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  1. Lol.



  2. Not much has happened :chuckle:

  3. Yeah, perhaps?


    I last logged on Sept. 12. xD I missed a lot of stuff here. :p

  4. Aww hiii. We haven't talked for a while, have we?

  5. Oh hey.


    I miss you.

  6. DUDE.


    Tammika from MCCP. :) Welcome aboard. :-bd





  7. Aw why? it's bit confusing at first but maybe in time you'll get it! I'm here if you ever need help, I'm going to major in chemistry :D


    and thanks! :kiss:

  8. So far, so good. But, I'm still having a hard time on Chemistry. idk why :l


    Happy Birthday :D

  9. ooh wow :eek:

    Here, summer starts in june and ends in september :D So I have about a month and a half left. how's school for you?

  10. Lol, I'm from the Philippines btw. xD

    Haha, school starts here at June, and it ends sometime in March.

    Summer starts here at April and May tho. :p

  11. ok cammy :happy:

    You're still in school? o.o Where do you live again? :eek:

  12. Don't call me Tammika anymore. :p

    Just call me Cammy tho. xD


    Lol, I'm kind of busy with school right now, and I'm having a hard time in Chemistry. D:

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