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  1. Hey guys, it's my first time to a Muse gig. I'm a pretty short girl, 160cm, coming alone and I have a GA ticket. Just wondering what the crowd is usually like, is it gonna be rough with a lot moshing or sth? I plan to stand quite to the front, just worried if I'm gonna be squeezed
  2. Hi ! I'm interested on your ticket for the Wembley gig on 10th ! Is it still available?

  3. well, there are people who have been speculating his life behind his back, i'm just glad that he finally comes out and has his say about it.
  4. nice article. finally matt says something about the circulating rumour of his recent love life
  5. definitely invincible for me it may be cheesy but the lyrics are just so much win for me. it has a personal meaning
  6. ulilku

    MUSE Comic!

    Poor Dom.... :'( btw, I like their new faces, they don't look so tanned now
  7. Wow, thx a lot. Looks like level 5 is not so bad afterall. But bear in mind the pyramid thing, people on this level might not be able to see Dom except from the big screen.
  8. What a nice read to start my day! I agree with everyone, this interview gives you a wide range of emotions, just like Muse do to me. I think some of the "lose respect for Matt" is a bit related with NSC and their lame setlist recently. Idk really, but I kinda blame Matt for the recent beefs about Muse.
  9. Is there any NL-Wembley Stadium (in English) thread? I'm sorry, but I want to go to Wembley from NL but I cant speak Dutch Thanks...
  10. I've only seen the home page and it looks nice. Well done. I'll check the other pages later.
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