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MSWC 62: Stockholm Syndrome v Hysteria (SEMI FINAL)


Which song should Progress to the MSWC Final?  

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  1. 1. Which song should Progress to the MSWC Final?

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Match 62












The Second Semi is an All-Absolution affair, which somewhat represents the strength of the album. Stockholm Syndrome has destroyed all in it's path so far, and looks unstoppable at the moment. Can Hysteria end it's run?


Match Preview:




A past winner of a song tournament, Stockholm Syndrome is a proven giant. A staple live song for many years and featuring one of the most distinguishable riffs written this decade (a bit of a theme among the tournament favourites), Stockholm Syndrome looks virtually unstoppable.


Path so far:

defeated EXO-POLITICS 104-11

defeated CAVE 107-23

defeated NEW BORN 90-54


defeated EXOGENESIS 117-68




The monsterous bassline and epic guitar solo are Hysteria's key strengths coming into this match, having narrowly defeated Showbiz in the last match. A win seems unlikely but not impossible to progress to the final of the tournament.


Path so far:

defeated INVINCIBLE 117-28

defeated RESISTANCE 97-25

defeated DEAD STAR 78-54

defeated MUSCLE MUSEUM 88-45

defeated SHOWBIZ 84-73


Voters are encouraged to predict the outcome of each match before voting, and also leave a comment on why they voted for their chosen track.


Voting is open for 2 days.

Link to Discussion Thread including Match Schedule and Results.



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I like both songs.


But Hysteria wins it for me. There's nothing about that song that I don't like.


Agreed. Absolution is a great album and these are both excellent songs. But I'm going with the minority and throwing my vote in for Hysteria.


EDIT: I just read that back. I am not voting for Hysteria just because it's the underdog. That guitar solo is amazing. And the bass line....wow.

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Hysteria is boring for me. I guess I played it too much.

I've played both songs an insane number of times, but I still love them. I went off SS for a short time, but now I'm back into it again, and Hysteria...I still love it, I just don't love it quite as much as I first did.

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