2008) BUENOS AIRES (Teatro Gran Rex in July 2008) SANTIAGO (Teatro Caupolican in July 2008) BOGOTA (Palacio de los Deportes in July 2008) LIMA (Jockey Club Hipodromo in October 2019) ASIA (8 National Capitals + 2 China Regional Capitals) BEIJING (Wukesong Arena in September 2015) - First gig in mainland China with over 7,500 fans in attendance - Metallica, Eagles, Iron Maiden, Elton John, Beyonce, Backstreet Boys, the Killers, and Avril Lavigne are among the other Western artists who have performed at this indoor arena TOKYO (Shibuya O-West in March 2000) - 500 estimated attendance SINGAPORE (Fort Canning Park in January 2007) - 6,500 estimated attendance SEOUL (Jamsil Gymnasium in March 2007) - 7,000 estimated attendance JAKARTA (Istora Senayan in February 2007) - 7,000 estimated attendance KUALA LUMPUR (Stadium Negara in February 2007) - 9,000 estimated attendance BANGKOK (Impact Arena in September 2015) - About 7,000 in attendance ABU DHABI (Formula 1 Grand Prix in November 2013) - MUSE performed their first concert in the United Arab Emirates at the Desert Rock Festival in Dubai in March 2008. HONG KONG SAR (Asia-World Expo in March 2007) - Central (formerly Victoria City) on Hong Kong Island across from the Kowloon Peninsula could be called the capital of HK. The venue where MUSE performed is located on another island (Chek Lap Kok) next to the HK International Airport. TAIPEI (Spirit of Taiwan Festival in February 2007) AFRICA (1) CAPE TOWN (My Coke Fest in March 2008) - MUSE also played another festival engagement in Johannesburg in the same month. AUSTRALASIA (0) CANBERRA (No Gigs) - MUSE have performed over 60 gigs in Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, and Perth but none in the nation's capital. The band's first performances Down Under took place at venues in Melbourne and Sydney in March 2000. WELLINGTON (No Gigs) - MUSE have played 6 shows in Auckland and Christchurch but none in the nation's capital. The band's first concert in New Zealand took place at the Big Day Out Festival in Auckland in January 2004.
  15. Neutron Star Collision (2019) (CNN) - "Two years ago astronomers for the first time observed the collision of two neutron stars, which created gravitational waves and light and created heavy elements such as gold, platinum and lead..." https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/23/world/neutron-star-collision-strontium-scn/index.html Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) (2010) Composed by Matt in late 2009, the song was recorded and released by MUSE in May 2010 as the lead single from the soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and went on to chart in more than 17 countries including Italy (#10 Peak and certified Gold), the UK (#11 Peak) and the USA (#77 Billboard Hot 100). "...Then our hearts combined like A neutron star collision..." "...The world is broken Halos fail to glisten You try to make a difference But no one wants to listen..." "...The preachers [demagogues], fake and proud Their doctrines will be cloud [to cover up and confuse] Then they'll [hopefully] dissipate Like snowflakes in an ocean..."
  16. Boxscore from Billboard MUSE O2 Arena, London (14-15 September 2019) 30,600 Attendance / Tickets Sold $3,032,640 / £2,434,041 Gross Sales SJM Concerts (Promoter) Box Office Report from Pollstar MUSE Foro Sol, Mexico City (2-3 October 2019) 94,400 Attendance / Tickets Sold $4,968,447 / 97,958,335 pesos Gross Sales OCESA-CIE (Promoter) Most streamed MUSE albums following the concert date in Santiago and the first-ever gig in Lima and the last stop of the ST World Tour: Chile Apple Music Albums: 7. Simulation Theory 55. Absolution 61. Origin of Symmetry 69. Drones 72. Black Holes and Revelations 103. The 2nd Law Peru Apple Music Albums: 8. Simulation Theory 25. Absolution 29. The 2nd Law 33. Drones 38. Black Holes and Revelations 40. Origin of Symmetry 79. The Resistance 96. Live at Rome Olympic Stadium 143. Showbiz
