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  1. Exo 1 Space Dementia MotP Dead Star MK Ultra Bliss Apocalypse Please Ruled by Secrecy Sunburn B&H Glorious Falling Away with You Interlude + Hysteria City of Delusion Fury Plug in Baby Stockholm Syndrome + riffs Take a Bow Muscle Museum Citizen Erased Megalomania Darkshines Showbiz No realism, just an idea of what I'd like.
  2. Instrument switching aside, I would like you to elaborate on KoC into Blackout? Please, I know it is all your perfect set but I just in no way can wrap my head around opening with KoC and Blackout.
  3. Fuck plausibility: Some sort of Con Science intro tape Intro + AP Supremacy Map + 0305030 riff Intro + Hysteria + BiB outro SMBH Panic Staion Bliss (ext.) Killing in the Name Of intro + Cave (guitar/w piano outro) USoE Hoodoo RBS Sunburn B&H City of Delusion Animals MK Ultra + Maggies Farm riff Liquid State Futurism PiB TSP + riff Unnatural Selection + Township Rebbellion riff CE Megalomania Space Dementia (guitar outro) Showbiz + Ashamed outro Dead Star Micro Cuts (ext . outro) Stockholm Syndrome + riffs Blackout (Matt on guitar) Shine (electric) Glorious + big finale type jamming
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