  17. MUSE Box Office Reports from Pollstar: Arena Birmingham, Birmingham UK - 17 September 2019 13,191 Attendance USD 1,192.030 Gross [980,602 GBP] SJM Concerts [Promoter] Centre Videotron, Quebec City, Canada - 31 March 2019 13,127 Attendance USD 732,281 [898,857 CAD] Live Nation [Promoter] Pechanga Arena, San Diego, CA - 5 March 2019 9,315 Attendance USD 698,359 AEG Presents / Concerts West / Goldenvoice [Promoter] Vivint Smart Home Arena, Salt Lake City, UT - 28 February 2019 7,064 Attendance USD 522,140 Live Nation [Promoter] Luzhniki Sports Palace, Moscow, Russia - 22 September 2001 4,200 Attendance USD 49,188 [RUB 1,239,000] JSA Professional Stage Company [Promoter] At Red Square in 2001 (St. Basil's Cathedral and Spasskaya Tower) http://www.musewiki.org/File:Moscow7.jpg
  18. Most downloaded and streamed songs and albums after the ROCK IN RIO closing night performance in front of 100,000 festival attendees [Imagine Dragons and Nickelback preceded MUSE. Headliners on other dates during the festival included P!nk, Iron Maiden, RHCP, Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, and Drake] Brazil iTunes: 41. Starlight 43. Uprising 92. Supermassive Black Hole 154. Supremacy 159. Madness 168. Time Is Running Out 176. Hysteria 178. Knights of Cydonia iTunes Albums: 12. Simulation Theory Apple Music Albums: 189. Simulation Theory 241. Black Holes and Revelations 394. The 2nd Law 425. Drones
  19. Most downloaded and streamed songs and albums after the two MUSE concert dates at the FORO SOL: Mexico iTunes: 40. Starlight 126. The Dark Side 135. Supermassive Black Hole 136. Knights of Cydonia 137. Time Is Running Out 148. Pressure 169. Psycho 173. Mercy 221. Algorithm 284. Uprising 286. Madness 315. Hysteria 317. Undisclosed Desires 329. Plug In Baby 449. Neutron Star Collision 465. Can't Take My Eyes Off You 484. Resistance Apple Music: 230. Starlight 287. Uprising 433. Madness iTunes Albums: 14. Simulation Theory 170. Drones 229. The Resistance 416. The 2nd Law Apple Music Albums: 7. Simulation Theory 49. Black Holes and Revelations 69. The Resistance 85. Drones 89. The 2nd Law 97. Absolution 122. Origin of Symmetry 272. Showbiz 309. Live At Rome Olympic Stadium 337. Six Studio Albums
  20. 2019 Q3 Worldwide Concert Ticket Sales MUSE rank at #6 on the chart below for tickets sold as reported to Pollstar from shows played between 22 November 2018 to 21 August 2019 919,164 Tickets Sold for 34 Shows Reported in Europe (19) and North America (15) $73,993,776 Gross $80.50 Avg Ticket Price 27,034 Avg Attendance 100,000 Additional Tickets Sold for 8 Shows Unreported in Europe (3) and North America (5) $7,000,000 Additional Gross https://www.pollstar.com/Chart/2019/09/20193QWorldwideTicketSalesTop100Tours_770.pdf https://www.pollstar.com/article/q3-anomaly-the-ed-sheeran-factor-141185
  21. 100 Most Popular Rock Bands Of All Time MUSE rank at #36 on the list below based on metrics like the number of Spotify followers, Facebook likes and Wikipedia page views https://www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/life/music/2019/04/27/100-most-popular-rock-bands-all-time/3599064002/ Breakdown of Bands by Country of Origin: 62 USA 29 UK (Queen, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac, Iron Maiden, Gorillaz, Arctic Monkeys, The Who, Radiohead, MUSE, Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Cream, Oasis, Depeche Mode, Def Leppard, The Police, The Cure, Electric Light Orchestra, Bullet for My Valentine, The Kinks, Motörhead. Judas Priest, The Smiths, and The Clash. 4 Canada 2 Ireland 2 Germany 1 Australia
  22. TOP MUSE CONCERTS RANKED BY ESTIMATED ATTENDANCE AND NUMBER OF VENUE RESIDENCY DATES (EXCLUDING MAJOR MULTIDAY FESTIVALS LIKE GLASTONBURY, COACHELLA, LOLLAPALOOZA, READING & LEEDS, ET AL) 6-Night Engagement 108K AccorHotels Arena/Paris (2016) 62K Mediolanum Forum di Assago/Milano (2016) 5-Night Engagement 92K O2 Arena/London (2016) 4-Night Engagement 95K Palacio de los Deportes/Mexico City (2013) 58K Palais 12 Heysel/Brussels (2016) 3-Night Engagement 74K Palacio de los Deportes/Mexico City (2015) 50K Ziggo Dome/Amsterdam (2016) 44K Staples Center/Los Angeles (2013) 33K Wembley Arena/London (2006) 2-Night Engagement > 20K 151K Stade de France Saint-Denis/Paris (2013) 150K Stade de France Saint-Denis/Paris (2010) 134K Wembley Stadium/London (2007) 131K Stade de France Saint Denis/Paris (2019) 125K Wembley Stadium/London (2010) 94K Foro Sol/Mexico City (2019) 90K Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro)/Milano (2019) 90K Emirates Stadium/London (2013) 63K Stadio Olimpico/Torino (2013) 40K The Den/Teignmouth (2009) - A Seaside Rendezvous 38K O2 Arena/London (2009) 38K Manchester Arena/Manchester (2016) 35K MEO Arena/Lisboa (2016) 34K O2 Arena/London (2012) 34K Staples Center/Los Angeles (2015) 33K Palacio de Deportes (WiZink Center) / Madrid (2016) 32K Staples Center/Los Angeles (2010) 31K O2 Arena/London (2019) 30K Acer Arena/Sydney (2010) 29K Manchester Arena/Manchester (2006) 28K Rod Laver Arena/Melbourne (2010) 28K Bell Centre/Montreal (2016) 27K Centre Videotron/Quebec City (2016) 26K Hallenstadion/Zurich (2016) 25K Madison Square Garden (2013) 25K Bell Centre/Montreal (2013) 24K NEC Arena/Birmingham (2006) 23K Saitama Super Arena/Tokyo (2013) 23K Rod Laver Arena/Melbourne (2013) 22K Scotiabank Arena/Toronto (2013) 22K SSE Hydro/Glasgow (2016) 22K Yokohama Arena/Yokohama (2017) One-Night Engagement > 20K 73K London Stadium/London (2019) 65K Goffertpark/Nijmegen (2019) 61K Stadio Olimpico/Roma (2013) 58K Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro)/Milano (2010) 56K Foro Sol/Mexico City (2010) 55K Stade Velodrome/Marseille (2019) 54K Memorial Coliseum/Los Angeles (2011) - L.A. Rising co-headlined with Rage Against the Machine 51K Estadio Wanda Metropolitano/Madrid (2019) 50K Stadio Olimpico/Roma (2019) 50K Goffertpark/Nijmegen (2010) 50K Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel/Paris (2016) 50K Old Trafford Cricket Ground/Manchester (2010) 48K Parc des Princes/Paris (2007) 48K Passeio Maritimo de Alges/Lisboa (2019( 46K Luzhniki Stadium (Grand Sports Arena)/Moscow (2019) 45K Stade de Suisse Wankdork/Bern (2013) 43K Etihad Stadium/Manchester (2019) 43K Stade Charles-Ehrmann/Nice (2013) 41K Etihad Stadium/Manchester (2013) 41K Estádio do Dragão/Oporto (2013) 40K RheinEnergieStadion/Köln (2019) 39K Estadio Vicente Calderon/Madrid (2010) 38K Stade Matmut Atlantique/Bordeaux (2019) 35K Stade de Suisse Wankdorf/Bern (2010) 34K Festival Park Werchter/Werchter (2013) 33K Johan Cruijff ArenA/Amsterdam (2013) 33K Estadi de Montjuic (Olímpic Lluís Companys)/Barcelona (2013) 33K Letnany Airport/Prague (2019) 30K Estadio San Mamés/Bilbao (2018) - MTV World Stage 28K Okritie Arena(Spartak Stadium)/Moscow (2015) 25K Olympijskiy Stadium/Moscow (2013) 24K Ashton Gate Stadium/Bristol (2019) 24K Olympiastadion/Helsinki (2013) 23K Marlay Park/Dublin (2008) 23K Olympijskiy Stadium/Moscow (2016) 22K Shoreline Amphitheatre/Mountain View, CA (2017) 21K Ricoh Arena/Coventry (2013) 21K Allianz Parque/São Paulo (2015) 21K Sportpaleis Merksem/Antwerp (2012) 21K Kaisaniemi Park/Helsinki (2010)
  23. MUSE have sold over 700K concert tickets at various London UK venues in the band's 25-year career Estimates by Calendar Year 103K - 2019 London Stadium (1) and O2 Arena (2) 5K - 2018 Royal Albert Hall (Charity Gig) 2K - 2017 Shepherd's Bush Empire 92K - 2016 O2 Arena (5) 1.5K - 2015 Electric Ballroom 0 - 2014 [Only 3 gigs this year took place at Coachella and Lollapalooza Brazil] 101K - 2013 Emirates Stadium (2), Horse Guards Parade and Shepherd's Bush Empire 34.5K - 2012 O2 Arena (2) and BBC Radio Theatre 0 - 2011 [Did play Reading Festival just outside London] 125K - 2010 Wembley Stadium (2) 38K - 2009 O2 Arena (2) 5K -2008 Royal Albert Hall (Charity Gig) 134K - 2007 Wembley Stadium (2) 37K - 2006 Wembley Arena (3), Shepherd's Bush Empire and Covent Garden 0 - 2005 [Originally listed to play Live 8 at Hyde Park in London but were moved to Versailles Palace courtyard in France instead] 30K - 2004 Earls Court (2) 12K - 2003 Wembley Arena (1) and Carling Academy 0 - 2002 [Did play Reading Festival just outside London and also had a couple of television/radio performances at studios in London] 12K - 2001 London Arena (1) and Brixton Academy 3K - 2000 Astoria Theatre (2) [with Coldplay support] and Barfly 2K - 1999 Astoria Theatre (2), Brixton Academy (2) and various other clubs often supporting other bands like LIVE 500 - 1998 Astoria 2, The Monarch and two other clubs likely supporting other bands 100 - 1997 Bull & Gate (1) supporting other bands 100 - 1996 Bull & Gate (1) supporting other bands 250 - 1995 Bull & Gate (2) and The Monarch (1) supporting other bands 0 - 1994 Played various Devon club gigs in Teignmouth, Dawlish, Totnes, Exeter, and Torquay
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